Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Votes No – School Security and Overcrowding Still an Issue

     This week our local school district, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Independent School District 22 voted on a school building referendum that was multipurpose. Our school district at the moment is severely overcrowded. The school board sought advice from a demographer that predicted the enrollment […]

Boiling With Rage News – Cheerios Backlash Edition

     This week I watched one of the best commercials from Cheerios yet! The little girl strolls up to her Mom in the kitchen asking whether Cheerios was heart healthy or not. The little girl is absolutely beautiful and I must admit just the cutest little girl ever! Once the mom answers her questi […]

Boiling With Rage – New Form of Online Bullying in Fargo, ND

It has been quite awhile since the last edition of Boiling With Rage News but today I stumbled upon an issue that has riled me up again. Valley News Live, a news station in Fargo, ND, a short 45 minutes from here, reported on their Facebook page this afternoon a story that would seem non-relevan […]

Boiling with Rage News 3/5/12 – Radical Baby Yoga

 Welcome to another edition of Boiling with Rage News. As always this post is accompanied with a disclaimer..This post is filled with swear words, strong convictions, vulgarity and possible sexual references. This weekend while playing on the internet I noticed a status update on Facebook and […]

My 1st Edition of “Boiling with Rage News” …yep..Time to talk News!

   Boiling With Rage News                    edition 1  January 17th 2012 The past couple days I have read quite a few things that have stirred my brewing pot of “ticked off soup” in no particular order, we begin…..   Francesco Schettino, Captain of the Italian cruise ship Costa Co […]


Please Spread The Word Congress Votes 1/18/2012 … Stop SOPA InfoSign The Petition […]

News that Makes Me Rant! ..Bumbo Broke Baby Colby because of Toys R Us and Lowe’s Hates Muslims…

As you all know I am not a news blogger. The scope of my blog ranges from humor, mom, parenting, books…that type of thing.  But…occasionally I come across a headline or a topic that inspires me to put my two cents in. This week I have managed to have two topics fall into my target of ranting. Tod […]

Oh My Gosh, A Snowman Puked in my Living Room…I Call Bullshit!

     As you all know by now I scroll through my Yahoo! headlines several times a day. Yahoo! might not have the best written articles or in depth news but they have helped me with some great blogging material.     Brody woke up early this morning for a change and a bottle.  Afterwards I sat down […]

Word of the Day : Restraint..Took lots not to scream at a Teenager!

            This afternoon I was in Wal-mart picking up some baby stuff. I was in the diaper aisle with my cart off to the side answering a text message when I overheard two women talking. The women were in their forties. By the sound of their conversation they seemed to be lost and confused. N […]