Word of the Day : Restraint..Took lots not to scream at a Teenager!

Word of the Day : Restraint..Took lots not to scream at a Teenager!

            This afternoon I was in Wal-mart picking up some baby stuff. I was in the diaper aisle with my cart off to the side answering a text message when I overheard two women talking. The women were in their forties. By the sound of their conversation they seemed to be lost and confused. Neither of these women were shopping for themselves and the evidence only proved it when the one Woman suggested they purchase the store brand diapers because there was three times the amount for $3 cheaper. She seemed thrilled that her thriftiness had caught the amazing deal. Then my attention was obvious when the other woman said “No, She said she only wanted Huggies. She said she wants the baby to only have the best, So I guess I am buying Huggies for the next 3 years” My eavesdropping was noticed when I “sheeshed” out loud. Sorry, just couldn’t hold it in. The two ladies looked over at me, as I pretended I was laughing at something on my phone.
            Just as the women seemed convinced I was laughing and commenting on my phone an overly pregnant teenager with piercings, funky dyed hair, hickeys and designer clothes came around the corner with a cart overflowing with baby stuff. I am positive there was well over $2,000 worth of stuff in there, none of which was clothing or bedding. I rolled my eyes in annoyment when all of a sudden this termagant opened her mouth and a shrill voice starts spewing the nastiest tone to what I assume was her Mother. She tore into her like I have never seen.
            The pregnant teen had absolutely zero respect for her Mother who was clearly footing the entire bill for this ungrateful child of hers. “What are you still doing here? I told you to grab 6 boxes of newborn and 6 boxes of size one! GOD! You can’t do anything right! I have a party to go to tonight and I don’t have time for this crap, Grab the boxes and lets go!” Then the Mother speaks up and says, “honey these boxes are nearly thirty dollars. Can we get this brand instead? (luvs) I have seen commercials that say they are amazing and they have great coupons on the box here, there’s even more diapers in each box, we could save a bunch of money” The girl spun around and cursed her Mother up and down, back and forth and just ran all over her face. That girl had some major balls to be talking to her Mother like that.
            I had enough, my blood pressure was on the rise and I clearly was super insulted by her behavior. As I walked by I looked at the Mom and simply said “I have 4 children and I only by luvs because THEY are the best”
            I don’t know why that Mom put up with that. I don’t know what her big deal was with Huggies, it’s just a brand name on a crappy diaper; And in the end who really cares about “brand names” in diapers, in the end their all full of shit anyway.
            I guess there may not have been a huge point to the story other than some ungrateful teenager insisted on having the best, not even knowing what the best is and her lack of respect were deplorable and it disgusted me so bad I just had to share with you my frustration of the day. Never before had I wanted to tear into a pregnant woman before but today I was close. Restraint was MY word of the day today.  
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  1. WOW! And she wants to bring a child into that mix!
    I am not sure how I would have reacted. It’s probably best to not get involved in those kinds of things anyways!

  2. Shoot I always bought the store brand and they worked fine for me. I never could see paying that much for a name.
    And that teenager …lets just say I wouldn’t have had as much restraint as you did.
    God bless her poor unborn child.
    Maybe it was just pregnancy hormones and normally she is a very loving girl…it’s worth a shot right?

  3. “And in the end who really cares about “brand names” in diapers, in the end their all full of shit anyway.”
    Should make it on some sort of quote website or something.

  4. Having a teenage stepdaughter who talks to her father like that and knowing a large number of kids her age in the area I have the unfortunate task of letting you know that teens don’t have the respect for their parents like we once did. Or maybe we were disrespectful, too, but since our brains didn’t work correcty yet we thought we were being amazingly respectful. There are lots of good kids out there, but there are just as many who have this entitled mindset and treat adults with no respect at all. As for my stepd, she was spoiled and coddled for much of her life and the grandparents aand father are only now seeing the consequences of their actions. I think kids are being raised differently these days than she and her peers were (I hope!) With more structure and rules and consequences, so hopefully this is a dying trend.

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