A Community United for Anthony Kuznia

Anthony Kuznia Today we discuss a fear all parents have, whether that fear is occasional or constant, we all have the fear… the headline reads “MISSING” The thought of my child missing makes me shutter with fear and panic. Hearing that someone’s child is missing makes me hug mine closer and p […]

Rocking to Sleep, Quirk or Problem?

  Meet my 2 year old wild child Brody. He is wild and dangerous. I described him to a friend today as Bam Margera mixed with Rob Dyrdek, only pint sized. While you chuckle at the reference, I kid you not, that description was very literal! He wakes up each day looking for the new thrill, an adrena […]

October 15th Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss Day of Remembrance

   While the entire month of October is dedicated to pregnancy, infant and child loss of all types, October 15th is a special day to remember and honor all the babies and children passed. The hardest thing for a parent is to lose a child whether during pregnancy, birth or anytime in life and it w […]

Sanity Secrets For Parents

  As a Mom with four children I admit to reaching my wits end…frequently. Sometimes the running, noise and craziness of children’s lives and play can overwhelm a parent. While we love our children, sometimes that runaway vacation on a stranded island seems worthy of selling your kidney on the b […]

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Sight Word List – School

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Sight Word List  a one did I play do it red eat in run four is said get go see good funny the have help three he here to into jump two like little up must look we new and where no away yellow now big you on blue all our […]

My List of Children’s Must Read Books – Parent Tips

    As a new parent do you ever wonder what books other parents recommend reading to your new little one? I have assembled a list of our favorites to take away the guesswork. Many are stories that have the ever present moral to the story, some are cute a few have the sing song rhyme that helps deve […]

25 Things All First Time Parents Should Know

25 Things All First Time Parents Should Know Giving birth hurts, but it fades quickly, a euphoric high kicks in minutes after delivery. It’s ok for the nurse to take baby to the nursery for the night to get some sleep If you choose to breast feed, you will not be a pro, it’s difficult. Ask que […]

Family Fun- Living Room Fort & Summer Bucket List

   This summer I started a Family Summer Bucket List, a list filled with fun activities and projects our family could do over the summer to keep busy. I kept mine short knowing I could add to the list as we go. I had so much fun compiling the list I added a linky so others could link up their a […]

Reduce Summer Learning Loss with K5 Learning + Giveaway

   Each summer kids across America begin their trip down the summer slide. No, not the fun playground equipment you think I am referring to, instead the summer slide I am talking about is the loss of retained information they learned that year.     It is proven that each fall children returni […]

Coloring Pages – Fun For The Kids!

School is out and the summer boredom is right around the corner. What better way to keep the kids busy and a chance for a little peace and quiet than a good supply of Coloring Pages.  Lucky for you we are coloring fanatics over here and I am on a constant hunt for new, fun pages to print an […]