Back to School $200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

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It’s fast approaching and this year Moms Bookshelf & More is starting early so you can be prepared for back to school shopping! Walking through Walmart yesterday I noticed the school supplies are stocked and school supply lists are being handed out. Rather than waiting for the last minute, stock up now. 
Back to School $200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway
Enter to win a $200 Visa Gift Card!
Back to School $200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway
Open to US/Can Residents 
Giveaway ends August 4th
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  1. some new clothes for my ever growing girls this school year is a must!!

  2. I’d buy new clothes and shoes for my grandsons!

  3. New shoes and a handbag

  4. Thanks!

  5. clothes at Anthropologie!

  6. School supplies and clothes for my daughter

  7. I would get my daughter jeans and shoes
    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  8. I’d stock up on supplies for my son to use as he heads to college!

  9. I would buy groceries

  10. I would use it towards gas for my car!

  11. new shoes!
    Kelly B

  12. I would spend my gift card on my upcoming vacation to make it more enjoyable

  13. I would buy gas.

  14. Back to school clothes for my oldest who will be in kindergarten this year.

  15. I would buy clothes for these four boys I think they grew 19 feet this summer!

  16. Christmas is coming

  17. I would buy things for my girls and also pay on my computer.

  18. Back to school shopping!

  19. I’d buy “back to school” supplies for my classroom. Thanks!

  20. I MUST replace my current iPod!

  21. I would buy my 19 year old some stuff she needs as she is moving away to go to college in september

  22. I would use to buy school supplies for my son and towards his birthday present! He turns 7 August 25!

  23. I would buy some shoes.
    On the entries widget my name is Margot Core

  24. School supplies

  25. School supplies for the kids…the never ending circle of life.

  26. I would buy clothes for my growing boys!

  27. New clothes

  28. I will buy lots of gymboree clothes for my kidlets!

  29. 1st birthday presents!

  30. I’d love to win

  31. A new tv

  32. school clothes for the kida and a new purse for me
    tcogbill at live dot com

  33. I would buy some school clothes

  34. I’d buy a blender!

  35. put it towards stuff for our home business

  36. I would buy a new pair of orthotic shoes.

  37. I would buy new shoes for the family

  38. I would buy my 2 girls back to school supplies
    Jessica Cox

  39. Three of my kids are getting ready to go back to school. I would use this prize toward school clothes.

  40. I would buy gas and baby clothes/dapers

  41. I would buy some new clothes for me and my family!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  42. I would give this to my daughter who is starting college to help her buy her books

  43. New bike for my daughter

  44. Gas!

  45. I’d buy school clothing for my grandchildren

  46. Clothes and shoes!! I have two boys, and they outgrow everything with in a week it seems!!!

  47. School supplies and clothes for my son who starts kindergarten this year

  48. clothing & books.

  49. gas for our truck

  50. I would put it towards our food expenses on our vacation to the beach later this summer!

  51. I would pay for my school books.

  52. I would buy school supplies for the kiddos

  53. I would buy groceries and some crayons, paper and kindergarten geared school supplies.
    RC Name: Danielle Papsis

  54. oh we all need new shoes and it is almost back to school supply shopping time so I would use it for that

  55. I would buy the books I need for my classes at college. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  56. I would have a spa day!

  57. I would go to the Amazon site and buy ……. books!

  58. Bills.

  59. I would buy clothes if I won.

  60. I would buy my two children’s school supplies. My daughter is going into 4th grade (can’t believe she has grown so fast!!) and my son, this will be his first year of school (he doesn’t want to leave his mommy and is scared!) So, I want to get their school supplies and buy them each something special to make them feel better. We just moved into a new house and my daughter is going to a new school. She has gone to the same school for 5 years. Preschool, Kinder garden, and grades 1-3. So, this is a BIG change for her. So I have one child going to a new school and nervous and one who is just starting school for the very first time. I sure could use this gift card for them! Maybe they could even get the teacher something special to get to know the teacher more! Good luck everyone and thanks a million for this amazing giveaway1

  61. i would buy new clothes

  62. I would buy some fun books and clothes for the kids

  63. I’m a teacher so I’d buy lots & lots of coffee for myself!

  64. I would buy some school clothes for my kids!

  65. I would buy clothes.

  66. I would use the card for books and groceries.

  67. I would use it for Christmas shopping.

  68. I would use the gift card for textbooks!

  69. groceries
    timgus at cox dot net

  70. I would buy shoes for the whole family!

  71. I would buy school clothes for my kids.

  72. I would pay bills
    name on rafflecopter: Amanda Sakovitz

  73. I would get school supplies and clothes for kids.

  74. School supplies for my kids

  75. I would buy school supplies for my daughter.

  76. I need some summer pants

  77. Clothes!!

  78. I would go on vacation.

  79. I’d buy back to school stuff

  80. Back to school things def i have so far two kids in school.

  81. For $200? I would love to use it to flesh out my family’s wardrobe! In all likelihood, it would be only partly for that, and partly for groceries.

  82. i’d buy some workout clothing!
    rafflecopter: daniel

  83. I’d love to be entered. I have 4 boys going back to school. thank you.

  84. I would buy school clothes and school supplies if I won this awesome giveaway! Thank you for the amazing and so very generous giveaway!!

  85. I would buy a kindle.

  86. School clothes.

  87. I would buy back to school clothes and supplies for my son.

  88. I would buy school supplies and back to school clothes and we would love to donate school supplies too be able to help others too. thank you for a great giveaway

  89. books!

  90. I would buy a new summer wardrobe!
    stephanie ann

  91. I Would Buy School Clothes And Supplies!
    hthr83heather at yahoo dot com

  92. school supplies for my classroom

  93. I would buy fall clothes for my kids.
    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  94. I would buy groceries and have friends and family over.

  95. School uniforms!

  96. School supplies.

  97. I’d use it toward upgrading my phone to a smart phone and some other items on my wish list.

  98. I would buy clothes.

  99. I;d buy back to school stuff.

    Shoes and boots.”

  101. Buy a coat or resupply the new apartment

  102. I am saving for a new laptop. Hoping for a great back to school sale coming up

  103. Kindle Fire Hd.

  104. We really need a new printer before school starts, so I would buy one of those!

  105. I would either buy food or clothing

  106. New Jeans & T’s for my son for school & a winter coat for both kids!

  107. I would buy new shoes and clothes for fall/winter, thanks!
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  108. Theatre tickets.

  109. I would buy back to school supplies and I have 2 sons, both with birthdays in July, so I could buy them a small birthday gift, too

  110. I have four little girls and would love to buy them some new shoes and school supplies!

  111. Summer clothes.

  112. clothes

  113. We homeschool 6 kiddos & share 1 laptop that’s on it’s last leg so it’d be GREAT to put $200 towards a new one!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  114. pay some bills!!

  115. I’d put it towards the new laptop I’m saving for.

  116. Clothes for my son for upcoming school year.
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  117. I would purchase shoes for my daugther and I!

  118. Bills, bills, bills lol

  119. Probably Maternity clothes!

  120. I would use it towards textbooks

  121. I’d buy some books and art supplies since I’m running low on paint and need new brushes!

  122. school supplies, new clothes, and food.

  123. I would use it for learning supplies for my 4 year old since he isn’t starting school this year.

  124. school clothes for the grandkids

  125. back to school items

  126. I would use it for stuff for my infant

  127. New work clothes.

  128. I would use it towards finishing the fence in our backyard!

  129. My kids need new shoes and clothes.

  130. I would put the gift card toward a new laptop and other school supplies!

  131. i would start christmas shopping for my family:) and spoil my daughter

  132. I would buy back to school supplies

  133. I would stock up on school supplies and things for the kids.

  134. my sons need more jeans and shorts..thanks

  135. I would buy the kids new sneakers for school.
    maggie at literary winner dot com

  136. I’d use it for books!

  137. I would buy a new CD player~ours just broke!

  138. I would get a bike

  139. a new phone

  140. a new phone

  141. I’d take my $200 GC on a road trip and use it for meals and incidentals.

  142. I would buy my daughter some school clothes, thank you

  143. household products

  144. I might use it for a new vacuum.

  145. I would put the money on my dental bill *sigh*

  146. Definitely uniforms and school supplies. This will be my daughters first year in school!

  147. I would buy my son his uniform shorts & shirts!

  148. I would use the money to buy cleats for my son. Thanks for the giveaway.

  149. I would buy things that I need in my classroom at school

  150. I’d use it on groceries and a couple of DVDs!

  151. If I win, I would buy stationary and clothing for kids, just in time for back to school!
    amy [at] utr [dot] it

  152. I would use it to buy school supplies for the kids. They are good on clothes so it would be for supplies and snacks.

  153. I would use it to pay some bills and buy new clothes. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  154. I’d save it and use it for vacation

  155. I would use it for both me and my daughter. Im fresh out of high school proceeding to college and this will be my daughters first time going to daycare, just want us both to start off the year with everything we need..

  156. Well all my kids are out of school so I’d probably use it for groceries & gas ..

  157. I’d like to say that I’d buy something exciting, but it’d likely go towards household products (cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc.) and groceries.

  158. I’d buy groceries

  159. i would buy things my kids needed

  160. A new microwave, dish towels, & dishes.

  161. A bluetooth speaker for my car

  162. Winning

  163. Books for school, so far I need over $350

  164. New cloths for a new job hopefully!

  165. Items for my son going back to school

  166. I’d use it to buy groceries.

  167. I would new shoes, pants, and underwear.

  168. A metal detector

  169. Back to school clothes for my son

  170. A new cellphone, I still have the curve and no data plan.

  171. This comment has been removed by the author.

  172. HANDS DOWN – I need it for school supplies for 5 this year, LUCK BE A LADY

  173. school supplies for the fall and some food

  174. I would buy some fall clothes for my 4 year old

  175. I would use the gift card to pay for some fun activity on our vacation.

  176. I would use it for gas/bills/groceries… the usual.

  177. Both of my boys need new coats this year.

  178. I would buy new nursing scrubs

  179. I’d buy some textbooks.

  180. I would buy books and a fall jacket.

  181. I use it for groceries, etc.

  182. I would use it for Christmas.

  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. I would get gifts for my kids and grandkids.

  185. I would use it towards Christmas presents

  186. I would put the gift card towards my cell phone bill. Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. I would use it to get new tires for our van! We really need them!

  188. Christmas gifts

  189. I would get new backpacks for my kids

  190. I would let my son use it toward college textbooks for the coming semester. College textbook prices are outrageous! Thanks!

  191. I would buy some new books and take my boys to a movie!
    Tammy Dalley on rafflecopter

  192. Furnitures for school!

  193. Would love to win. I’d use the giftcard towards a short vacation before school starts.
    steph 0828 at hotmail dot com

  194. Shoes for the kids

  195. I would buy a winter jacket

  196. I would use it for clothes

  197. new shoes for the kids

  198. i would buy a new laptop for school for me, and coloring books,crayons and backpack for my preschooler

  199. Headphones.

  200. I’d buy some new jeans.

  201. Shoes
    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  202. I would buy some presents for my families upcoming bday

  203. I would buy school supplies and school clothes…and probably give some away to one of our local rescues.

  204. I would buy groceries.

  205. I would buy some groceries and household items.

  206. christmas!

  207. I would use it toward a major move we are planning to make later this year. We’re going halfway across the country, and saving for it is very hard.

  208. Office supplies for my new office

  209. Clothing!

  210. I need some new clothes.

  211. Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

  212. I need new work clothes & shoes..anything left would be for printer ink & paper.

  213. If I won this giveaway I’d use the money to buy a new laptop, I really need a new one.

  214. books for next year of homeschool

  215. I would buy gifts for my niece and nephew’s upcoming birthdays! Thank you

  216. New brakes for my daughter.

  217. some clothes and shoes for my kids and some diapers for the new baby

  218. i’d take my family out for a nice dinner

  219. If I won I would spend the money on toys & treats for my pets and the animals in my local shelter.

  220. I would buy books!!

  221. I would love you to check out my brand new blog! I love yours!!!I would buy post it notes- because I am psycho over them:)

  222. Considering that school will be back in before we know it, I would likely purchase new clothes and supplies for my son.

  223. My daughter’s first back to school supplies!

  224. Mostly back to school clothes, shoes, and supplies!
    rjwashington2000 at yahoo dot com

  225. I would use the gift card for back to school shopping or towards a new laptop

  226. school clothes for kids

  227. eyeglasses

  228. Supplies and shoes for the kids

  229. I’d buy my son some new jeans and tops for back to school. (Angie PreciselyMine)

  230. I’d buy my son some new jeans and tops for back to school. (Angie preciselymine)

  231. i would buy books

  232. Paul would like to get his coffee with this

  233. new clothes and supplies for my kids

  234. My son’s birthday is coming up so I would give it to him.

  235. I would put the $200 towards a laptop.

  236. Wow, I’m not sure but boy would I have fun figuring it ou!

  237. Stuff for our new house

  238. I’d buy schools supplies for my Kindergartener!

  239. I would buy birthday presents.

  240. This comment has been removed by the author.

  241. new school clothes! Lori R Jackson

  242. school shoes

  243. i’d put it toward my puppy fund

  244. I’d use it to pay bills.

  245. i’d put it towards christmas presents

  246. I’d buy new clothes

  247. I would use it toward getting new tires on our car.

  248. I would use it to buy groceries and that would give my credit card a vacation for about 10 days, which it could sure use!

  249. Start on Christmas. It always sneaks up on me.

  250. Back to school clothes and supplies for my kids.

  251. I would buy my son some back to school clothing and a new winter jacket for me

  252. I would take my daughter back to school shopping.

  253. I’d buy school supplies

  254. As I am adding “My Style” pins to Pinterest, I’d have to say clothes!

  255. I would buy cd’s

  256. if i were to win, i think i would treat hubby to a fabulous dinner out and the ingredients for a tasty dessert at home. thanks!

  257. We desperately need a crib for babe #2 due next month. Eek! This would really help!

  258. My husband is a high school teacher, so I’m sure we’d also get him a few pairs of pants and shirts to look presentable!

  259. School supplies and groceries.

  260. groceries!

  261. there is always a birthday, shower or other occasion that I need to give a gift

  262. Groceries and diapers.

  263. I would give it to my daughter for school supplies. Her books cost $100s each semester (hidden college cost) so help with the incidental supplies would really help

  264. I’d buy back to school clothes for my daughter.

  265. I would buy school supplies for my 3 children

  266. First, I would get Amazon Prime, then a new monitor.

  267. Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway! If I won, I should use the money for practical needs, but I’m sure I’d just buy books!

  268. I would use it for back to school supplies that my daughter needs.

  269. School clothes for the girls !

  270. I’d pay bills…SNIFFLE!

  271. Plenty of clothes!

  272. school clothes and product they need

  273. new clothes that fit!

  274. I would buy clothes for the new school year.

  275. I have a wedding coming up and I’d love to buy a few bridesmaids dresses with this gift card!

  276. I would buy something for my loved ones.

  277. I would buy clothing

  278. new jacket

  279. I would buy new clothes for my children.

  280. I would buy school supplies

  281. always useful

  282. I would buy clothes and shoes.

  283. I would buy much needed school clothes and gym shoes for my 2 girls

  284. I would use it for our Disneyland vacation later this year!

  285. I would buy my boyfriend’s daughter some new outfits for school!

  286. Its my birthday this month and I would totally splurge and buy new fall clothes.

  287. I am moving, so I would put the card toward new furniture for my apt!

  288. I would buy school supplies.

  289. I would buy school supplies for my daughter.
    Ann B.
    ababe28 at hotmail dot com

  290. I would use it towards a vacation.

  291. Buy me and the kids some new shoes!

  292. I would use this towards the kids’ fall sports fees!

  293. I would buy my son and daughter some school shoes and clothes.

  294. Clothing!

  295. school stuff.

  296. I would use it for school

  297. I would buy a few early christmas gifts

  298. I would buy groceries.

  299. Definitely need a new suit

  300. I would buy new shoes for my first grader.

  301. Definitely school supplies!

  302. I’d likely spend it on groceries.

  303. If I won this I would use it to buy back to school supplies for my 3 children and school clothing.

  304. I’d buy new clothes for my kiddies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  305. I would put it towards going to see my granddaughter for her birthday.

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