LinkedIn Series – Top 10 Reasons to Join LinkedIn – Part One

Everyone encounters marketing and sales thousands of times a day, and for those of us that spend a lot of time on the internet those numbers only rise. Daily we come across advertising and sales as we use Google search, Facebook even Twitter, all of which are trying to sell us some sort of product […]

How to Create a Google Alert

Have you ever wondered if anything has ever been published on the internet about you? Are you a sports fan looking to track everything about your favorite team whether it is hockey, football, basketball or Nascar? Google has an amazing service called Google Alerts where you can email alerts straig […]

Social Sharing Tips 101

What is Social Sharing? Social Sharing is the spreading of daily deals from user to user through social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and other platforms. Social sharing is crucial for bloggers, businesses, news media and any other venue that publishes content in order for r […]

Ongoing Giveaway Linky

  Welcome to Minnesota Miranda’s Ongoing Giveaway Linky!      Please link up your giveaways in the following format:    Item(s) – location(US, CAN, INT) – End Date(4/27) Hosting a Giveaway Hop Event? List it on our ► Events Page    &nbs […]

Upcoming Giveaway Events

Feel free to add your Giveaway Hop Event & details to the list! for individual giveaways, not part of an event hop list them here ► Ongoing Giveaway Linky for individual giveaways, not part of an event hop list them here ► Ongoing Giveaway Linky […]

Sponsors Needed for Upcoming Giveaway Events

     Moms Bookshelf & More will be participating in two upcoming very large Giveaway Hop Events and looking for prize sponsors. Prizes need to have a $25 or above prize value. Typically high valued prizes, electronics, jewelry and high valued gift cards/codes produce the highest number of traffic […]

Moms Bookshelf Traffic Report for 2013

     This past year at Moms Bookshelf & More I have been very busy. I have been working endlessly to grow my blog following, social media following, creating written content and working on SEO efforts. During 2013 I saw a large jump in my traffic than the year before. I started Moms Bookshelf & Mor […]

New Directory Now Live Fourteen Ways to Network

     As bloggers, social media and networking is crucial to our success. We need to grow our following and numbers, band together and help support our fellow blogging buddies, plus those high numbers look great in pitch letters and media kits. To help each other out, I have developed a huge netwo […]

Triberr Introduces Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  Over the past two years I have periodically shared my love of Triberr and the two co-founder’s Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo, but this time I have to share some breaking news! Triberr is a social sharing community where bloggers build and join tribes filled with other bloggers. Blog posts are a […]

Alternative Option to Google Reader RSS

Recently Google has announced the retirement date of their Google Reader services. It seems since I have started blogging Google and their services have changed a lot. With this new change bloggers have been searching to find alternative services so readers can continue to follow posts and content […]