LinkedIn Series – Top 10 Reasons to Join LinkedIn – Part One

Everyone encounters marketing and sales thousands of times a day, and for those of us that spend a lot of time on the internet those numbers only rise. Daily we come across advertising and sales as we use Google search, Facebook even Twitter, all of which are trying to sell us some sort of product […]

Early Bird or Night Owl #RockYourBlog

    Most of my readers and social media followers are well aware of my late night shenanigans, but it’s time to officially declare…My name is Miranda, and I am a night owl. I have been for as long as I can remember. I Love late nights and as a stay at home Mom of four, late nights are my only cha […]

Labor Day 2013 – Are You Working? #RockYourBlog

     Happy Labor Day! Today is the day that we kiss summer goodbye! Tomorrow my kids return to school along with so many others around the U.S. That is, if thy haven’t already. Most of us love this day due to the extended weekend, a last hurrah for summer, and the weekend. Many of you are enjoyin […]

What Has You Feeling Sick This Winter?

  As a large family of six from Minnesota winters are brutal. All four of our kids are in school, all different schools meaning our potential exposure to germs and different illnesses is very high! It seems like we have been hit with everything this year, maybe twice. The bug comes in and it […]

What TV Mom Style Are You?

What TV Mom Style Are You? via Moms Bookshelf & More: Click here to check it out –>…— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) February 2, 2013 […]

Interactive Q and A – Get to Know Me Better #MomsBookshelfQuestions

Today I would love to do another round of Q & A! View the last edition by clicking HERE. This is an interactive post! Yes, I said it Interactive! This post will require your input. Here is how it will work……… Ask me a question, go ahead, any question Be sure to leave your name and link to […]

Full List of Alt Codes & Symbols – Reference Spreadsheet

    Last weekend while I was working on my computer I ran into a problem, a lot of my homework in Structure & Function of the Human Body required symbols at the end of some of the cell structure and pH variants. Luckily I was able to figure out what to do and made the paper work. When […]

My Weekly Pinterest Finds

Have you ever stumbled upon something that you loved and wanted to try? With Pinterest that happens to me several hundred times a day. I am a pinning maniac! I thought I would share some of my favorite finds for the past couple of days, please enjoy! Source: via Miran […]

Unicycle Madness

Step One: Unplug your kids video game unit Step Two: Make your kids go outside & play What did you think of the video? […]

Fun in a Tube

Just a Little Fun……. I wish I was a little more creative when I was younger!What was your most memorable adventure? […]