The Usborne Big Book of Big Trains

The Usborne Big Book of Big Trains
The Usborne Big Book of Big Trains
by: Megan Cullis
 This is the most amazing book for little boys! The minute my five year old opened the cover he was whisked away to train yard full of fun! The pages in this book are thicker than your average book but not qualified as a board book. The pages feature large, full size illustrations of various trains. The descriptions are filled with history, facts and fun tidbits every little kid is so eager to read. 

 photo Trainone_zpse64216e9.jpg photo Traintwo_zpsea993199.jpg 

One neat feature in Big Book of Big Trains are the large fold out pages. These pages fold out to a full four panel poster with large sized train engines sure to have your little one mesmerized and entranced for quite some time. 

 photo Trainfour_zps1d6ba50e.jpg
This particular book focuses more on the illustrations than long written passages, using more of a picture book writing style. Each page is filled with facts and history about trains, engines and the featured train or engine illustrated on the page.  
 photo Trainfive_zpsc5804bf4.jpg

The majority of our boys books spend a lot of time on the bookshelf. Once the book is read it is placed back on the shelf until the next time it is read. The Big Book of Big Trains has never spent more than an hour back on the bookshelf. It has taken up residence on the couch where Zane and Broden refer back to the book several times throughout the day. They have truly fallen in love with this book and it has become their favorite! 

 I would highly recommend this book for every little boy! It is fun, and educational. The Big Book of Big Trains is the perfect book to start your childs love of reading and will surely treasure this amazing book for years to come! 

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  1. This would be a huge hit with my grandson! He is obsessed with trains!

  2. I love how bright and eye catching it is!

  3. Wow! that book is amazing! Everything you wanna know about all different kinds of trains. Great fold out pages too!
    Shannon Gallagher on RC

  4. This looks like a good book my cousin love anything with wheels I think he would like this book.

  5. My grandsons love trains so this would be a great prize for them.

  6. this looks like a book that our son would love! he is a huge fan of trains!
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  7. I love the books that actually engage them and keep them coming back! This sounds like a book my son would love too!

  8. This looks like a great book, I love the fold out pages. My daughter is a train fanatic and would really enjoy it.

  9. I love little ones with big books! Love the fold out pages too! Gotta make learning fun!

  10. My cousin’s girl would LOVE this! She’s so into trains.

  11. My son would enjoy this book. He’s been interested in trains for a long time.

  12. Trains are such big things. I think its great they have fold pages to really show there size!

  13. My grandson would do flips if I gave him a book such as this!

  14. My son would like this book for sure!

  15. Wow, great book. I love the size and the illustrations are great, so fun to look at and read.

  16. Great big pages, my niece Loves trains! she loves to look at, read about & play with them. Choo Choo!!!

  17. This book would be perfect for my 18 month twins. They love trains!

  18. I <3 that the pictures are vibrant. The best feature is it folds out to illustrate the trains. so cool.

  19. this looks like a great book

  20. My daughter is fascinated with trains. She would love this.
    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski”

  21. My son is absolutely obsessed with trains…primarily Thomas, but trains in general…he would adore this book:)

  22. My little cousin Jack that I took care of for 10 years loved trains. I wish I would have had this for him. Its precious!

  23. Both of my boys LOVE trains, I think I might have to get this book for the next birthday!
    eg kaufman

  24. This book looks awesome! With two boys, trains are a very popular subject around here!
    Fantasticafternoon at yahoo dot com

  25. My son would love, love, love that book.

  26. This book seems perfect for young children. I’m sure my boys would love it!

  27. My nephews are both big train lovers! They’d probably wind up fighting over this lol

  28. I have a toddler who is in love with trains. I know he would love this book. I especially like the illustrations are big and colorful. I like it has information about steam engines, after all my son knows the difference of steam engines verse diesel engines. It looks like a fun book.

  29. My twin boys love everything trains and would thoroughly enjoy this book.

  30. Looks like a nice book my daughter would love! Thanks for sharing !

  31. I love how the pages fold out It make the book look even bigger and that fascinates the kids

  32. My 5 year old son loves trains.I will be looking into this book for his 6th birthday.I love when books can help expand a child’s love of things.

  33. My nephew would like this book.

  34. Don’t have any little ones in the family right now, but my granddaughter was a train fan about 7 years ago. Great book!

  35. This is so cute! My little brother loves trains, he would love this.

  36. Great book! I bet my cousin would really like it! Trains are so neat!

  37. Two of my daycare kids are all about trains! They can’t get enough of them. I love those books that can’t seem to stay on the shelf. It fosters a love of reading very early on and that will stick with them for life!

  38. that looks like an awesome book! my daughter has a little train that she loves to play with so one day she may like a book like that!

  39. Awesome book! My son would love it! I’ll have to see if out library has a copy.

  40. This looks great! Isn’t it incredible how kids will latch on to certain things? We are going to have to look into getting this for our little boy. Right now he would love the pictures and the facts will be great for when he is older.

  41. So cute! My nephew would love this, he loves trains!

  42. love these books

  43. looks really cool! I had trains when I was little, well I shared them with my brother

  44. Ohgoodness! My son LOVES trains and would adore this book!

  45. We went on a train this past Easter. It was very cool. It sparked an interest in trains for my kids

  46. I don’t know what it is but little boys are fascinated by trains. Mine can definitely spend hours looking through this book. I love how vibrant the photos are!

  47. My daughter loved trains when she was little. She would have loved this book. I love trains too. I love the sound they make from a distance. I grew up just yards from railroad tracks.

  48. Looks like a great book with lots of visuals of trains that would be fun to read to toddlers and help those older learn vocabulary. Apt for both boys and girls!

  49. What a fantastic book. My son would love looking through this with his Papa!

  50. Just perfect for little boys. They all seem to love trains and cars.

  51. What a cute book! I wish I had seen it when my son was younger.

  52. My son loves trains. I love the fold out pages in the book.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  53. Looks like a great book. I would love to ride on a train someday. Jennifer Lockwood-Hooks

  54. I love Usborne books. My son thinks the flaps are great and I bet he’d love the way the pages of the train book unfold to get so big.

  55. I love me some trains! I have no children/don’t have friends with children but I fondly remember Thomas the Tank Engine

  56. Wow! That book looks amazing! Reminded me of my childhood. We had train track near our home and we used to love watching trains. My LO also likes trains, his favorite character is Gordon from Thomas and friends, he calls him Gordo

  57. Whoa, that is one big book!

  58. my nephew would Love that book!

  59. oh my goodness, my 2 year old would love this book!!!!

  60. What a great book. I love the big pictures.

  61. My daughter loves trains and this is a great book. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Adorable! I love it!!

  63. That would be a nice present for any child!

  64. this looks like a cool book! He must really enjoy it!!

  65. My boys aren’t quite as obsessed with trains as most seem to be, but they still love their battery-powered trains! Usborne makes some very good books. I especially like their books about World History, so don’t forget to check those out!

  66. My dad would have loved that book! He loved all kinds of trains. Our basement had a whole model train layout like you see in the model train stores!I’m sure my nephews would love this book!

  67. Our little neighbor boy has every Thomas train ever and I know that he would love this book, so great!

  68. Sounds like a great book that my nephew would love!

  69. My nephew loves trains, so he would love this book. With foldouts, though, he’d likely have to read it only with supervision.

  70. Wow what a great book.. I love how big it is.. My son would flip for it!

  71. sounds like a great book! I think my son would love it, thanks for the review.

  72. I love books and so do my younger grandchildren! This train book is such a great size, which wonderful illustrations.

  73. I think my nephew would really like this book too.

  74. My Nephew would love that book! He is really into cars, trains, and planes, like all little boys!
    Thanks for sharing!

  75. What a wonderful book! My son loved trains when he was little!

  76. I am sure my nephew would love this book as soon as he is old enough to turn the pages

  77. This would be a great book for my nephew.

  78. Love trains, great gift for boys

  79. my bf would love this book..

  80. What a great book! And he looks fascinated by it

  81. That’s one cool big book. I like how the pages fold out.

  82. I loved trains as a kid! And I’m a girl – so this would make a great gift for a boy OR a girl!

  83. I love giving books as gifts especially to children. The Usborne Big Book of Big Trains looks and sounds like a perfect gift idea. I have bookmarked it for the next time I need a gift for a Wee one. Thanks!

  84. I did not have boys but no I have 2 grandsons so this book would be awesome for them, and it looks really sturdy

  85. The book looks fantastic. My son would have loved that book when he was younger.

  86. oh my gosh, my son would love this I love how big it is

  87. I worked as a Preschool Teacher for 18 years. Usborne Books were always such great quality. Very educational and always with great pictures. My nephew would love this book.

  88. My son would go nuts over this. He’s obsessed with trains!

  89. It seems to be ammazing, almost every kid would like to have it.

  90. cute book

  91. I love usborne books! We use them every year in our homeschool – this one my son would love!!

  92. That’s so neat! My son loves to look at books (14 months) and I think he would like looking at this. What a great gift idea!

  93. I remember those days!! I had a boy that liked trains, now he is a know it all teenager!!!

  94. I love how big it is and colorful. My nephew loves anything that mmoves, he would love this!

  95. Wow, what a neat book. It looks like a very cute a informative book.

  96. My daughter loves trains! She would love all of the big, bright pictures

  97. what a cool book, any little boy would love it!

  98. my son would love that book we go vist train site when we travel pretty neat

  99. I think any little boy or girl would love this book it is awesome

  100. What a great book, my grandson would love the book.

  101. I think every child goes through a train stage whether they are boy if girl lol, so this book would make a great gift!

  102. My kids are grown now, but they would have loved this book. I love the colorful pictures.

  103. Cute! Boys love trains

  104. My son loved trains when he was little. This looks like a wonderful book for young boys!

  105. That looks really fun! My little girl isn’t into trains, but I have 5 nephews who would love it!

  106. My godson would probably love this book. I think a lot of literature with trains in it has decreased over the years but this one seems to be full of vibrant colored pictures.

  107. my nephew would llove these trains joseph gersch

  108. I love Usborne books, my girls would love the train book.

  109. My nephew would love this and his birthday is coming up – thanks for sharing!
    Angela Rhodes
    nofearpapertiger AT Gmail

  110. my nephew is obsessed with trains. everything is trains.
    dani marie ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  111. My nephew loves trains and has a huge set. This would be a great gift for him.

  112. Sounds like fun

  113. My boys love trains, they would love this book!!
    tammy dalley on rafflecopter

  114. my 4 year old grandson just loves trains…he would love this book!

  115. My son loves cars, trucks, and trains! I love to find books about them for him.
    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  116. My nephew would love this!

  117. my bestfriend’s son would love this! he loves trains!

  118. neat book

  119. All my kids love trains. I love the pull out pages and the illustrations are gorgeous.
    momofmultiples29 at gmail dot com

  120. my son loves trains this would be great

  121. That is an awesome book for boys. My son would love it! He loves trains.

  122. I love Usborne books! And my son loves trains! Perfect combination!

  123. I can think of a couple of boys that would love this book!

  124. This book looks awesome! I know of a few people that might like this!

  125. What a great book for any little boy! (or even a bigger one!)
    rilekat2 at gmail dot com

  126. What a fun book for those who like trains. Especially with those fold out pages!

  127. That looks like an awesome book! My nephew would love it, may have to get him one!

  128. This would make a great gift for my nephew.

  129. Um, I want this book LOL!! It is so cool how the pages fold out!

  130. My grandson would love looking at all the train pictures!

  131. My son would really like this book. He is really into trains and cars and trucks…much like most little boys

  132. This would be a great thing for my nephew, he loves trains.

  133. I wish this book had been around when my cousin was little. He loves trains so much. What a great book for little engineers!

  134. I have a nephew with a birthday coming up, he would love this book

  135. My son loves trains! This would be an awesome book for him.

  136. This would be a great book for my little cousin

  137. My son is OBSESSED with trains!! 8 years old, he outgrew all his toys but still won’t give up his Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, he loves it that much!

  138. i love usborne books and this big book of big trains would be great to add to our collection – my boys would LOVE it! thanks for sharing with us
    jenny lloyd

  139. Oh, this would be perfect for my 4-y-o nephew–he loved Thomas the Train, but by this time may have grown beyond that, and this book with pictures looks very educational.

  140. My little boys would love them, train crazy.

  141. Oh! I’ll have to add this to my son’s wish list – he is in love with all things trains right now. This would be right up his ally!

  142. Great Book

  143. looks like a great book

  144. My dad was a huge train fan and I have tried to get my kids interested. This book is great!

  145. Very nice blog. We are just starting out. Please take a peek

  146. My son loved Trains at that age and I sell Usborne books and didn’t even know about this book! thanks for sharing!

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