Resort and Hotel Listings for Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Planning your summer vacation and getaway can be very difficult and tedious as there is a never-ending to-do list for your perfect getaway. First you decide a location and once you’ve narrowed that down you break open the computer to search for hotels, motels, resorts and places to stay or rent fo […]

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Votes No – School Security and Overcrowding Still an Issue

     This week our local school district, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Independent School District 22 voted on a school building referendum that was multipurpose. Our school district at the moment is severely overcrowded. The school board sought advice from a demographer that predicted the enrollment […]

Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers

My daughter MeMe and the rest of her fifth grade class have been worried for the past month. Their friend and fellow classmate Hunter has been missing from class, the playground and the lunch room, but not from their hearts.  On March 13th, 2012 Hunter was diagnosed with a Cavernous Angioma loca […]

Detroit Lakes Lakers Homecoming Week at School & Other Randomosity

It was Homecoming Week for the Detroit Lakes Schools and the kids had a blast! Each day there was a new theme for attire. Classes held contests for who rocked the days theme the best! It was a lot of fun to help the kids prepare their outfits and of course see their excitement and school prid […]

Slowly Changing

Hello Everyone! Maybe you have been wondering what is going on, where is Miranda? Better yet, maybe you’re freaking out, OMG she hasn’t posted, whats going on? Never fear, I am still here. I have been making changes and updates to the blog, slowly but surely, I have a hit a few design roadblocks, t […]

Just Some Pics 7/1

…Today we had fun…Enjoy the pictures & video!   Thanks for stopping by! Today I met a new Twitter friend who wanted to share my HELLP Syndrome story with his followers and readers. He did an amazing job on the post […]

A Day of Fun in DL

  Today the Street Faire was in town today and the kids had so much fun! We got a late start. We had planned on going to Rollag for the pancake feed but with a late night of Brody and Bruiser it just didn’t seem like the best idea, so we skipped the breakfast and slept in. Later in the afternoon we […]

Die Hard Baseball

  So, Apparently we have hit the age where baseball becomes more than a game! Practice and games are twice a week now, kids have started pitching, weather plays no factor in the schedule and the boys are a little more fierce. Last night a thunderstorm with high winds blew through Detroit Lakes and […]

Screaming Husband Wake Up Call

   As you all know this weekend was crazy busy for us. MeMe had her birthday sleepover Friday night. She was a little disappointed that out of the 6 invitations she handed out only 1 girl was able to make it. after they played a little we packed up and headed out to the bowling alley. MeMe started […]

Got Sun?

  So, I will admit, I skipped my workout walk with the boys today. Yesterday I pushed myself and walked farther than I had before and of course the weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun, I sure felt it later though. Not in the way I had expected. I had a few inclines and pushing the boys in […]