Slowly Changing

Hello Everyone! Maybe you have been wondering what is going on, where is Miranda? Better yet, maybe you’re freaking out, OMG she hasn’t posted, whats going on?
Never fear, I am still here. I have been making changes and updates to the blog, slowly but surely, I have a hit a few design roadblocks, that I am trying to work on, and hopefully in the next couple days I will have them all smoothed out and ready to roll! It has been slow going around here, meaning house, family and yes, blogging. A heat wave has hit the Lakes area and boy is it hot here! Chris and I fell in love with this house without thinking Hey, theres no central air, yep, thats the hell we have been living in the past couple days. The saying “Hot As Hell” definitely applies here! Last night the lowest temp in the house was 78 and it spiked today around 84ish. It was so hot and our one and only window unit air conditioner was the little engine that couldn’t. We decided to get our asses out and buy a second unit. Before we left Chris went to to see what out local store had, all they had in stock were lower BTU units and we wanted to get our money’s worth so we hit other stores. We went to LM Fleet first, no such luck, they were sold out, really? Well it is more of a farming/hunting/tractor store so we packed up and headed over to Menards which is our regions version of Home Depot. They too were sold out, well except for the expensive 25,000 btu unit and even then they only had the display unit left, ok next store. Walmart is right across the street, oh heck why not. At this point I decided to stay in the car, in the van, in the cold, breezy, delightful air conditioning with the kids while Sherman ran in and bought it. A couple minutes later, he was back in the van…..empty handed. OH SHIT, now I’m getting pretty nervous! I blurt out “oh, lets go to Sears!” In most towns, Sears is a decent size department store that sells, well, everything, our small touristy town only has electronics, appliances, lawn & garden. It’s tucked off to the side, very small building, maybe 3 cars in the parking lot, on a good day. They MUST have air conditioners! Hahahahaha what a joke, they were sold out, and they quickly informed Sherman that their partner store Kmart, is ALSO sold out! Well thats every damn store in DL. As we leave the parking lot, it hits me!!! STEVE!!!!! Last summer when I was pregnant with Brody and I was very nervous of the heat while pregnant, our friend Steve told me I could use their window unit that he had picked up for the cabin that is sitting in their basement unused so I wasn’t so miserable. Sherman called him up and they rescued us! We went over and loaded it up, took it home, cleaned the filter and set it up, loaded back in the fan and went for a drive while the TWO units worked their magic and cooled down the house! When we were done driving we stopped at my Moms and visited with her and my Aunt & Uncle for a bit. Left, hit Burger King drive through and went home where it had crept down to a tolerable 77ish. It was much more comfortable, I was very happy and things were looking up! It is now 4:00 am. I still have not gone to bed, the family is camped out throughout the living room, dogs in their kennels, I’m sitting in the recliner, with Roseanne playing in the background courtesy of Netflix and it is a sweet 72 degrees in my house and this girl is ALL smiles! I owe you bunches Sara & Steve! You guys are amazing friends! I Love you guys!
  That being said, It’s time to get my groggy ass to bed! Love you Sara & Steve, Love you my amazing Husband Sherman, Love my kids so very, very much for have good attitudes and behavior even in crappy, miserable weather such as this, Love you random guy that invented air conditioning units, and lastly, I’m about to love my pillow and the sweet world of dreamland! Goodnight everyone!

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Slowly Changing
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  1. Ohhhhhh the memories that you brought back. I’ve been in a couple houses without a/c. It’s really miserable. Hard to believe that we grew up without it. But then, I don’t think kids feel the heat the way that adults do. We would just lay out under a tree to get cool. Of course, we had no choice, cause Mom would throw us out of the house and we couldn’t come back till dinner time. But there was plenty to do on the farm.
    Thanks for stopping by the Tiki Hut. And I still say, “Gimme that baby” !!!
    Have a great weekend….stay chilly !

  2. I lost A/C when I was 8 months pregnant in the south. It was tough!
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    Jenny@ and my brand new product review blog

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  4. hello, visiting you from Mingle Monday… followed your blog also

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