Earn Cash Back with Ebates – #2FOR50

       With the holiday season bursting through the door and literally right around the corner it is time to start shopping and hit the stores hard to stock up on gifts, presents and holiday decor! As a Mom of four on a budget I want to save as much money as possible while […]

The Cost of College – Student Research Survey

With new technology developing everyday it is expected that colleges will adapt as well. To keep prices down and more affordable schools need input on how that can be accomplished. Survey is completely anonymous and will not in anyway reveal personal information. Information gathered via responses […]

Save Money with Bellafind – A Parent Friendly Site

As a Mom I am always on the hunt for deals on baby and kid products. There are so many everyday products and gear that babies and children must have or in most cases require that it can literally send you super close to the edge. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that not only had a huge l […]

Christmas Season Layaway Policies – WalMart vs. Kmart

Will you be using Layaway services this Holiday Season? You should know your options and what the store policy is regarding Layaway terms. Below you will find the store terms for both Walmart and Kmart. Walmart Layaway Policy 9/16 – 12/14 In Stores Only Down Payment: $10 or 10% whichever […]

Designer Shoe Shopping is Now Charity with ShoeDazzle

    When it comes to civic duty the first word most people think of is charity. It surrounds us daily and we all want to help, but how? There are so many charities to choose from, some even stirring up feelings of guilt in hopes you will pick up that phone and call with our measly 10 cents a day, b […]

Housing Crisis, Foreclosures and Help With Your Mortgage

    With 2.5 million US homes currently in foreclosure proceedings and another 1.5 million delinquent the housing crisis hits a very scary crunch this month. The new Home Affordable Modification Program has been swept under the rug. The administration estimated helping three to four million stru […]

Taxes Due April 17th – Great Tax Info

Important Tax Changes for filing this year listed below graphic Remember Taxes are due April 17th this year!Important changes this year Due date of return. File Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ by April 17, 2012. The due date is April 17, instead of April 15, because April 15 is a Sunday and April 1 […]