Best Youtube Cover Songs of 2014

     Every year artists and bands release new singles all chasing the dream of the top 10 coveted spots on various charts from Billboard, iTunes ad Youtube. The higher the number the more likely the yearly awards will begin to pile up and the paychecks keep getting larger. Fans […]

Best Haunted House Video from @TheEllenShow with Andy and Amy

     This afternoon I woke up early from our daily nap and my little guy, Broden, was still sleeping so I tip toed to the living room and turned on the television. Up popped the Ellen Show. I have always loved Ellen and got back to work on my laptop. Suddenly I caught myself scrambling for the r […]

Best Prank Calls of 2012 – Friday Night Cranks #FUNNY

Last year I found a prank call show on YouTube and have been laughing ever since! Jared, Kristin and weekly guests put on a live prank call show every Friday night. Recently they released the video Greatest Prank Calls of 2012  Feel free to watch and laugh (contains explicit language) You c […]

Paul Sturgess and his Crazy Skills goes Viral!

Have you ever heard of Paul “Tiny” Sturgess from Loughborough, England? He is 7′ 8″ and weighs in at a whopping 325 pounds. Tiny plays for the infamous Harlem Globetrotters. This week a video of his is racking up views like crazy! His Dunk or lack thereof has people across the world saying “Whoa..W […]

Laugh Your Ass Off with Friday Night Cranks!

Just a quick reminder to tune into Friday Night Cranks this Friday night. Every Friday night they host an online show where they prank call people. There is a form on their site to send in prank requests. Their show is HILARIOUS and I encourage you all to tune in and check it out! In the meantime […]

LSU Dance Practice…AMAZING

You know by now I LOVE music, what you might not know is,……..  I LOVE dancing as well. All of these videos are from LSU Dance team. They are AMAZING!   Now…Time to get up and Shake Your Ass!! […]

Start Your Day with a Laugh…Kristy and Automated Operator

I think every morning should start with a gut busting laugh..helps the day start in a positive way! Here is a video to begin your day!    Every time you hear an automated message you will always think of this video   Hope you have an awesome week!  […]

Super Gross, But Totally Epic

This may be the first time EVER I would encourage a onetime dose of  “Puke That Shit Up!” Just the site of this makes me sick to my stomach! YUCK!! I must admit that the people at Epic Meal Time are VERY entertaining! What do you think? Tasty or Nasty? Most Disgusting Food Video Ever! Fast […]

8 & 9 Year Old Boys Bringing back the 80’s & Dancing….Must See!

Leave it to me..and Just Dance 2 To bring the 80’s back…. These boys had a blast dancing The Halloween Party was a success Next Year…Bigger and Better!  […]

Yep, This Boy Can Dance!

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