What Has You Feeling Sick This Winter?

  As a large family of six from Minnesota winters are brutal. All four of our kids are in school, all different schools meaning our potential exposure to germs and different illnesses is very high! It seems like we have been hit with everything this year, maybe twice. The bug comes in and it […]

Migraines & Reoccurring Headaches

 Today I am battling a migraine and so far my productive level looks dismal. Do you struggle with migraines or even reoccurring headaches? Here are a few tips I have learned over the years. Find a good Chiropractor and schedule regular adjustments. This alone will cut your migraines and headac […]

Are You Poisoning Your Family Using Common Summer Products?

    This weekend my family took some time, to do some yard work. I began working on the flower beds in front of the house and Sherman worked on the yard, garage and the retaining wall. Though the work took all day and was more of a pain than should have been, the outcome looks very nice. As much w […]

Heather Von St. James Mesothelioma Cancer Survivor

Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Survival November 21, 2005 was a day that changed my life, and forced  me to figure out once and for all if I truly was a “glass half full” person – it was the day that my doctor diagnosed me with malignant pleural mesothelioma. Not only was I only 36 years old, but […]

School Lunch is Nasty! ….Check This Out

Do you remember the nasty school lunches we had when we were kids? The nasty meat sauce/juice on the cold spaghetti, or the disgusting chicken patties filled with nasty, hard vein like things or the dreaded hotdish of any form. Well it’s even worse now.  While some schools have had a major overhau […]

Thanks Pfizer…..Meet Baby ….Unplanned


I have a major issue with Milwaukee, Where are the Facts & Stats, Stop Blanket Statements

   Every day I scroll through the news Yahoo! has to share with me. I only go through their headlines on the homepage. Occasionally I find something I find interesting enough to share and sometimes I find something that inspires me to write. Today I found just that. The headline read “Milwaukee Ru […]

Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family..Including Children & Infants

    Do your children see the Chiropractor?                 The other day I had to contact our medical insurance company to dispute some paperwork. After explaining to the lady that we were not in any type of accident and that […]

Energy Drinks, Toxic to Teens!

This morning I logged on to our local newspaper website and found a great article and had to share with you immediately. For years I have been denouncing energy drinks and refuse to buy them for my kids. I can’t stand them and I am trying to teach my children the importance of healthier choices. […]

I’m Still Sick! Looking For Tips & Tricks for Cold & Flu Home Remedies. How Does Your Family Battle the Cold & Flu Season?

        A short update, I have been sick for 2 weeks now, maybe more. I am not getting any better, in fact I have progressively been getting worse with each day. This is torture.    Last week Bruiser, Brody and I went to the Dr. I was certain there was some ear infections, maybe a sinus infecti […]