School Lunch is Nasty! ….Check This Out

School Lunch is Nasty! ….Check This OutDo you remember the nasty school lunches we had when we were kids? The nasty meat sauce/juice on the cold spaghetti, or the disgusting chicken patties filled with nasty, hard vein like things or the dreaded hotdish of any form. Well it’s even worse now. 
While some schools have had a major overhaul on school lunches and the food they serve, MOST have not. With the recent revelations of McDonalds and other fast foods “mystery meat paste” and the amazing Jamie Oliver opening our eyes to the disgusting foods we have all fed our children, I think it’s time we ALL take a stand! 
Fast-forward video to 10:44

After showing MeMe videos of the meat paste and chicken nuggets, my not so little girl has officially sworn off chicken nuggets of any sort. She was disgusted!
School Lunch is Nasty! ….Check This OutI think its time we ALL as a nation force this topic into school policy, state policy and better yet US policy and regulation. Nine months of the year our children are eating lunch and some of them are eating breakfast at school. It is pertinent we take a stand and demand that our schools encourage healthy eating by serving natural foods, locally grown foods, whole grains, and non-mass produced mystery meat! The schools may have a huge hand in the US childhood obesity problem..maybe? 
I have been perusing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website this morning and would love for you to check it out too! Lets ALL change the crap our schools are feeding our children!  
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  1. I agree. It is shameful what some schools feed children.

  2. I have been watching this also. Can you even believe the amount of kids that don’t know WT heck a veggie even is…..

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