Dylann Roof Attempts to Start a Race War #BlackLivesMatter

To Whom It May Concern,

   It’s been a rough week, but nothing compared to the city of Charleston and the tragic event at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. On the evening of June 17, 2015 a young man waEmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolinalked into the Emanuel AME Church and asked for the Pastor. After a bible study and prayer circle, as the group closed their biblical sessions, that man, Dylann Roof, began shooting, killing nine people leaving three survivors, 2 of which pretended to be dead to survive and one intentionally left alive and unharmed to spread Roof’s message.

            Surely, this is not breaking news, but my response, is. This horrific act of violence was committed in the name of hate. Dylann Roof was an angry racist who confessed to his intent of starting a civil war, a war between races. He hates anyone who is not “white” and was hoping his insane actions would encourage a war. Despicable and disgusting that there are still people out there with these beliefs and convictions, more so that they intend to insight war.

            It is 2015, nearly 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, 60 years since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus and almost 52 years since Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech” at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and yet we still live in a country filled with hate, racism and fear.

            How do we live each day of our lives in such a world? “I’m not racist” is uttered daily across the country, something wonderful to hear, but is it true? Why is this a question? Why is there a need to prove your Dylann Roof Charleston Shotting stance? Dylann Roof and Craig Cobb, just two of millions of reasons why. Today we live in a society where we live in fear, whether you are white or black. If you are white and not a proud racist, you live in fear of what others think of you, whether you are racist or not, are you being politically correct? Etc. If you are black, you fear racism, judgment, inequality of any level and worst of all, the potential of racial violence whether from police or civilian. Maybe you have no fear at all, but then you would be lying, to some degree, unless you a professed and proud racist.

            In today’s society it’s not safe to be a white cop or African American. As a white police officer you have to worry each day you put on your uniform whether you will make a questionable action today, will you be accused of something that may be perceived as racial profiling, you fear cameras and what can or can’t be taken or edited of context. If you are not racist, could any of your interactions that day be perceived or received as something different? Could you have done something differently? Then as an African American you fear the potential of encountering that racist cop who may hurt you or your loved ones over something as simple as a speeding ticket, because you never know in today’s society. The media as of late only proves just how scary it can be to be, and now, the fear of going to church.

            How can we change, how can we move forward and progress to a more accepting and loving nation? Why are there still such intense issues after so many years?

Stop Racism Black Lives Matter

            I can’t pretend I have the answers, surely I nor you could single handedly solve such an issue. But, if I hold your hand and with my other someone else’s, you hold the hand of that next to you, so on and so forth, maybe, just maybe we can make some small step towards something better than what we have now. Hate and racism is learned, you are not born with anger and hate, we have big hearts, let’s use them. Let’s practice acceptance, equality and friendship. It is important that we move forward, not backwards as a nation. It sickens me that Dylann Roof killed those men and women so heinously with demented sense of pride and deviousness while they worshiped God, in their church after accepting him into their church, into the bible study and prayer. I am ashamed, as a white woman of his actions as there are so many of us out there that do not in any circumstance feel that way. We have no hate or ill intentions in our heart, we don’t see color, and we’re all people, made by the same Man.           End Racism So I ask you, everyone, to please, start your day, each and every day with love in your heart, the willingness to see humans, see people, not color, not religion, not sex, but people, with emotions and feelings just like you. Try on those shoes of other people, take a small walk in those shoes and realize we’re all the same, we’re people, we’re humans, we’re American’s, but most of all, we’re equal!

Miranda Sherman

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  1. Jeff, I agree. I am so pleased that the victims and their families, loved ones and congregation have taken the high road and have openly refused to hate him or carry on with riots, violence or looking for revenge. I too agree that he face death for his actions, but I feel it should be at the hand of the court, hopefully they watch him closely enough that he doesn’t carry out his suicide attempts like Ariel Castro did. While it is freedom to hate, I wish there wasn’t hate, by choice of course.

  2. I just don’t understand where the hatred of some people come from.

  3. One item that is not talked about much in these tragic cases is the legally prescribed mind altering drugs. In many of the mass murder events, the perpetrators have been on anti-depressants, SSRIs and child obedience drugs . There are listed side effects of violence and suicidal thoughts associated with these pharmaceutical drugs. In this case, the drug is called Suboxone and has as side effects violent outbursts and aggressive acts of rage. I am not condoning his actions, just highlighting the fact that petrochemical drugs are present in most of these events.

  4. Yes yes and yes. We need to all stop and reflect.

  5. Well written and unfortunately hate is all too prevalent in our society. I sometimes wish that we all had to wear glasses so that we could see underneath the skin of everyone at all times–then everyone would appear the same. It seems like the only thing that I have ever wished for is peace on Earth–I wonder if I will ever see it in my lifetime.

  6. As the parent of two black children I appreciate that others are taking it upon themselves to talk about issues of racism. Although I disagreed with a few things you said, I did agree with most of it, and I really really appreciate people bringing this issue to light.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post, really great information!

  8. I am so inspired by the Families who have chosen to forgive! Love wins over hate.

  9. It’s sad that we all can’t get along. You are so right in saying that before you say a word or act, try putting yourself in his shoes first.

  10. This is a sad time in our country! I can’t understand how we allow hate into our lives. We can change, I know we can.

  11. I couldn’t agree more! Very well said I think you said what we’re all thinking.

  12. I just don’t understand why we can’t all get along. Who cares if someone is a different color – we are all humans.

  13. love your post it is hard to watch all the tension in the world everyone bleeds the same blood is what my mom used to say so love rather than make war

  14. This is a great post and awesome advice to so many out there. Hopefully all of these events have change some peoples thoughts a views. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Stories like this really break my heart. Where does all that hatred come from?

  16. Such a great post. We are all the same on the inside,we just have different color skin. It is sad that this is still an issue today. :/

  17. There are so many tragedies born out of someones hate, whether it be religion, race or other reasons, so many innocent people have been killed and families left devastated. My heart goes out to everyone in Charleston and may everyone take a piece of their faith and love into their own lives.

  18. Tragic indeed!

  19. We are all created from the same God. It is sad when people think they are better.

  20. I’ll never even understand how that kind of hatred can exist, and to act on it in hopes of inciting even more? It’s just appalling.

  21. Beautiful post Miranda, I couldn’t agree more! We need to stamp out hate and we can only do that with love.

  22. This is sickening and it makes me realize that this type of nonsense could happen any where. I attended church and am an active member. I know that it always scares me to think that someone could ultimately walk into our church and open fire. I just don’t get it. If your so angry, channel your energy to make changes. Opening fire isn’t going to solve anything.

  23. This is a great message that you’re sharing. I hope it makes a difference.

  24. If kindness, respect and understanding were the rule in the world all would be different.

  25. this is all just so very sad and I wish all the communities of people could just get along!

  26. This has been both sad and amazing. Sad, that the kid was so messed up and did this to those innocent people. Amazing to see the wholehearted support and love flow through this community from everyone, any race, color, etc. We all need to remember that one idiot does not show how most of us feel!! Stand strong Charleston – there are many of us standing and praying with you!

  27. Very well said. I don’t understand the hate that it takes to do something like this.

  28. I have choosen to not listen to any of Dylann’s words. I don’t his name should even be written any where. He is disqusting.

  29. It’s so sad what people do to others and how they can hate strangers, or anyone.

  30. I agree with this post a 100 percent. I could never figure out why everyone just can’t get a long. We are all human!

  31. Such a tragic thing to happen and something that should not happen. the whole thing scares and shocks me. Are we not evolved by now? So sad.

  32. Sadly, in a free society people are free to hate. They cannot take action on their hate though. Dylann Roof did and will likely face execution (rightly I think). Charleston seems to be responding well- overcoming hatred with love, forgiveness, and unity. I am glad the victims families forgave Mr Roof. But he should still meet a swift execution.

  33. Such a great post , but the other side was very sad wHen people think they are better

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