Resort and Hotel Listings for Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Planning your summer vacation and getaway can be very difficult and tedious as there is a never-ending to-do list for your perfect getaway. First you decide a location and once you’ve narrowed that down you break open the computer to search for hotels, motels, resorts and places to stay or rent fo […]

In My Child’s Eyes A Three Year Old’s Perspective

A Child’s Perspective      Have you ever handed your toddler your camera and send them on their merry way? Last week I gave Broden my Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II cell phone with the camera open and ready to shoot. I sat back and worked on preparing dinner while my little guy ran wildly thr […]

Disney Channel’s New Commercials Inspire Today’s Youth

Kudos to Disney Channel for their amazing new commercials!  I saw these videos & loved them, great for the kids!   Which one was your favorite?  What do you think of the commercials?Please share, Thank You! Disney Channel’s New Commercials Inspire Today’s Youth – Thank You@disneychannelpr for […]

First Day of School Photo Ideas

    Some of your kids have already started school this year but for those of us in Minnesota, Our year has not started, but soon…very soon.  As most of us do, we have a 1st day of school ritual of taking pictures and sharing with our friends and family. After falling in love with Pinterest, and r […]

Crafty Cell Phone Play Day – Project for Kids

   The other day I was working on the computer when MeMe came up asking to help her with the packing tape. When she explained what she was up to I was blown away at her creativity. The kids were making toy cell phones and were playing with each other. It was so cute.    Here the kids had ripped […]

Family Fun- Living Room Fort & Summer Bucket List

   This summer I started a Family Summer Bucket List, a list filled with fun activities and projects our family could do over the summer to keep busy. I kept mine short knowing I could add to the list as we go. I had so much fun compiling the list I added a linky so others could link up their a […]

My Children’s Mission Statement

My kids must have come across this picture and made it their mission statement! […]

10 Facts About Dr. Seuss Books

This week is Children’s Book Week! I found this infographic on Pinterest and instantly knew it was destined to be shared here! Browse more infographics. Image Source: Click on picture to enlarge if difficult to read. ……. Click here to enter my giveaway for a chance […]

2012 Summer Bucket List = Family Fun Adventures, Staying Busy!

     Happy May 1st! It’s the last month of school and summer is right around the corner. I don’t know about you but with 4 kids, summer vacation turns into “I’m bored” whining within 2 weeks of school closing its doors.  This year I decided the Sherman Family will complete a Summer Bucket List […]

We Prank Our Kids to Cure Boredom!

Sometimes the best way to cure boredom is to mess with your kids! hahaha, love you MeMe and Butch!  […]