Just Some Pics 8/1

MeMe and Brody, yep, she gave him a pink do rag My hubby hard at work! Butch & Bruiser reading Butch & MeMe by the monkey exhibit at Zoo Just Monkeying around! MeMe and Bruiser looking at example Eagles Nest & Bald Eagle in corner […]

This is the Life

This is the Life 11:30am : Alarm goes off. I roll over and slowly begin to wake up peacefully in a dark, quiet room. Noon : Time to watch Days of Our Lives while eating a bowl of cereal 1pm : Walk into office, kiss and check on Hubby, he must be ready for a nap 1:30pm : Finish up compu […]

Slowly Changing

Hello Everyone! Maybe you have been wondering what is going on, where is Miranda? Better yet, maybe you’re freaking out, OMG she hasn’t posted, whats going on? Never fear, I am still here. I have been making changes and updates to the blog, slowly but surely, I have a hit a few design roadblocks, t […]

Just Some Pics 7/12

Sherman & Brody Bruiser Hey Dad, Whats in there? 1, 2, 3, 4, …..wow, you have way more than I do! Brody & Zoey besties! Brody, rub my belly! MUST GET ZOEY!!!! “You better not put this on the blog!” UhOh Brody i […]

Fingers Stuck In Holes

It’s dinner time The kids are hungry Again Always again, it seems as though the kids are always hungry It’s hot The house is hot, outside is hot. Turning on the oven or stove would be ridiculous In case I had forgotten the kids remind me again that they are hungry and what’s for dinner She d […]

A Fight Like No Other!

No words needed, Video says it all! Enjoy! Butch had a fantastic 9th Birthday! What a great Day! Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog! Tweet […]

Can You Handle It?

  Hi! It’s me Miranda. I think I may need to vent again, get some things off my mind, maybe get some advice, but mostly I will ramble on as if we were sitting in a bar having a couple drinks and sharing some fries, mozzarella sticks or some form of fried deliciousness that only contributes to my he […]

Just Some Pics 7/1

…Today we had fun…Enjoy the pictures & video!   Thanks for stopping by! Today I met a new Twitter friend who wanted to share my HELLP Syndrome story with his followers and readers. He did an amazing job on the post […]

When Two Fell in Love

  As most of you know I was at a wedding today. Not just any wedding, my Mom’s wedding. I was planning on typing a little post to go with the video and pictures, but I hurt my wrist today and it is very uncomfortable to type right now. Don’t worry though, I have plenty of pictures and videos to sha […]

Constructive Criticism or Just Rude?

 It starts the moment you share the news of your new pregnancy. Everyone turns into an expert and MUST share their stories, advice, tips and of course criticism. You would think this would be a one time thing and when you announce the news of your second pregnancy this annoyance could be avoided […]