Broken Collar Bone, Sweet Heart Dance & More

Notice the difference between the two sides Right side of the picture (left collar bone) is broken Earlier this month; Daddy Daughter Dance […]

Updates, Injuries & Something New

It has been a long weekend around here. Between school work, kids home from school, teething baby, blog work and an injured child it’s a miracle I was able to get anything accomplished at all. As you can tell I have been working on the blog and making some changes. I have added a second sidebar w […]

Peek a Boo…or Not?

Are you serious..this is crazy! […]

I have a major issue with Milwaukee, Where are the Facts & Stats, Stop Blanket Statements

   Every day I scroll through the news Yahoo! has to share with me. I only go through their headlines on the homepage. Occasionally I find something I find interesting enough to share and sometimes I find something that inspires me to write. Today I found just that. The headline read “Milwaukee Ru […]

Fall is Here and Our Itinerary is a Busy One!

As you know it is fall here in Detroit Lakes. For most people that means school has started, the weather is changing, it’s getting colder. The sun is setting earlier and the days seem busier.           For our family that means Girl Scouts!……… Our year has officially begun and our Fall Fundra […]

A Family Update!

Hello Everyone! Well I was coming up empty on a post last night and my cousin suggested an update post, so here you go Em! Enjoy the update! MeMe: MeMe is in 5th grade this year and so far loves it. This year is her first year with a male teacher and I must admit she is having a blast! Mr. Heima […]

Sherman Shenanagins!

Again, again Dad…you spit on the mirror, everywhere Dad  After dinner tonight Bruiser was sent to the bathroom to wash his hands and face,he made a mess and when Sherman went in the war was ON! My boys are too funny! They had fun and it was worth the mess! I warned you our house was a little on t […]

Just Some Pics 8/16

Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog! […]

18 Year Old, Dreams Interrupted

I was coming up blank for a post tonight so I went over to one of my new favorite sites Mama Kat’s writing workshop to find a fun writing prompt. I cycled through about eight different topics when I came upon:    What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high […]

I Am Happiest When…..

   Today I use a writing prompt from over on Bloggy Moms, Part of the Blog Dare.     I sit here in the dimly lit living room blogging while watching listening to Days of Our Lives and I think to myself, this is so nice and quiet. I enjoy the evening, it is MY quiet time. I write best during time […]