I Am Happiest When…..

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    I sit here in the dimly lit living room blogging while watching listening to Days of Our Lives and I think to myself, this is so nice and quiet. I enjoy the evening, it is MY quiet time. I write best during times like this. So here I sit thinking, when am I happiest?
   I am happiest when I see Brody smile, it warms my heart, it makes any anger or frustration I may be feeling at the moment drift from m
y mind and leaving me in that special moment that makes you smile inside before it reaches through you and tightens your face in a huge smile that makes your cheeks hurt. 
  I am happiest when Bruiser randomly, out of nowhere walks up, wraps his sticky, covered with some sort of yuck arms around me, looks up at me with those gigantic, crystal blue eyes and says, I Love You Mom. That makes me happy, it is a “happiest” moment. I am very, very lucky that this is something my little Bruiser graces me with at least 8 times a day, often times more. It’s even better when he follows up with “I so happy”…that boy, he knows how to make a person feel special! 
   I am happiest when Butch brings me little drawings, letters, notes and random art dedicated to me, his Mom. Though he is not the best artist, or poetic, it is that amazing thought and love he puts into these little projects for me, his Mom. This boy..Butch..he is very tender hearted, more emotional than most boys his age. I often feel a very strong urge to protect him. He does not handle confrontation, he falls apart if he thinks he has disappointed you, he has a heart, a very large heart and I am SO scared his heart will be trampled by a long line of future girlfriends. I worry once he starts dating (far from now, as he is only 9) he will be the type of guy that falls hard, and fast, the kind that gets their heart broken often, that scares me. I don’t want to be the Mom who hates his girlfriends because I KNOW them, I see who they are and what their potential is. I hope I can control myself, haha! My son, Butch, the big hearted boy of mine, he and his little gifts of art, notes and poetry, things that make me happy, my happiest moments!

    I am happiest when MeMe walks in the room. I am happiest knowing MeMe is alive and well. MeMe is my miracle baby. I am happiest knowing my little girl lived! MeMe was born at 28 weeks gestation. She was 2lbs. 5oz. This was back in 2000. A little over 11 years ago, my little girl was brought into this world via emergency c-section due to my severe illness with HELLP Syndrome. Outlook was scary, treatments and care were not as advanced as they are now. The day she was born, was a shock to the staff on the 4th floor of Altru hospital. Not only was this their first experience with my extreme illness of HELLP Syndrome but now they were also dealing with their smallest “survivable” baby yet. The staff was scared, worried, but optimistic. From the day she was born she was clearly a fighter. Clearly a strong girl. She fought, tooth and nail to make it out of the NICU and go home with me, her Mom, young at 18 but forced to grow up overnight. My responsibility exceeded that of a “normal” new mother, I had a preemie, a baby at risk. The first 2 years of MeMe’s life was filled with occupational therapy, phsical therapy, kangaroo therapy, oxygen therapy, nebulizer treatments, odd diet and nutritional supplements, insanely expensive HMF to supplement breastfeeding, home visits 2 a week for developmental therapy, progressive pre-school, IEP’s, reading programs, special immunizations, etc. etc. etc. I love her so much and I am so proud of all that we have been through, she made it, she’s 11, she’s healthy, she’s full of tenacity and attitude and fight! She is smart, she is a survivor! She is my miracle and THAT makes me happiest! Her smile, her smart ass back talk, her laughter, her goofy little bouncy run, it makes me happiest!
   I am happiest when my Husband makes me feel special. When he goes out of his way to put a smile on my face, to do something a little extra to show his love. Not always money or gifts, but that special twinkle in his eye when I catch him looking at my body when I turn around, or the smile I get when he smells my neck when hugging me (because I know he loves the nostalgia of my perfume). I am happiest when he cooks me dinner, when he leaves me a little note to start my day off special, when he surprises me with a soda (I love coke, fountain pop best), when he sings to me, when he plays piano for me (says he only knows one song & rarely does it), I love when he cranks up the volume when a favorite song of mine comes on. The more I type I realize, I should just stop and say being married to my Husband makes me happiest. I could go on and on all day and that would just bore you, lets sum it up, My husband makes me feel special, he is amazing, I love him very, very much and that makes me happiest!

   So, a quick recap, My FAMILY makes me happiest. My husband, my children, the little things they do, that makes me happiest. I don’t need week long cruises, Insane getaways, constant evenings out with friends, I need my family! My husband and kids! That makes me happiest! It truly is the simple things in life that make life count!

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I Am Happiest When…..
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  1. I am happiest when all of my tennagers are chilling out on my bed just sharing life, sometimes there’s even a dog or two
    found you through the smile saturday blog hop

  2. I am happiest when daughter smiles too! Iolve seeing the twinkle in her big blueberry eyes!!! My heart melts!

  3. That’s so special. I think I need to do that someday!

  4. Thank you for sharing Meme’s story! Very inspirational. I am so glad that she is healthy!
    Following from the Monday hop. I’d love a follow back at http://brookiesbabybargains.blogspot.com

  5. The paragraph about your daughter—and the true miracle that she is—brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.
    I found you through SundayFunday—I’m glad I linked up!

  6. That’s so sweet. Sounds like you’re very blessed to have such a lovely husband and cute family

  7. This is so sweet! And I feel the same way about my family. It’s the little stuff… that all adds up to be the BIGGEST stuff!

  8. Great post. All of the little things make life, don’t they?

  9. Lovely and sweet as always. I have the same thoughts about my sensitive little guy and the women in his future. Yikes!

  10. Beautiful post. Sometimes we really do need to sit back and count our blessings. Popping in from Sunday Funday!

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