LinkedIn Series – Top 10 Reasons to Join LinkedIn – Part One

Everyone encounters marketing and sales thousands of times a day, and for those of us that spend a lot of time on the internet those numbers only rise. Daily we come across advertising and sales as we use Google search, Facebook even Twitter, all of which are trying to sell us some sort of product […]

Social Media Statistics to Help Your Marketing Strategy

Content creation is the building blocks of the internet. Everything you will ever find on the internet has started with an idea and then created and shared across the internet whether that be a blog post from a variety of niche bloggers or a business that has just made the jump into e-commerce and […]

How to Create a Google Alert

Have you ever wondered if anything has ever been published on the internet about you? Are you a sports fan looking to track everything about your favorite team whether it is hockey, football, basketball or Nascar? Google has an amazing service called Google Alerts where you can email alerts straig […]

Social Sharing Tips 101

What is Social Sharing? Social Sharing is the spreading of daily deals from user to user through social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and other platforms. Social sharing is crucial for bloggers, businesses, news media and any other venue that publishes content in order for r […]

How Watching TV Can Grow Your Social Media Following

The past 10 years technology has picked up its pace by leaps and bounds unveiling new products and technological advances at a faster pace than ever before. Watching television has become a far more interactive experience using smart phones, apps and tablets. As a blogger, it is crucial I network […]