Updates, Injuries & Something New

It has been a long weekend around here. Between school work, kids home from school, teething baby, blog work and an injured child it’s a miracle I was able to get anything accomplished at all.
As you can tell I have been working on the blog and making some changes. I have added a second sidebar with plans of adding sponsors and paid advertising in the future. The sidebars are organized with all of my follow options on the right hand side as well as blog information like posts, archive, and favorite blogs and so on. The left sidebar has all the rest of my blog stuff and will eventually be home to ads and sponsors as well. 
I also added some new pages. I am hoping they will be a big hit as they are here to help my readers, and other bloggers. I added a blog hop linky page where you can link up your weekly blog hops. I love blog hops and host one of my own all weekend long. It is nice when there is a central place where you can find all the blog hops of the day and now I have added an additional place for you to do that.
The second page I added was a social media linky. This is an awesome place where you can link up all of your social media accounts in addition to your blog. Perfect for networking and finding new followers.
Lastly I added an Ongoing Giveaway Linky page. On that page you can add your giveaway link and picture to advertise your giveaway and drive more traffic to your site. I added the capability of using a thumbnail so readers can have a small visual of the product or book being given away. Being this is ongoing it is mandatory to list the end date so I can remove the link once the giveaway is closed. If you do link up a giveaway please help spread the word by sharing the word. 
Now of course there will more updates to come but I am super excited about the changes made this weekend and I hope you like them too.
Now for a personal update. On Thursday MeMe and her class went on a field trip to an area ski resort. The agenda for the day was skiing, sledding, skating and fun in the snow. MeMe was SO excited. The night before we had bought new figure skates and blade guards, bought a fun lunch and snacks for her and her friends, set out her clothes and winter gear to stay warm and had all the permission slip and tuff ready to go. Thursday afternoon as I waited in front of the school for the kids to come out I got a call from the school office manager. MeMe had been injured and needed help to the van, she was in a lot of pain and while admittedly she is not a nurse she feared something was broken. My heart sank and I was so scared.
When MeMe got to the van I asked her what happened. During the first activity of the day MeMe was at the bottom of the hill and a boy from her class came flying down the hill and crashed into her and then his sled came down and landed on her. She was in a lot of pain and told me she had been crying for the majority of the day. It broke my heart to know my little girl was in pain all day. I immediately got on the fun and called one of my besties who also happens to be out family Chiropractor. My husband and MeMe went to her office where she examined MeMe and determined she needed to go to the clinic. 
Sherman and MeMe headed to the clinic where they checked her out and sent her for an xray. The results were difficult being there was so much swelling but they assumed her collar bone was broken due to the nature of the injury, the swelling and the feel. My little girl has a broken collar bone and she has been in a lot of pain. The sling the clinic gave her was not helping at all being it was constantly falling out of place. MeMe is now wrapped up snuggly in a stabilizer with cuff and waist wrap. This has helped cut down on her pain being we don’t have to readjust it every 30 minutes or so. MeMe will be heading back to school on Wednesday and while I am very nervous about her and the busy hallways, I am sure she will be just fine. She is still in pain but not nearly what she was the day of and day after so that is great news in itself. I will get a picture up here tomorrow for sure!
That being said Thank you so much for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes we have received for her health and a speedy recovery. I really appreciate it and it means so much to me.
Feel free to check out the new pages and join the link ups. Have a great week everyone!
Updates, Injuries & Something NewUpdates, Injuries & Something New
Updates, Injuries & Something New

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  1. So sorry you child was hurt. I am stumbling this post via Stumble Tuesday.

  2. She was hurt and they did not immediately call you? What? If my child was hurt and crying all day – I would have went to “hell and back” to deal with it immediately. You should have been called or she should have been taken to be looked at immediately. This just scares me!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry MeMe was hurt and am glad she is recovering. I can’t believe the school didn’t notify you as soon as the injury happened! You must trust them an awful lot to allow them to get away with something like that. I understand the teacher/provider wasn’t a nurse, but she should at the very least be able to see when a child should be seen by a nurse or other professional. The fact that she stated she thought there may be a broken bone shows that she knew something wasn’t right. Allowing her to sit there all day is quite extreme and, in my opinion, cruel. The school not notifying you….isn’t that a crime?
    The same thing happened to my great nephew. His collarbone was broken on the playground one day and the school never even said a work to my niece. She didn’t find out until later in the evening when he started complaining consistently about the pain.
    I don’t understand how that can happen, to my great nephew, or your daughter. Have any measures been taken to ensure that an injury like that doesn’t go un-noticed or uncared for again for anyone else? I’m just curious to know how this was handled by the school once everyone found out that she did, in fact, have a broken bone.

  4. They called me as soon as the bus had arrived back at the school and it was the secretary that had called me. I do trust the school and teachers so very much, We have an amazing school. The trip had lasted all day and they had only just got back minutes before school let out.
    MeMe also updated me after a couple days and told me that she had not been crying the entire day but in spurts when she moved or tried to get comfortable.
    It was a terrible accident and they did not realize it was nearly as bad as it was and they were shocked and surprised when she returned to school.

  5. I am so sorry she was hurt. Nothing hurts more than when your child is hurting:( I have been blog hopping on the Grow you Blog Hop for two days and I am loving it. I have met so many amazing and talented people. I am following you and would love a follow back.
    My Turn (for us)
    Thanks, I enjoyed the visit.”

  6. I am soo glad I am past the teething phase. Do you have a google plus button?? Stopping in from the hop today … would love a follow via Google+ and GFC … BTW … I could really use some answers to my post today – if you have the time please stop by and comment  thanks! http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com

  7. So sorry your little girl got hurt and had to miss out on all the fun. Prayers that she heals quickly!!

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