Poem For Great Grandpa Jeffrey

  Angel On My Shoulder You were so special to me  Your cute little smile and wads of gum    The troubles I am going through, I wish you could see     You brightened my day you were so much fun    When you passed away I cried for days   It wa […]

Happy Father’s Day

   Good Morning and Happy Father’s Day! Each year there is a day just for you. You get showered with gifts that some will never use and cards that will sit out for months, then there’s the gifts that you have to consciously force your smile because you love your kids or wife and really don’t want t […]

..My Future Letter of Retirement

To My Amazing Children, MeMe, Butch, Bruiser & Brody                                               October 1, 2028    First off let me begin by saying Happy 18th birthday Brody. It seems like only yesterday you were struggling to breathe and they were wheeling you off to the NICU while I was st […]

Just Some Pics

Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog! Tweet […]

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

   Tonight for dinner we had salad and spaghetti. Some of our kids use sauce, some don’t. Sherman makes home made spaghetti sauce and does an amazing job! It tastes phenomenal! We all appreciate the extra effort he takes to make sauce for us. This afternoon we skipped snackwhich left the kids very […]

A Day of Fun in DL

  Today the Street Faire was in town today and the kids had so much fun! We got a late start. We had planned on going to Rollag for the pancake feed but with a late night of Brody and Bruiser it just didn’t seem like the best idea, so we skipped the breakfast and slept in. Later in the afternoon we […]

Die Hard Baseball

  So, Apparently we have hit the age where baseball becomes more than a game! Practice and games are twice a week now, kids have started pitching, weather plays no factor in the schedule and the boys are a little more fierce. Last night a thunderstorm with high winds blew through Detroit Lakes and […]

Have You Ever Heard of HELLP Syndrome?

    As you all know I am a Mom, a stay at home, busy Mom. Some of you know that I have 4 children, very few of you know my daughter Missy was a preemie born very premature due to a severe pregnancy complication called HELLP Syndrome. She was born at 28 weeks gestation weighing in at a m […]

Got Sun?

  So, I will admit, I skipped my workout walk with the boys today. Yesterday I pushed myself and walked farther than I had before and of course the weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun, I sure felt it later though. Not in the way I had expected. I had a few inclines and pushing the boys in […]

Yay For Mother’s Day

  Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all my Mom friends had a good day! I started me day earlier than planned. Brody had woke up screaming and Sherman was out at the grocery store so I had to get up with Baby. As soon as I had fixed his issue and tucked him back in, Sherman got back home. UGH! I went downs […]