Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

   Tonight for dinner we had salad and spaghetti. Some of our kids use sauce, some don’t. Sherman makes home made spaghetti sauce and does an amazing job! It tastes phenomenal! We all appreciate the extra effort he takes to make sauce for us. This afternoon we skipped snack
which left the kids very hungry for dinner. The kids are old enough to dish themselves up now with the exception of Bruiser. I usually am the one to prepare his plate for him, NOT the case this evening. Sherman prepared his plate. The dinner was so delicious I won’t overly criticize Bruisers plate, but Sherman didn’t cut his noodles up and he gave him far too much sauce. 

Bruiser ate a lot of noodles. I’m pretty sure he more than Butch so it was a good night for Bruiser. Well…sort of! With long noodles and so much sauce Bruiser had a bit of a hard time. I decided to let it go being he was eating so good and he needed a bath anyway due to his run in with a blue marker earlier in the morning. The moment couldn’t go unnoticed and I must give my little sister, Veronica, some props, she took some amazing pictures to share the moment with my blog readers and the rest of the world! So, until next time, Enjoy the pictures!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!
Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!
Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

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Spaghetti With Bruiser, Oh Joy!

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  2. That is just darn funny… and you are a GREAT mom because I am too anal to have ever let it get that messy! My friends used to tease me because my kids never got ketchup or sauce with their nuggets and fries because I hated the mess! New follower from the Social Parade, come see me! Orangies Attic

  3. Oh, I love these photos! He’s such a mess, LOL.
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  4. Hi! Darling pictures of your little boy!! Found you on the blog hop and I am your newest follower! I would love to have you follow back if you want!
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  5. AWESOME SAUCE…literally…

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  7. Thank You everyone for stopping by and following! Luckily our bathtub is only about 20 feet from his spot at the table!

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  9. what adorable pictures he looks like he got right into it

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  11. What a cute little boy! Loved the picture of him with sauce all over his arms.
    Found you via the Sunday Stalker blog hop and am following you on twitter. Stop by whenever you need a good laugh!”

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