Lost by Miranda Sherman – Writer’s Workshop

*Photo Courtesy of SodaHead   Lost   The warmth of his hands wrapped around her frail, thin hand distracted him for just one moment, he was lost.    Lost, in the depth of his mind as he desperately clung to the memory, not one, but an entire life worth of memories. & […]

I’m Sorry and I Miss You…………………..

      I was busy with work…. The game was on…. I was shopping…. I was out of town…. Excuses, all excuses. It may have not been entirely my fault But I cannot deny my hand of responsibility I noticed, I knew I sit here now with woulda, coulda, shoulda, I saw the sign […]

Poem For Great Grandpa Jeffrey

  Angel On My Shoulder You were so special to me  Your cute little smile and wads of gum    The troubles I am going through, I wish you could see     You brightened my day you were so much fun    When you passed away I cried for days   It wa […]