Can You Handle It?

  Hi! It’s me Miranda. I think I may need to vent again, get some things off my mind, maybe get some advice, but mostly I will ramble on as if we were sitting in a bar having a couple drinks and sharing some fries, mozzarella sticks or some form of fried deliciousness that only contributes to my heart burn and weight. So let the bitching begin.
  Are you yourself? I know, odd question but are you yourself? Do you at any point in your day change who you are? Do you dress differently, act differently, and talk differently? Do you do this for any particular reason? Any at all? As a teen I swore I never would. I WAS myself and if someone didn’t like me or accept me for who I WAS, then who cares, I obviously didn’t need them in my life if they were going to judge me for I WAS. As time went by I grew up, I matured, I changed. I became the strict Mother I swore I would never be, I left the nightly partying behind, I left the dangerous habits I had picked up, I settled down with an amazing man. I changed. There is still a part of me that has consistently stayed the same since I was young. I am still very opinionated, sometimes to a fault? I still have an urge to learn, I still want a big family, I still have tattoos, and Yes, I want more, I still cuss like a sailor, I still wear revealing tops, I still love loud music, the louder the better, I still head bang, I still make out with my husband in the kitchen etc. etc. etc. I could go on all night. BUT….I feel like some people don’t know that side of me. Some people would judge me for who I am. As I say these things, I still think in the back of my mind “who fucking cares, be you, be the real you. Say what you think, type what you think, if someone doesn’t like the things you say or write don’t look, don’t come back to my page, oh well. I am ashamed that I have compromised who I am so others will accept me, so others will accept my family, so others wont push my loved ones away. THAT stops now! THAT will not continue!
  Today I start new, Today I am ME, Today I protect MY family and who I am! Today and this day forward no more sensors, guess what people I swear all the time, I drop the F bomb at least 3 times out of 10. That number sky rockets when I am angry. Speaking of which I get angry ALL the time. Not because I hate my life, not because I am unhappy, not because I am depressed but because I am a female and dammit we get mad sometimes. It doesn’t last, it doesn’t mean its the fucking end of the world. If I get mad at my husband it doesn’t mean I’m going to get a divorce, it means I am stressed out at the moment and I am going to throw out some dirty words, storm off, and my loving, understanding husband will walk in the room and within seconds that little shit will have me smiling and giggling and telling him “god dammit I just want to be mad for a second” which is usually followed up with him smiling, winking and as he walks away saying “There it is, that’s the smile, I love you too honey, it’s ok”  I was raised to be vocal about how I am feeling. That’s normal. I wonder how many of my readers and friends “stuff” “hide” or “bury” their feelings? What Woman doesn’t get stressed out or mad? That’s life, we all do it!  My husband and I have a very strong relationship, we are very close, very tight. In the 4 walls that are my house, I have never “masked” who I was or who I am. My husband has always known the real me, I have never been fake around him! This post will only surprise him in the fact that I am publicly admitting to the the fact that I would act, behave and talk like someone else in certain situations. NOT ANYMORE! I LOVE my life, I LOVE my kids, I LOVE my husband, I LOVE my family, if anyone thinks differently they clearly do not know me at all, and that is a shame! I am a good person, I have a good heart, I love to help people. I have to be me, for me. Why would you think that is wrong?
   So there it is. I am glad I got this shit out there. I am sure I will have to deal with this bullshit at some point but for now it’s about me hahahaha. I am happy. I am in love with my best friend. My life is good. I am sure there will be more posts similar to this, maybe I should make it a series, Maybe I could call it Bringing Back the Bitch? If you have a suggestion for the new series leave me a comment! I would LOVE to hear your ideas! I guess at this point I should warn you: Since I am taking of this cloak of bullshit, and make believe, you should know that this blog from here on out will be full of cuss words, F bombs, dirty jokes, and opinions that are usually reserved for those that love me regardless of what I say, such as my Husband, my family my amazing friends Sara & Steve, My countless friends from home Jodie, Denise, etc. etc. etc. The blog will appear the same, have the same home made family recipes, book reviews, stories and anecdotes, Quotes of The Day, videos, pictures and music, just with a little fun and realism.
  That being said, thanks for listening. Thanks for letting me vent, Thank you for understanding. Now lets finish our fried crud, down the rest of our drinks and go have a bon-fire and listen to some tunes!
  Until next time, leave me a comment, let me know what’s on your mind, vote for me, and if you haven’t already “follow” me on my various accounts! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Fantastic Fourth of July!

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Can You Handle It?
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  1. Lovin’ it, what a great post.
    Found you on So followin’ Saturday!!

  2. You go girl!

  3. Good for you! I also curse like a sailor IRL, although I try to be careful with the words on my blog, because I do alot of reviews/giveaways and events, but I change the words up to get my REAL point across! LOL

  4. Great read! I too wonder how “me” I can be. In real life, I curse and complain a bit, but in my blog, I felt like I had to be Miss Perky, Peppy, Super Duper excited with rainbows and sunshine! but that’s not me.
    And I don’t look like other moms in the carpool lane. I’m tattooed, wear cute clothes, have piercings. I’m not the sweats, ponytail in a minivan type. But screw it, I’m me.

  5. I am definetley for being you no matter what…we are all a work in progress…life can be very boring if we stop learning…
    Have a great 4th of July:)

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