This is the Life

This is the Life

11:30am : Alarm goes off. I roll over and slowly begin to wake up peacefully in a dark, quiet room.
Noon : Time to watch Days of Our Lives while eating a bowl of cereal
1pm : Walk into office, kiss and check on Hubby, he must be ready for a nap
1:30pm : Finish up computer work, get dressed, head downtown for light shopping, socializing & a pop
3pm : Head back home, let dogs out, do some light reading, work on gigantic table puzzle, Sherman in office
4:30pm : Start making supper, Cook way too much again, Lonely feeling hits
6:00pm dishes are done, kitchen is clean, time to watch news, decide what to watch on TV
6:25pm : News is pretty much done, Phone all the family, check facebook, twitter, google+, email, blogs
7:30pm : Spent too long on phone, cried in room a bit and missed most my show
8pm : Sherman and I head out to a movie
10pm : Movie is over, head someplace for a drink or late night snack
11:30pm : Head home, curl up on couch with hubby, fall asleep from boredom while he watches some random boring show about aliens, history, or other show on History Channel, Tru Tv, Nat Geo, Science & Military Channel
1:00am : Woke up by Sherman’s snoring, giggle a little as I wake him, Head off to bed
   Sounds amazing right? Such a calm, relaxing day. No poopy diapers, no caked on crud smeared on the wall, No nasty faces to wash. No mystery spot on floor with interesting smell. No living room floor covered with a sea of toys to clean up every 5 minutes, stepping on at least one pointy, sharp toy causing me to drop a “sonofabitch, god damn piece of shit toy” tossing it across room. No playing Judge Judy to figure out who’s lying and who is hiding something. No phone calls to Teachers, Principals, coaches, leaders, or other role model in my childrens’ lives…………
  or is THIS the amazing part of life? This is the fun time, this keeps me busy, this is the time I anticipate laughing the most. This is the crazy, insane life I love. I will miss this! Phone calls and social media will not be enough for me when my children are grown with families of their own. Maybe the above will be nice, but right now it scares me, I will miss the wild mess of my kids. I am not sure what Sherman and I will do, but we will have to find a way to keep life fun, busy, crazy, young and full of excitement. for now, I’ll stick to this….(winter schedule, since its the majority of our year)
5:30am : Baby wakes up crying, quick! Make a bottle, he’ll fall back asleep!
6:45am : Wake kids up, let dogs out, check back packs, approve clothing & make up, sign any last minute notes, send emails to teachers, go over plan for after school
7:40am : get Bruiser on school bus, load up van, drop all the kids at school, Brody & I run errands for the day
8:30am : get back home do a load of dishes, couple loads of laundry, eat, drink some pop, computer time, Play time, read some books, cartoons, play group maybe.
Noon : Eat lunch while watching Days of Our Lives
1pm : Nap? maybe? if not, play time with Brody, coloring, toys, music, play doh, cars, mess, mess, mess
2:35 : rush around, clean up house, do some dishes, straighten everything up, let dogs out
2:55pm : Load up van, go for short drive for Brody to sleep, pull up to school, wait for kids, head over, pick up Hubby, run errands
3:45pm : head home, go over kids mail, start dinner, check emails, check all social sites, make phone calls for planning, help kids with homework while cooking
5:30pm : another large dinner finished with enough left overs for Sherman’s lunch tomorrow, manage all kids chores, check make sure they did all chores right & to standard. Wrap up homework with kids
7:00pm : watch any of our favorite shows that we may have bookmarked, if homework is all done, kids can play wii, games, computer, phone calls, free time to do whatever.
8:30pm : Kids should be showered, bags packed for school tomorrow, teeth brushed, in bed reading quietly
9:00pm : lights out, time for me to relax and watch shows that were inappropriate for the kids to watch, play on computer, wii and do what ever I want!
10:30pm : or anytime after now, go “cuddle” with hubby..cuddle, yeah right, there’s a reason we have 4 kids hahaha! Time to go have some awesome sex, keep our marriage and relationship alive and fun!
Then of course its always a wild guess what time I head to bed as I am a night owl and an adult and have NO bedtime!
……Yep, that’s the schedule I love! I love being a Wife and a Mom. Call me crazy….as long as someone is tugging at me calling me Moooooooaaaaaaaaauuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11:30am : Alarm goes off. I roll over and slowly begin to wake up peacefully in a dark, quiet room. Noon : Time to watch Days of Our Lives while eating a bowl of cereal 1pm : Walk into office, kiss and check on Hubby, he must be ready for a nap 1:30pm : Finish …


This is the Life

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  1. nice post .. you’re one of the amazing mom that i know ..

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  3. I stopped by for a visit from Planet W’s hop and had to smile a bit! You see I am more like your FIRST scenario but, have been the SECOND one too. My hubbie and I are empty nesters now with three grown daughters, although our youngest just moved back home (still going to college)
    I liked this post and family, craziness and messes…yeah it goes awful fast, so it may sounds nuts but, ENJOY it, every moment of every day!

  4. I agree! Give me the mess, give me the craziness, because it’s not going to last long!

  5. Aloha!!! New follower here via the Blog Hop… Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. How cute that things change!

  7. Motherhood is never ending but so rewarding! Glad to connect! Lisa
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