Fingers Stuck In Holes

It’s dinner time
The kids are hungry
Always again, it seems as though the kids are always hungry
It’s hot
The house is hot, outside is hot. Turning on the oven or stove would be ridiculous
In case I had forgotten the kids remind me again that they are hungry and what’s for dinner
She doesn’t want anything with cheese, he doesn’t want anything but pasta, Bruiser only wants Pizza Hut, Sherman reminds me there will be NO Pizza Hut tonight
Veronica decides to make Ramen noodles, she is in a hurry, she will be leaving to the lake, she’s tired of waiting
Butch & Sherman decided they are not hungry, they are dropping Veronica off at the beach, running errands and then going to play some basketball
Bruiser interrupts the conversation to remind me what he wants from Pizza Hut, poor little guy doesn’t realize that’s not happening
UGH it’s hot and being the house has stayed so cool turning on the stove or oven is risky, very risky.
The three leave, current hungry population, four.  Bruiser, MeMe, Brody and myself. DAMN Pizza Hut is off the menu. 
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese it is
Bruiser reminds me again that he chose Pizza Hut
Oh Wait, I have frozen pizzas
But it’s hot, pre-heat oven to 450, its hot, this will turn the house hot
Bruiser starts jumping up and down clapping his hands saying “Yay Yay Yay Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut”
Bruiser than rushes me, wraps his arms around me and with the biggest, bluest eyes and gigantic smile,”I Love you Mommy, Thank You”
It’s hot? What’s hot? Where?
Pizzas are made, oven turned off, table set, yummy, lets eat!
Sliced pizza on plates, parmesan cheese passed around, Bruiser is happy, MeMe is joking with him, Brody is laying on floor enjoying a bottle. 
Hot? It’s not hot? At least not like I thought it would be.
I finish up my pizza, MeMe & Bruiser are eating and having fun
I head over to the computer desk, I am going to get some more homework done on the computer
MeMe leaves table 
Bruiser is still eating, computer desk is in the same room, only an arms reach away from dining table
Brody rocked himself to sleep on floor, cuddled up to MeMe’s stuffed caterpillar. Cute
“Mom, I’m stuck”
Bruiser is smiling, pizza almost gone, he’s playing and making truck sounds, silly boy
“Mom I’m stuck”
“Mooommmmmm I’m stuck”
What is Bruiser talking about he’s playing trucks at the table, stuck? That boy, what is he talking about.
Ok, Bruiser, what is going on, how many trucks does a 3 year old need parked “in the parking lot” which surrounds his dinner plate? 
9, apparently 9 medium to large toy trucks need to be parked around his dinner plate
“Bruiser! Take your fingers out of the cheese holes and put the cheese back on the table”
“Mom, I’m stuck”
Bruiser lifts arm above head, fingers still in the parmesan cheese holes, container dangles in air from fingers
UGH Bruiser, what have you done now?
UhOh Bruiser really is stuck, this isn’t coming off
No biggie, just like my wedding rings when I woke up one morning during my pregnancy with Bruiser, my rings were stuck on my finger due to the swelling 
Step Stool, Bruiser, attached parmesan container, off to the bathroom
Unscrew the lid of container off
Run fingers and lid under luke warm water, add soap
Rub, rub, rub, pull, ouch, rub, rub, pull, owie,  RUB RUB, OUCH, PULL, RUB, PULL, !!!!!??????!!!!!!
OMG BRUISER IS STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Keep playing in water Bruiser, I’ll be right back”
“Hi honey, what are you doing?….Oh?…hahahaha……honey we have an emergency and I need you to come home now… is stuck….no his fingers…yeah, it’s bad….K….K….Love you”
Super Sherman comes in, looks at Bruiser, heads to office, opens cabinet, grabs tools……
Normally I would question his plan of attack and insert my suggestions, only to irritate and anger him, I decide to hold back, he was a little upset about coming to an agreement on dinner, pick my battles, just sit back and watch, add input if things get dangerous……
Or should I say MORE dangerous, Bruiser’s fingers are starting to swell up like little sausages and changing color
Sherman carefully and diligently uses his wire cutters to snip away plastic chips of the parmesan cheese lid.
Bruiser is intrigued
Snip, Snip, Snip, turn, snip, snip, turn, snip snip………………………………….
TaDa Bruiser is unstuck, deep sigh of relief heard all around cramped bathroom, I look up, current spectator count 5, 5 people in this small bathroom, 2 fingers free from lid, lid snipped to pieces, sitting in trash
Who would have though the shaker holes of a parmesan cheese container could be so dangerous?
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Fingers Stuck In Holes
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