Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family..Including Children & Infants

Do your children see the Chiropractor?
        The other day I had to contact our medical insurance company to dispute some paperwork. After explaining to the lady that we were not in any type of accident and that my family sees the Chiropractor for regular care and adjustments she asked how many were in the family. When I said “including myself there are 6 of us” Yes, we all see the Chiropractor, including the little ones! She was taken aback and with sheer surprise and a bit of a condescending tone she said “oh Lord thats a lot of people, they must love you at the chiropracta”. I explained to her that may be true but we absolutely love our Chiropractor.  The lady then proceeded to ask me what our plan was for when the company no longer covers Chiropractic care in a very snarky tone might I add. When I asked why would they do that she proceeded to let me know that chiropractic care is unnecessary and budgets are so tight and chiropractic care is not an emergency so they intent to cut the coverage. What this lady did not know is I love my Chiropractor and next to my Husband she is my best friend. I was immediately offended. How dare you tell me my best friends’ profession is not only worthless but not a medical emergency! I know plenty of people who rush into her office needing immediate adjustments and therapy for an assortment of ailments from whiplash to heavy lifting, or a slipped disc or any other random accident that leaves people in tortured pain. I responded to this bitch on the phone by asking why they would do that as Chiropractic care is a preventative care that helps so many people. Her response was and I quote “UGH! Nevermind! You don’t get it” 
       Excuse me? I was pissed. I hung up. When I dug into it deeper I was told they do not intend on cancelling coverage of Chiropractic care and have not heard anything about this at all. In other words this lady was passing along her own thoughts and opinions. Hmmmm I hope that was one of the calls that they randomly decide to record. I hope she is written up. And No, sadly I have no idea which person I talked to, I wish I did. 
       That whole conversation got me to thinking. How many people do not know or understand Chiropractic health? Why do they not know about the many benefits of whole body health and care?
      Did you know there are thirty one pairs of nerves that emit directly from the spine? They come forth through openings formed between the vertebrae. The arch of the vertebra and the arch of its partner make openings for the nerves, thus any misalignment or subluxation between the vertebrae can stress the nerves that emit from between them.

 Comparison of Normal spine and damaged subluxation

It is a recognized medical fact the spinal nerves can influence all of the other tissues, muscles, bones, glands and organs of the human body. Pressure on these nerves alters the tissue function which can cause malfunction, weakness, lowered resistance and the resulting symptoms that we call disease. When such problems go uncared for recurrent disease problems pester the human body and lead to a life of suffering. 

          Children need regular Chiropractic care as they are more susceptible to unusual jolts, falls, and strains from their playful activities. Such activity can at times subluxate the spinal vertebrae. “As a tree is bent, so shall it grow” an old adage true of trees and spines. Spines that grow with misalignments are difficult to straighten later in life and chronic nerve pressure related health problems can be a result. 
          By analyzing X-rays Chiropractors can point out areas of probable nerve interference. Chiropractors also find problem areas through palpitation or feeling of the spine. With an adjustment Chiropractors can correct spinal problems before they become chronic and difficult to correct. With children, a palpatation examination is sometimes all that is needed though sometimes x-rays are necessary. 
          Statements by research scientist Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D. have indicated that regular chiropractic care enhances healing and increases the body’s natural immunity. Gutmann in Germany reported adjusting 1,000 infants for infectious problems such as ear, nose and throat infections; tonsillitis, enteritis, conjunctivitis, colds and ear aches. His conclusion stated that impairment of the upper cervical vertebral joint complex (subluxation) was involved in these problems. When involved, Gutmann said the baby “should be examined and, if required, specifically adjusted. The success of the adjustment over shadows every other type of treatment.” 
          Chiropractic care is for the whole family. Most certainly you should bring your children to a chiropractor when they hurt, but they should also receive regular chiropractic care to ensure the body is functioning free of nerve interference caused by spinal subluxations. You take your car in regularly for maintenance; you have your heater checked annually to ensure it functions properly, so why would you wait for your child to be sick in order to see a doctor? Chiropractors can help by checking your spine and adjusting the vertebrae when necessary. They can keep the body functioning at a higher rate of efficiency. A normal functioning body wards off most common disease problems. In the words of Dr. Robert Aldrich, M.D., Professor of Preventative Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Colorado “the maintenance of health should take precedence over the treatment of disease..” 
   Regular Chiropractic care can help with so many wellness areas of your life. If you or your children are experiencing any of the following, consider seeing a Chiropractor for consultation and exam for subluxations.
Infographic Vertebral Subluxation and Nerve Chart
Poor Posture               Constipation
Ear Infections              Arthritis
Neck Aches                 Irritability
Sore Throat                 Colic
Allergies                      Scoliosis

 Hypertension               Bed Wetting
Migraines                     Frequent Illness
Pain of any kind           Numbness
Eye Problems               Sinus Problems
Poor Coordination      Hyperactivity
Skin Rashes                  Stomach issues
 For more information on Chiropractic Care visit:

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

**Thank You so much for the information and assistance writing this post Dr. Sara Skadsem and Dr. Ryan Weum from Weum Chiropractic Clinic

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  1. Great post!
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  2. I’ve been a fan of chiropractors since I was a kid with scoliosis who did not have to have a damned rod put in her spine. I do take some claims with a grain of salt, but I most assuredly do go for regular adjustments to avoid back pain. If you can report the time and date of your call, the insurance company ought to be able to figure out who you talked to and confront that person for her inappropriate statements and treatment of you.

  3. I really need to see a chiropractor. I have scoliosis in my back and should really be seeing someone on a regular basis! I never thought about taking my kids though!! I stumbled you! Please stumble my post here –

  4. Every call is supposed to be noted on your account and who took the call… All you need is the day you called and a good person. lol… If you have the problem again I would ask for their manager. (yes, I have done it. LOL) We do not see a Chiropractor but our insurance does not cover it.

  5. My grandson was labeled autistic but now PDD-ONS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified) which is on the end of the autism spectrum. His mother claims the chiropractor helped Brody out of his autism. She thinks his neck was misaligned during the birthing process. I also think tubes in his ears helped him. I’ve been helped by a chiropractor but the help seems to be temporary for me. Would love to go more often.

  6. Hi there, I am your newest follower via GFC, Facebook and Twitter from the Mom Mart hop! I would love a visit back.
    I too, love my chiropractor!”

  7. Chiropractors. :::shudder:::
    I’m a chicken. When my youngest son lived with his dad, though, he went on a regular basis and did not have any allergy problems. Since moving in with me, he has dealt with allergy problems because we do not have chiropractor coverage.
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  8. Great post!
    Our entire family has been going to the chiropractor since our daughter was about 6 months old (she is 3 now) and we plan on taking the baby when she is born too. Unfortunately, it is expensive so we can’t go as often as we really should to get the maximum benefit. Our insurance covers chiropractic at 50% once our deductible has been met but they won’t cover my daughter at all right now because she is on a wellness plan (ie not getting care for any specific reason). It seems like the out of pocket maximum is different for chiropractic care too so we continue to pay for it even though we have maxed out payments on other services.
    Our chiropractor always says that the insurance system in the US is set up for ‘sick care’ not ‘wellness care’ so things that would prevent so much illness in the first place are simply not covered.
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  9. I’ve only ever been to a chiropractor after an accident, but I can see where it could definitely be beneficial just for regular care.
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  10. My insurance covers it, but the co-pay is $30, so I don’t go as often as I should. However, if I could afford it, I’d be in 3 times a week with the kids, who are free if they come with me. In fact, both my kids were c-section and our first stop on the way home was my chiropractor! EVERYONE gets an adjustment coming into the world with a natural deliver. So I had to make and an extra stop for my kids

  11. I never try the chiropractor yet, my husband did

  12. I’ve been going to the chiro since I was 9. Now, I go for Fibromyalgia relief at least once every 7-10 days. I don’t think I’d be walking if I didn’t go. Dr Schieber also helps me with intense headaches and while I do still get them they aren’t near as bad as when I started to see him. He specializes in migraines & Fibro. =D
    Thanks for a great article! Tina

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  14. I see a NUCCA specialist for my back and its really helped me get back my life. But no have not shown my kids to a chiropractor yet. Perhaps when they are a little bit older and will not fidget around!

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  16. I love the chiropractor. Mine helped me after an injury after surgery a few years back that was not responding to meds/PT. My insurance has never covered it as it is considered an “alternative therapy”, so I can’t go as I’d like to.

  17. Wow! There’s a comprehensive and full-throated defense for chiropractic care for the whole family! As a family chiropractor myself (with children of my own), I wholeheartedly support the idea of chiropratic care for children as well as parents: after all, your child’s growth process has to be coordinated by a healthy nervous system! I’m also going to promote this post on, so thanks!

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