Migraines & Reoccurring Headaches

Migraines & Reoccurring Headaches

 Today I am battling a migraine and so far my productive level looks dismal. Do you struggle with migraines or even reoccurring headaches? Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.

Find a good Chiropractor and schedule regular adjustments. This alone will cut your migraines and headaches over 70%. I used to have migraines 4-5 times a month, since I started getting adjustments I am down to less than one a month! This is my first migraine in roughly 2 months! 
Take Ibuprofen or pain reliever of choice immediately. Why are you attempting to suffer through? The pain will not go away on its own. If you do not take the medicine it will only get worse…and you know it!  
Have you drunk enough water? Sometimes my migraine or headache is my own fault due to lack of water intake. Juice, flavored water and Soda do NOT count as water! Your body needs pure water to stay hydrated and often times a migraine and headache is due to dehydration and your body’s lack of water. Drink 2 tall glasses of VERY cold water as fast as possible. Even if your body is not dehydrated the coldness of the water will help ease the pain, if only for a few minutes. If you are dehydrated the pain should begin fading within 90 minutes.
Caffeine! This may seem opposite of the statement above, but caffeine will often help a headache and migraine shorten their length of miserable visit. Over the counter migraine medicine usually combines aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine. These are excellent pain medicines and will help kick that pain out of the ballpark. I myself am allergic to acetaminophen so I drink a can of coca-cola quickly to get caffeine in my system. 
A cold compress to the source of pain can often cut down on the throbbing.
Slight massage. For many of my headaches and migraines a gentle massage on nearby pressure points helps tremendously if only for the moment. Try different spots around your head, face and neck to find what works for you. My favorites are the base of my neck, my temples on both sides of my forehead, the inside corners of my eyes at the bridge of my nose and the top of my skull. For massage I rub in circles with slight pressure alternating with moments of intense pressure and release to stimulate sensors.
Dark and quiet. Yes I said it. Sometimes shutting out the world is the only thing to kick the pain. 
Sleep! I am a major fan of sleep and love any opportunity to tune out the world and sleep but this tactic truly works. While lying down it will seem like sleep will never come but it will and when you awake your headache or migraine will be gone.  If it is still there and you have also taken all of the above steps, please contact your physician right away as there may be some other issue that needs medical attention. 
For my migraines I quickly take my Ibuprofen with my freezing cold water, and then I guzzle a soda as fast as possible. I then take 1 Benadryl to assist in my sleeping and preventing bed spins while lying down. It also helps with my nausea. Then I lock myself away in a dark, and massage my sore spots while falling asleep to sleep away my pain. When I wake I am well rested and pain free. 
I visit my chiropractor at the next available appointment to ensure I am properly aligned. 
Do you suffer from migraines or reoccurring headaches? What tips do you have that work for you? 

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— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) September 6, 2012

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  1. I had a migraine this week too, they stink! Thanks for the tips, I too have found that water helps a bit!

  2. I, too, get migraines and they usually kill me for two days. My first sign is loss of my peripheral vision, then it all goes downhill. I have come discovered that my triggers are caffeine (coffee and chocolate) and cheese. Often times, even if I have a tiny headache and I consume caffeine/cheese it will turn into a migraine. That said, most migraines I suffer are hormonal, argh! So make them once a month, yei…not!
    Just like you, I always take my Ibuprofen when the first signs appear, then I tumble all the way to my bed and sleep. Once I wake I still have a headache but the buzz from the migraine is mostly gone!
    Migraines SUCK!

  3. I suffer from migraines as well and I do all those things you mentioned. I think the key is taking action as soon as you feel it coming. It can sometimes take hours for it to build up but I know it’s coming. Strangely, if I go for a run (before it gets bad), it actually helps. The other thing is taking a hot shower and letting the water pound the back of your neck. When it is in full swing though, I have no choice but to sleep. I’ve also noticed that although my migraines are largely hormonal, if coupled with lack of sleep, there’s no way to avoid it. So, if it’s the wrong part of the month, I have to make sure I get enough sleep.

  4. Migraines are the worst. I am dealing with sinus headaches and all the issues that go with it. Yuck! I know exactly how it feels. Completely will do you in.

  5. I second what Eric says – I have one (a night guard) and it REALLY helps!

  6. Sorry you are fighting a migraine today. Migraines honestly suck!! I battle migraines several times a week. they are hereditary on my moms side. Something I have “learned” to deal with since a very small age. I do take daily medication, but that only helps 1/2 maybe 1/4 the time. I do agree with making sure you drink plenty of water. I also make sure I get a lot of rest (which I am terrible at) and quiet dark places are best.
    Mine are called complicated migraines. I get numbness and it is almost as if I am having a stroke (obviously I am not) Speech is slurred, thinking and vision is blurry) Totally dislike migraines and pray for anyone that gets them!!
    Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

  7. I suffer from severe migraines, sometimes I have 3-4 a week, the doctor has tried me on everything. I have to take daily meds to help prevent them, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Just when I think they are slowing down, they start up again.

  8. As a dentist I have helped many migraine sufferers with a special TMJ night guard
    called NTI-tss. It relaxes the muscles that go into spasm and cause “tension headaches” which can trigger the migraine. No meds are needed. Find a dentist that provides this service. Information can be found at headacheprevention.com

  9. I have suffered from migraines for about 10 years now and haven’t found anything that really helps.

  10. gud info!!

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