I’m Still Sick! Looking For Tips & Tricks for Cold & Flu Home Remedies. How Does Your Family Battle the Cold & Flu Season?

I’m Still Sick! Looking For Tips & Tricks for Cold & Flu Home Remedies. How Does Your Family Battle the Cold & Flu Season?    

   A short update, I have been sick for 2 weeks now, maybe more. I am not getting any better, in fact I have progressively been getting worse with each day. This is torture.

   Last week Bruiser, Brody and I went to the Dr. I was certain there was some ear infections, maybe a sinus infection, something. She said we were all just fine. We had colds and we had to let it run its course. A week later and our status is: Bruiser, ok but still icky in the morning, clears up around 10am, sporadic cough at night. Brody, got better and has now come down with a teething cold, you know the one, nose turned to faucet with constant snot flow, crabby, cranky, no fever, and a slight cough, most likely from post nasal drip, will be fine once the tooth pops through. Then there is me. Constant coughing, metal taste in mouth, pressure in ears and face, daily headache, crabby, bitchy, sinuses and nose alternate between runny and completely stuffed resembling concrete in my nose. I rotate between hot and cold, no happy median. I have sporadic body aches. My appetite sucks! Overall I feel like shit and am tired as hell! Last night I didn’t get much sleep because all I did was cough and toss and turn in pain from all the coughing! That being said, I am going BACK to the Dr. this afternoon and I am hoping to get some anti-biotics and a diagnosis. I don’t have a medical degree but this shit is an infection of some sort!
                Ok I am done with my bitching and complaining. Now comes the fun part! With cold and flu season upon us what home remedies do you and your family use during colds AND flus. What works and what doesn’t? What tricks work best on your kids? As parents I think we can all benefit from having as much information as possible when it comes to treating our families’ illnesses and getting the kiddies better as fast as possible! All tips, tricks and suggestions are very appreciated and be sure to share this post so we can spread the information and word…not the germs!Please Leave your comments below!
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I’m Still Sick! Looking For Tips & Tricks for Cold & Flu Home Remedies. How Does Your Family Battle the Cold & Flu Season?
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  1. I agree about the neti pot. I too used to get multiple sinus infections a year. Since I have been using the neti pot I no longer need allergy meds and I have only had one sinus infection- in five years. It really is a miracle. For Henry (my 4 year old) we use “Little Noses” nasal spray. It’s just salt water and it does almost as good as a neti pot but is easier for kids. LOTS of vitamin C never hurts, of course. Feel better soon!

  2. My family does not do traditional methods. We are vaccine free, medication free, traditional Dr. free. We go to a holistic health care Dr who boosts our immune system by regular adjustments during the colder weather, among other things. As soon as fall hits us, we pump up on tons of vitamin D all the way through spring. We also take more vitamin C and probiotics. When sick we also eat extra garlic. For ear infections we make garlic oil (a couple of tsp. coconut oil & a couple of cloves of garlic smashed into the oil) and drip it into the ear a few times a day. It is a natural antibiotic. Another thing we do is (brace yourself) – we do not medicate for fevers if the fever is under 103.5. A fever is our bodies natural way of fighting sicknesses. So if we suppress a fever, then our sickness will continue longer. If we let our body do “it’s thing” then our sickness will go away sooner. As for sinus issues, acupuncture works wonders! I highly recommend it!
    Whatever you do, I hope you get better quick! It’s been long enough!

  3. You most likely have a sinus infection, if the doctor doesn’t give you antibiotics buy a Z pack online and you will be fine in about 3 days! As far as home remidies a humidifier works wonders for a cough, green tea with honey for a sore throat, and I always load up on advil severe cold and flu- helps me get through the day!

  4. Try a netty pot for rinsing your sinuses. Definitely not for kids and it feels a little like you jumped under water and forgot to plug your nose but it works wonders!! I used to have 3-4 horrible sinus infections a year. Now, I rarely have one because, at the first sign of congestion, I do the rinsing and it keeps the bacteria from building up. I felt a little silly at first but, seriously, it’s been a fairly major miracle for me.

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  6. Hope you feel better soon!! I swear by naturalpaths. Mine helps me every time. I rarely see a doctor! but thats just me!

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you are still sick…If my mom was to read this she would be so happy I agree with her home remedies, but that’s something I cannot do…lol…My mom always took onions, garlic, lots and lots of honey and lemons. She would put it in the blender and bottoms up, yes it does stink to high hell in my opinion…but it works. Take 3 tablespoons three times per day and you should clear up in no time. We never buy OTC medications and we do not go to the doctor unless the home remedy does not work, by the way we rarely get sick.
    Hope this works for you.

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  9. My mom swears by Echinacea. Try to take it regularly all the time, and take extra just when you start feeling a little off.
    Feel better!

  10. I agree – you need to see the doctor. I had numerous sinus infections when I taught school. I take extra Vitamin E and C during cold/flu seasons and it seems to really help prevent catching viruses. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I drink TONS of water when I feel something coming on or when I am sick. I am serious! Drink water until you can’t stand it anymore!

  12. I hope you are already feeling much better. I usually take Panadol Multi-Symptom Tablets and find them very effective. We also use honey and lime! Take care.

  13. I swear by hot tea and honey plus Thermaflu! I can remember those times of being sick and it just never seemed to go away. Good luck!
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  14. *Yikes* Sorry you have sick so long!
    Ya, antibiotics sound like they are needed at this point. But what usually works for us is:
    Theraflu Drink or your Favorite Hot Tea with lots of Honey! Sudafed, Mucinex, Chicken Noodle Soup, and we Love using the Humidifier with medicine added at night.
    If you go to the doctor you might need antibiotics and if not, you can always ask for a prescribed Cough Medicine that is stronger.
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