Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers

Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers

My daughter MeMe and the rest of her fifth grade class have been worried for the past month. Their friend and fellow classmate Hunter has been missing from class, the playground and the lunch room, but not from their hearts.
 On March 13th, 2012 Hunter was diagnosed with a Cavernous Angioma located on his brainstem. This is a cluster of abnormal blood vessels and in Hunter’s case, the size of a golf ball and bleeding. Since that day he has been hospitalized at Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN. 
The angioma has impacted his vision, his ability to use his arm and leg on his left side and the ability to walk.
MeMe and Hunter are in the same class and he is missed badly. They have all made cards and letters, some of them have made the 4+ hour trip to visit Hunter.
The kids of Rossman Elementary miss their friend dearly and have had several small in house fundraisers such as Hats for Hunter day. The kids could bring in a little money to purchase the privilege to wear a hat in school for the day. 
Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers 
Hunter and his family have finally heard some great news, Surgery! The surgery to remove Hunter’s angioma is very serious and risky. The surgery requires an experienced pediatric neurosurgical team. Surgery will take place soon but Hunter and his family will have to travel to Arizona. 
Surgery is coming soon and while he and his family are nervous, he is also full of optimism. He recently asked his Mom if he could keep it in a jar for target practice when he gets home. What an amazing idea!
Family, Friends and Rossman Elementary have come together and planned a benefit for Hunter. There will be food, music, face painting, balloon animals a silent auction and more! The benefit is planned for Saturday, May 19th, 2012 at Rossman Elementary School located at 1221 Rossman Avenue Detroit Lakes, MN from 4pm-9pm.
Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers
Hunter loves to read and as a book blogger that hits home with me! I completely understand the appeal of getting lost within a good book. I am calling upon you, my readers and my fellow book bloggers to help Hunter and his family. How?
I am planning to put together a couple of baskets for the silent auction. I am asking my fellow book bloggers, Authors, Readers and subscribers of Moms Bookshelf & More to contribute some books or gift cards, signed books, signed swag, anything pertaining to the love and joy of reading!
I am hoping to assemble a few baskets with an equal amount of assortment to enter in the silent auction. Not only will your donation help Hunter but it will spread the love of reading and books.
If you are willing to donate some book and reading fun please send packages to:
Miranda Sherman
103 Holmes Street East #111
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
Please include a short note with your name, website, and any social media handles.
Once I have assembled the baskets I will take pictures of the beautiful baskets AND the winners along with shout outs and links to the generous donors! 
Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers
I thank you all so very much in advance for your amazing hearts and kindness! 
You can find more information about Hunter from his Caringbridge site at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/huntercampbelland his Facebook event “Hunter Campbell Benefit”
For monetary donations contact Wells Fargo Bank and ask for Hunter’s Benefit Fund.
Once again, Thank you so much and please keep Hunter and his family in our thoughts and prayers! 
Hope for Hunter; Calling All Book Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers
Miranda Sherman

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  1. Amazing idea! I am sharing as much as I can and will be sending what I can. Blessings!

  2. Oh Thank you so much Dawn! Every little bit will help. There is a planning committee meeting tonight and Hunter leaves for Arizona this week, he will have surgery on Friday!

  3. What a great idea! Count me in!! I will send you something in the next couple of days on behalf of ginger-reads.blogspot.com and my family. Sending good ju-ju thoughts to Hunter and his family.

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much for your contribution Ali!

  5. I will be sending you some books and assorted swag! Good luck raising a ton of money.

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