My Sick Little Princess

     Happy Monday everyone! It has been a roller coaster weekend! Friday was a quiet night at home. Chris had fallen asleep pretty quickly so it was me, Broden, the dogs and Desperate Housewives on Netflix. Broden’s swing had died and I was worried it was going to be a difficult time getting him to […]

Rough Couple Days

    Well I think I am minutes away from a deep sigh of relief and my sanity showing back up. It has been a horrible past 3 days! UGH! Saturday we had Bruiser’s party and that was a blast, we had so much fun! Sunday morning I woke up and my tummy was kind of queasy but as the day progressed it got wo […]

Bruiser is 3 and Off to Pre-School

   Well today my leap day baby Bruiser turned 3 years old, AND got on the bus and headed to pre-school…without me…huh, sad. It’s true, he’s growing up. I suppose I don’t mind as much as I did with the older two, MeMe and Butch, but man it was boring here without him. He has so much personality I t […]

My Psycho Mom Threatens My Neighbor!!

   I had to write this post tonight and as fast as I can before I forget any of the story! First some background info. Our house is on the corner lot. My Mom is over often to visit the kids, we have her over for dinner a couple times a week, my teenage sister comes over for tutoring etc. etc. She i […]

Just Another Day

   Well the past two days have been pretty normal around here. My Grandparents stopped by this afternoon on their way to the VA for Grandpa’s appointment. It was the first time they had seen little Brody. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Grandpa Jeffrey approved him and said he’s a keeper! haha […]