Rough Couple Days

    Well I think I am minutes away from a deep sigh of relief and my sanity showing back up. It has been a horrible past 3 days! UGH! Saturday we had Bruiser’s party and that was a blast, we had so much fun! Sunday morning I woke up and my tummy was kind of queasy but as the day progressed it got worse and worse and I got SO sick, I was miserable, I ended up missing MeMe’s girl scout meeting I was so sick. I even went to bed at 6pm! Sunday was not a good day!
    Monday I woke up still a little queasy and light headed. Normally I would have hid in my house all day watching tv, reading and napping however Brody had a 4 month check up and there was NO chance of me re-scheduling since our Dr. is very booked and for a routine check up, scheduling is almost a month out. So later that afternoon Bruiser, Brody and I packed up and headed to the clinic. He had a great appointment, He is moving along the growth chart nicely, he’s meeting all of the milestones that they like to see, the Dr. was very happy Brody didn’t pee on him, I am guessing that happens daily, poor guy hahaha! Then it came time for vaccinations..I hate this part! It is very frustrating that the exam rooms are SO small and cramped, especially for families, then they jab your kid multiple times and walk out, from there I have to figure out how to get him dressed in his clothes, let alone his snow suit and car seat, get Bruiser to put his coat on, then put my coat on then carry the car seat, my diaper bag/purse, and hold Bruisers hand and walk from the very back of the clinic (seems like on shot day only the rooms in the far back are available) through the narrow hallways to make it to the parking lot, all the while Brody is still crying and has only calmed to a panicked sniffle as I walk through the lobby straight to the van as fast as I can. After that nightmare, we drove around the lake so the boys could calm down and fall asleep so my wait in front of the school for MeMe and Butch would be quiet and peaceful. Once we got home things slowly went back to normal, until 7ish when Sherman informs me he is feeling very icky and has  caught what I had the previous day, and he was not thrilled. It kicked in quickly, poor guy! He was very happy to know it was only a 24 hour thing and that he was only going to suffer a mere 24 hours. Around 11pm Brody was feverish and out of it. DAMN vaccines! I kept up on the fever reducer, turned the ceiling fan on and stripped him down to a diaper, I finally got his fever to a manageable 100.1, fed him and he feel asleep so I put him in his swing, hoping the movement would keep him cool. I laid down on the couch and boom, he started screaming, and the events began! When 2am rolled around Sherman asked me to call in for him, there was no way he was going to work like that. Poor guy. All night I battled that fever and poor Brody was crabby, uncomfortable and boy he let me know! He spent the whole night only in a diaper with a wet dish towel wrapped around his body while we rocked the night away watching Season 1 and 2 of Desperate Housewives (Thank God I finally gave in and we had signed up for Netflix 2 days prior). He finally fell asleep at 5:30 am. I was miserable! After 1 hour of sleep my alarm went off and it was time to get up, wake the kids and start getting them ready for school. Bruiser had school so it was a busy morning! I finally got him fed and on the bus and raced MeMe and Butch to school. As soon as I got back I skipped my workout and slept, waking only 5 minutes before my alarm at 9:50 am and it was time to get ready to meet the bus and bring Bruiser inside, make him lunch, wake Brody, feed, change and start the battle of the fever all over again! DAMN this fever! After a very trying two days everything returned to “normal” around midnight. *sigh* Today’s agenda, keep Bruiser busy, and happily occupied, find some time to nap and catch up on some sleep and maybe even get some reading in..oh, and of course a much needed cleaning session in hyper mode of course, should take me no more than 30 minutes to have the house back in order! Well, I have a caffeine headache and need to take care of that, so enjoy a couple picture and until next time….

Rough Couple Days
Pringles for breakfast? Um No, sorry Bruiser
Rough Couple Days
Really? Cute, but No
Rough Couple Days
Brody thinks he wants some too, sorry Bruiser wait for lunch!


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  1. There really is nothing worse than being a sick mom. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh no, how awful that you had to deal with all that while feeling sick yourself! Hope you feel better soon!

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