My Psycho Mom Threatens My Neighbor!!

   I had to write this post tonight and as fast as I can before I forget any of the story! First some background info. Our house is on the corner lot. My Mom is over often to visit the kids, we have her over for dinner a couple times a week, my teenage sister comes over for tutoring etc. etc. She is here usually every other day for one reason or another. For the longest time she has been very irritated with the parking situation and the lack thereof. It doesn’t bother me because we dont park in front of the house, we park in the garage. My neighbor has 2 trucks and a SUV. They also have a garage, but it is detached and they never use it, instead they park all 3 vehicles on the street causing their vehicles to be parked in front of our house. Being that we are on the corner there is only so much “legal” parking space because of the stop sign law. My Mom has always been so worried to get a ticket because of this situation.
   Now for those of you that know my Mom you know how she is, but for those of you that dont, meet my Mom

My Psycho Mom Threatens My Neighbor!!

Her name is Barb, she is loud, opinionated, and often referred to as Barb the bitch, a title she has always been proud of. In my opinion since her recent separation she has calmed down a lot and is quite happy with life and is changing into a much happier person…except the parking situation! OK now back to present day, lately I have noticed that he is parking all his vehicles way back having none of them even close to the property line. My Mom came over for dinner tonight and as she was getting her shoes on to leave I asked her what she said or did to the neighbor because I have noticed his parking habits have changed..she turned red and laughed this gut busting laugh and asked “why, did he say something?” OH GOD, WHAT DID SHE DO???? 

So she starts the story off by reminding me of why she has been so irritated with him and this darn parking, then she tells me the other day when I brought Bruiser to school and she was here babysitting Brody when she had pulled up he was in his truck, apparently she threw her car in reverse slammed on the gas, breaking at the last minute jolting her car to a stop only a mere inch or two from his front bumper and slamming the car into park. REALLY MOM?? JEEZ! He then got out of his truck and asked what the hell she was doing and she went through the whole spiel and how he needed to park back on his own side and blah blah blah, he then asked her if she was going to mover her car so he could get out and she told him no, figure it out! OMG! When she came inside she didn’t say anything to me, never even mentioned it! So nevertheless the parking situation has been taken care of and is no longer a problem and I hope our neighbors don’t hate us because of my psycho Mom, I guess we will find out this summer when we try to have a barbecue, bonfire and drinks!  Until next time…


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  1. LOL…this sounds like something my mom would do. Well the parking situation is fixed right? You go girl!

  2. Love it! Your mom sounds like a hoot!
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours!!

  3. LOL!! So funny!

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! You go girlfriend. I also am known as the Queen Bitch of our neighborhood. I live on a corner and the mailbox, community, is in the front of my house. I ask people to not walk on the lawn to make a trail to it because I don’t walk across their lawns. And I ask that they do not park around my lot as it gets me nervous being closed in. So hats off to Barb!!! Love you girlfriend!!!

  5. Would you send your mom to my hood please?
    LOL. We need her!!!

  6. HAHAHAA this is great!! I wish I was more like your mom!! Im always afraid!!!!! Thank you sooo much for having my little button on your fav blog page!!!!! Im so excited to be you newest follower!!

  7. LMAO!! We have (I should say ‘had’ being my mom has been long gone) the same mother. She didn’t hold back either.
    I can safely say that I don’t think the neighbors will fight with her about squat again. Not after the parking incident. lol

  8. My mom’s name is Barb too….but we call her Barb the Bitch for other reasons at times!! Sounds like your mom would be fun to be around….I am always to afraid to tell people what I think!
    Visiting from FTLOB ….

  9. Ah! Grizzly Bear Mommas. I heart them.
    Hopped over from FTLOB.

  10. Holy cow!! That’s awesome! The problem is that some people don’t respond to civilized discourse, so more extreme actions are needed. Enter your mom…getting things done.
    It’s not like she was waving a gun around, or anything truly psycho. Really she was just showing him the logical consequences of his actions.

  11. This reminds me of when my husband wanted to have a garage sale. I tried to talk him out of it saying it wasn’t worth the time & it would be better to donate our junk & get a tax write off. But we had the garage sale, made $60 & spent about 12 combined hours on the darn thing. He almost had a heart attack when people parked on our newly implanted grass & sprinkler system & totally lost it. Last garage sale for us. But I still love going to them!

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