Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Votes No – School Security and Overcrowding Still an Issue

Detroit Lakes Minnesota Unsecured Schools Safety an Issue Full list of school shootings

     This week our local school district, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Independent School District 22 voted on a school building referendum that was multipurpose. Our school district at the moment is severely overcrowded. The school board sought advice from a demographer that predicted the enrollment numbers will continue to rise every year as the population has showed continued sign of growth. The school board unveiled a plan that would total $59 million dollars, which was comparable to $11 a month for a $100,000 home. 

     The plan included a new 1,000 seat K-3 elementary school with land the school had already payed a deposit on as the community is in short supply of land inside district limits. A remodeled high school to increase productive work space, classroom space, gymnasium space, room re-allocation, expansion of the commons area and remodel of main office to provide secure locked entrance. The middle school would get a big makeover in order to update use of space, maintenance issues, safety issues, update the heating system with a more energy efficient version, improve lighting, and add a secured locked entrance by moving the front office. lastly, the other elementary school, Roosevelt would be converted to fourth and fifth grade only, receive many updates and repairs, improve and upgrade the outdoor space, and add air conditioning to the entire school.

     The plan was big, but reasonable. Voters came out Tuesday night in huge numbers creating waiting lines like I have never seen. Zane and I waited in line for over 20 minutes to vote..I voted yes. It was important to me for my four children to have the best, safest environment to learn in. I thought for sure this vote was a no brainer! Currently there is only one school within our district that has secure entrances, a school I have no children in. I applaud their initiative to tackle the project and secure the school, I want the rest of the schools within the district to also have locked, secured entrances. In my opinion, the entire project was worth it just for that reason alone.

      Tuesday night I watched the various websites closely in order to hear of the tally count before heading to bed and was shocked by the end result, 1,883 no votes; 1,334 yes votes. The referendum was shot down. While this was only round one, and there will be more rounds to follow, there has been a huge compromise in what little security there is in place. Through the months leading up to the vote the Laker Vote Yes committee and school Superintendent Doug Froke held several information meetings along with a very aggressive informative marketing campaign via Facebook, online website, flyers in the mailbox and handouts sent home from school. The marketing team did an amazing job. However, every single piece of information gave clear, precise information regarding the security issues within each school. We are now, essentially a school district that has told the entire area just how unsecured our schools are. If you lived anywhere within our district, you now know of the issues and had you attended any of the meetings you had a visual. 

     Now my four kids will go to school each morning and I stay home worrying myself sick of what could potentially happen. How could the community of Detroit Lakes do this? Is the security of the areas children mean so little to the town? Is it not worth a small $11 a month to protect our children? Never mind the overcrowding, maintenance and upgrade issues, how is the security not the priority these days? I pay more than that each month just to place apps on my children’s phones to have the ability to track their location in a worst case scenario and we can’t come together as a community to protect our children, our teaching staff and the future of our community?

     It breaks my heart and is a deep disappointment that children and the future of our community mean so little to the residents. Are we not trying to grow the community, attract new businesses, families and grow the population? This vote surely shows where voters priorities lie. Was is money that voters had an issue with? Some said they didn’t believe there were crowding issues, some said it was too much, others were upset with the proposed location of the new school. 

     For me, security should have been the top priority, and yet there were members of the community that felt we live in a small town, we all know each other, and famous last words, “it would never happen here” A statement that sends shivers down my spine and makes my skin crawl. The list below shows every school shooting from the early 1900’s to the latest school shooting on November 2nd, 2013. Most of these towns, and residents, probably said the same thing at some point. 

School Shooting with Automatic Weapon List of Statistics and school security Detroit Lakes Minnesota

     This list is SHOCKING to say the least, it is overwhelming, and the list alone, should be a motivation for ALL schools to take security seriously and demand new locked, secured entrances to all schools! Lets protect our future and the staff within the schools your children and grandchildren spend so much time in each and every week. It’s time to start a movement. The only way we can expect change and updates is awareness, conversation and community support and it starts with you!

Date Location School Deaths  Injured
5/12/1900 Danbury, Connecticut 1
9/3/1900 Boise, Idaho
2/26/1902 Camargo, Illinois 2
2/24/1903 Inman, South Carolina Inman High School 1
7/21/1903 Jackson, Kentucky Cave Run School 2 1
9/23/1903 Bakersfield, California 1
4/6/1904 Chicago, Illinois 1
9/27/1904 Mount Ayr, Iowa 1
11/16/1904 Riverside, California Indian School 1 2
12/16/1904 Magee, Mississippi 1 1
2/9/1905 Colusa, California 1
7/31/1905 Tempe, Arizona Tempe Public School 1
5/18/1906 Boston, Massachusetts Cambridge Comercial College 1 1
8/8/1906 Covelo, California Harrington School House 1
10/10/1906 Cleveland, Ohio South Euclid School 2
3/23/1907 Carmi, Illinois 1
12/20/1907 Chico, California Dayton School District 1
3/11/1908 Boston, Massachusetts Laurens School 2
3/20/1908 Los Angeles, California San Pedro Street School 1
4/15/1908 Asheville, North Carolina Normal and Collegiate Institute 2
12/23/1908 New York City New York University 1
2/12/1909 San Francisco, California 2
3/19/1909 Mount Vernon, Illinois 1
6/10/1909 Trinidad, Colorado 1
8/18/1909 Bakersfield, California Fruitvale School 0 0
9/11/1909 Gravette, Arkansas Bear Hollow School 1
12/7/1909 Nevada City, California 1
1/12/1910 New York City Harlem Scool Boys 1 1
3/10/1910 Ione, California Preston School of Industry 1
8/16/1910 Lexington, Kentucky 1 Several
4/27/1911 Manhattan, Kansas 1
1/10/1912 Warrenville, Illinois 2
1/31/1912 San Francisco, California Oriental School 1
1/17/1913 Honolulu, Hawaii 2 7
3/27/1919 Lodi Township, Michigan Rentschler School 1
8/8/1919 San Francisco, California University of California 2 1
5/15/1920 Bowling Green, Ohio 1
4/2/1921 Syracuse, New York Syracuse University 2
2/15/1927 Hempstead, New York Hempstead High School 1
5/18/1927 Bath, Michigan Bath Consolidated School 51
5/22/1930 Ringe, Minnesota 1
5/28/1931 Duluth, Minnesota Howard Gensen Rural School 1
2/15/1933 Downey, California Gallatin Grammar School 3
2/2/1934 Harlan, Iowa Monroe School No 2 2
9/14/1934 Gill, Massachusetts Northfield Mount Hermon School 1
3/27/1935 Medora, North Dakota Manlon School 1
5/7/1935 Irvington, New York Kyle School for Boys 1
12/12/1935 New York City School of Dental & Oral Surgery 3 1
4/27/1936 Lincoln, Nebraska University of Nebraska 1 1
6/4/1936 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Lehigh University 2
6/4/1937 Isabel, Kansas 1
9/24/1937 Toledo, Ohio Arlington Public School 2
5/6/1940 South Pasadena, California South Pasadena Junior High School 5 2
5/23/1940 New York City Dwight School for Girls 1
7/4/1940 Valhalla, New York 1
9/12/1940 Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1
10/2/1942 New York City William J. Gaynor Junior High School 1
2/23/1943 Port Chester, New York Harvey School 1
6/26/1946 Brooklyn, New York 1
11/24/1946 New York City St. Benedict’s Parachial School 1
2/5/1947 Madill, Oklahoma 2
12/1/1947 Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 1
12/24/1948 New York City 1
3/11/1949 New York City Stuyvesant High School 1
11/13/1949 Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University 1
4/25/1950 Peru, Nebraska Peru State College 3
7/22/1950 New York City Public School 141 1
1/24/1951 Alton, Illinois Western Military Academy 1
3/12/1951 Union Mills, North Carolina Alexander School 3
6/4/1951 New York City Manhattan Central Commercial igh School 1
11/4/1951 New York City 1
4/9/1952 New York City 1
7/14/1952 New York City Columbia University 1
9/3/1952 Lawrenceville, Illinois Lawrenceville High School 1
11/20/1952 New York City Naval Postgraduate School 1
10/2/1953 Chicago, Illinois Kelly High School 1
10/8/1953 New York City Machine & Metal Trades High School 1
3/31/1954 Newton, Massachusetts Day Junior High School 1
5/15/1954 Chapel Hill, North Carolina University of North Carolina 1 2
1/11/1955 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Swarthmore College 1
5/4/1956 Prince George’s County, Maryland Maryland Park Junior High 1 2
10/20/1956 New York City Booker T. Washington Junior High School 1
10/2/1957 New York City 1
3/4/1958 New York City Manual Training School 1
5/1/1958 Massapequa, New York Massapequa High School 1
9/24/1959 New York City Morris High School 1
2/2/1960 Hartford City, Indiana William Reed Elementary School 3
3/30/1960 Alice, Texas Dubose Junior High School 1
6/7/1960 Blaine, Minnesota 1
1/4/1961 Delmont, South Dakota Delmont High School 1
10/17/1961 Denver, Colorado Morey Hig School 1 1
8/1/1966 Austin, Texas University of Texas-Austin 17 31
10/5/1966 Grand Rapids, Minnesota Grand Rapids High School 1 1
11/12/1966 Mesa, Arizona Rose Mar College of Beauty 5 2
1/24/1968 High Point, North Carolina Central High School 1
1/30/1968 Miami, Florida Miami Jackson High School 1
2/8/1968 Orangeburg, South Carolina South Carolina State University 3 27
5/22/1968 Miami, Florida Drew Junior High School 2
1/17/1969 Los Angeles, California University of California 2
1/23/1969 Washington, DC Cardozo Senior High School 1
5/13/1969 Winston-Salem, North Caolina Hanes Junior High School 1
11/19/1969 Tomah, Wisconsin 1
1/5/1970 Washington, DC Hine Junior High School 1
2/2/1971 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Morris E. Leeds School 1
11/8/1971 Grove, Oklahoma 1
11/11/1971 Spokane, Washington Gonzaga University 2 4
1/5/1972 Washington, DC 1
2/26/1973 Richmond, Virginia Armstrong High School 1
10/1/1973 Elmwood Park, Illinois Elmwood Park Community High School 2
1/17/1974 Chicago, Illinois 1
3/22/1974 Brownstown, Indiana Brownstown Central High School 1
12/30/1974 Olean, New York 3 11
2/18/1975 Poughkeepsie, New York Marist College 1
9/11/1975 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma U.S. Grant High School 1 several
2/12/1976 Detroit, Michigan Murray-Wright High School 5
6/12/1976 Fullerton, California California State University 7 2
11/10/1976 Detroit, Michigan Burt Elementary School 1
4/7/1977 Whitharral, Texas 1
2/9/1978 St. Albans, West Virginia Hayes Junior High School 1
2/22/1978 Lansing, Michigan Everett High School 1 1
4/26/1978 Dallas, Texas Paul Dunbar Elementary School 1
5/18/1978 Austin, Texas 1
1/29/1979 San Diego, California Grover Cleveland Elementary School 2 9
3/20/1980 Dallas, Texas J. Leslie Patton School 1
3/26/1980 Big Rapids, Michigan Ferris State College 1
3/19/1982 Las Vegas, Nevada Valley Hig School 1 2
4/7/1982 Littleton, Colorado Deer Creek Jr. High School 1
11/12/1982 Jackson, Mississippi Wingfield High School 2
1/20/1983 St. Louis County, Missouri Parkway Middle School 2 1
4/20/1984 Detroit, Michigan Precious Blood School 1
5/17/1984 Altoona, Iowa Southeast Polk High School 2
1/22/1985 Goddard, Kansas Goddard Junior High School 1 3
9/4/1985 Richmond, Virginia East End Middle School 1
10/18/1985 Detroit, Michigan 6
11/26/1985 Spanaway, Washington Spanaway Junior High School 3
12/10/1985 Portland, Connecticut Portland Junior High School 1 1
2/24/1986 Sidell, Louisiana Boyet Junior High Scool 1
5/16/1986 Cokeville Elementary School 2 78
12/5/1986 Lewistown, Montana Fergus High School 1 3
3/2/1987 De Kalb, Missouri 2
4/16/1987 Detroit, Michigan Murray-Wright High School 1 2
12/16/1987 Katy, Texas Mayde Creek High School 1
2/11/1988 Largo, Florida Pinellas Park High School 1 2
5/20/1988 Winnetka, Illinois 2 6
9/26/1988 Greenwood, South Carolina Oakland Elementary School 2 8
12/16/1988 Virginia Beach, Virginia Atlantic Shores Christian School 1 1
1/17/1989 Stockton, California 6 29
1/8/1991 Richardson, texas 1
4/23/1991 Compton, California Ralph J. Bunche Middle School 1
11/1/1991 Iowa City, Iowa 6 1
2/6/1992 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Douglass High School 1
5/1/1992 Olivehurst, California Lindhurst High School 4 10
12/14/1992 Great Barrington, Massachusetts Simon’s Rock College 2 4
1/18/1993 Grayson, Kentucky East Carter High School 2
12/17/1993 Chelsea, Michigan Chelsea High School 1 2
3/1/1994 Boonville, Missouri Kemper Militar School 2
11/7/1994 Wickliffe, Ohio Wickliffe Middle School 1 4
1/12/1995 Seattle, Washington Garfield High School 2
10/12/1995 Blackville, South Carolina Blackville-Hilda High School 2 1
11/15/1995 Lynville, Tennessee Richland High School 2 1
2/2/1996 Moses Lakes, Washington Frontier Middle School 3 1
2/8/1996 Menlo Park, California Mid Peninsula High School 1 1
8/15/1996 San Diego, California San Diego State University 3
8/26/1996 San Antonio, Texas University of Texas San Antonio 2
9/17/1996 State College, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University 1 2
2/19/1997 Bethel, Alaska Bethel Regional High School 2 2
10/1/1997 Pearl, Mississippi Pearl High School 3 7
11/27/1997 West Palm Beach, Florida Conniston Middle School 1
12/1/1997 West Paducah, Kentucky Heath High School 3 5
12/15/1997 Stamps, Arkansas Stamps High School 2
3/24/1998 Craighead County, Arkansas Westside Middle School 5 10
4/24/1998 Edinboro, Pennsylvania Parker Middle School 1 3
5/19/1998 Fayetteville, Tennessee 1
5/21/1998 Springfield, Oregon Thurston High School 2 25
6/15/1998 Richmond, Virginia Armstrong High School 2
12/10/1998 Detroit, Michigan 1
4/20/1999 Notus, Idaho Notus Jr. Sr, High School 1
4/20/1999 Columbine, Colorado Columbine High School 15 21
5/20/1999 Conyers, Georgia Heritage High School 6
6/8/1999 Lynwood, California Lynwood High School 2
11/19/1999 Deming, New Mexico Deming Middle School 1
12/6/1999 Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 6
2/29/2000 Flint, Michigan Buell Elementary School 1
5/26/2000 Lake Worth, Florida Lake Worth Middle School 1
8/28/2000 Fayetteville, Arkansas University of Arkansas 2
9/26/2000 Lousiana 1
3/5/2001 Santee, California Sanatana High School 2 13
3/7/2001 Williamsport, Pennsylvania Bishop Neumann High School 1
3/21/2001 El Cajon, California Granite Hills High School 5
3/30/2001 Indiana 1
1/15/2002 New York City Martin Luther King Jr. High School 2
4/24/2003 Red Lion, Pennsylvania Red Lion Area Junior High School 2
9/24/2003 Cold Spring, Minnesota Rocori High School 2
2/2/2004 Washington, DC 1
2/9/2004 East Greenbush, New York 1
5/7/2004 Maryland 1
3/21/2005 Red Lake, Minneosta Red Lake Senior High School 9 5
9/13/2005 Chicago, Illinois Harlan Community Academy High School 1
11/8/2005 La Follette, Tennessee Cambell County High School 1 2
2/23/2006 Roseburg, Oregon Roseburg High School 1
3/14/2006 Reno, Nevada Pine Middle School 2
8/24/2006 Essex, Vermont Essex Elementary Schoo 1
9/27/2006 Bailey, Colorado Platte Canyon High School 2
9/29/2006 Cazenovia, Wisconsin Weston High School 1
10/2/2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania Amish School 6 3
1/3/2007 Tacoma, Washington Henry Foss High School 1
2/8/2007 Prineville, Oregon Crook County High School 1
4/16/2007 Blacksburg, Virginia Virginia Tech 33 25
10/10/2007 Cleveland, Ohio Success Tech Academy 1 4
2/4/2008 Memphis, Tennessee Hamilton High School 1
2/11/2008 Memphis, Tennessee 1
2/12/2008 Oxnard, California Green Junior igh School 1
2/14/2008 DeKalb, Illinois Northern Illinois University 6 21
8/14/2008 Federal Way, Washington Lakota Middle School 1
10/16/2008 Detroit, Michigan Henry Ford High School 1 3
11/13/2008 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Dillard High School 1
1/9/2009 Chicago, Illinois Dunbar High School 5
4/26/2009 Hampton, Virginia Hampton University 3
5/18/2009 Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University 1
5/18/2009 Lacrose, Lousiana Lacrose-Cut Off Middle School 1
6/16/2009 San Francisco, California International Studies Academy 3
9/3/2009 San Bruno, California Skyline College 1
2/5/2010 Madison, Alabama Discovery Middle School 1
2/12/2010 Huntsville, Alabama University of Alabama Huntsville 3 3
2/23/2010 Littleton, Colorado Deer Creek Jr. High School 2
9/8/2010 Detroit, Michigan Mumford High School  2
9/28/2010 Austin, Texas University of Texas Austin 1
10/8/2010 Carlsbad, California Kelly Elementary School 2
10/1/2010 Salinas, California Alisal High School 1
10/24/2010 Topeka, Kansas Topeka West High School 1 1
11/29/2010 Marinette, Wisconsin Marinette High School 1
12/6/2010 Aurora, Colorado Aurora Central High School 1
1/5/2011 Omaha, Nebraska Millard High School 1
2/2/2011 Placerville, California Schnell Elementary School 1
3/25/2011 Martinsville, Indiana Martinsville West Middle School 1
3/31/2011 Houston, Texas Worthington High School 1 5
5/10/2011 San Jose, California San Jose State University 3
5/23/2011 Pearl City, Hawaii Highlands Intermediatte School 1
10/24/2011 Fayetteville, North Carolina Cape Fear High School 1
12/8/2011 Blacksburg, Virginia Radford University 2
1/10/2012 Houston, Texas North Forest High School 1
2/27/2012 Chardon, Ohio Chardon High School  3 3
3/6/2012 Jacksonville, Florida Episcopal School of Jacksonville 2
4/7/2012 Oakland, California Oikos University 7 3
8/16/2012 Memphis, Tennessee Hamilton High School 2
8/24/2012 Homer, Georgia Banks County High School 1
8/27/2012 Perry Hall, Maryland Perry Hall High School 1
9/7/2012 Normal, Illinos Normal County High School 0 0
9/26/2012 Stillwater, Oklahoma Stillwater Junior High 1
10/12/2012 Fairmount, North Dakota Fairmount Public School 1
10/31/2012 Los Angeles, California University of Southern California 4
12/14/2012 Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary 28 2
1/10/2013 Taft, California Taft Union High School 2
1/12/2013 Detroit, Michigan Osborn High School 1
1/15/2013 St. Louis, Missouri Stevens Institute of Business and Arts 2
1/15/2013 Hazard, Kentucky Hazard Community and Technical College 3
1/16/2013 Chicago, Illinois Chicago State University 1
1/22/2013 Houston, Texas Lone Star College- North Harris 3
1/29/2013 Midland City, Alabama School Bus 1
1/31/2013 Atlanta, Georgia Price Middle School 2
3/18/2013 Orlando, Florida University of Central Florida 1
4/19/2013 Cambridge, Massachusetts MIT 2 1
4/29/2013 Cincinnati, Ohio La Salle High School 1
6/7/2013 Santa Monica, California Santa Monica College 6 4
8/20/2013 Decatur, Georgia Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy 0 0
8/30/2013 Winston-Salem, North Caolina Carver High School 1
10/4/2013 Pine Hills, Florida Agape Christian Academy 2
10/15/2013 Austin, Texas Lanier High School 1
10/21/2013 Sparks, Nevada Sparks Middle School  2 2
11/2/2013 Greensboro, North Carolina North Carolina A&T State University 1

What are your thoughts? How would you have voted?

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Votes No – School Security and Overcrowding Still an Issue 
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  1. Jake I agree with several of your points. In NO way am I ever going to agree with Eminent Domain..that entire concept is insane and I would be irate if this city started doing something like that, and I would hope that the majority of our town would agree.
    I was shocked at the arrangement during voting Tuesday night. That was incredibly mismanaged! I’m not sure which of the two polling venues you were at but the high school was an absolute mess! I had my five year old son in tow that day and passed by twice choosing to vote at later times as there was no way I was going to stand outside in the freezing cold with that wind with my five year old. The third time we drove by there was no line, outside. We walked through the doors and began our 20+ minute wait and our line J-Z was the shortest wait. With the way the high school is laid out it would have been better to have a flowing line by having the registration line on both the right and left hand side with the polling booth at the ends and the machine to the right then voters would walk up those steps and head out the front doors. That would have been the best way to keep traffic moving more efficiently.
    I moved here around the same time you did but I came from East Grand Forks where class size seemed decent. Now as a Mom who has been inside these schools and the classrooms are pretty tight. Yes we could squeeze more kids in but its the other areas that suffer. For instance, the counselors office in Rossman, is very small and tight, the speech room is literally a closet, the staff break room has been converted into a special ed room, LD classroom is in a closet. Rossman is really having an issue with space.
    I think if the school really wanted to focus on overcrowding they should have run a series of tours of the schools for those that have no kids in school and have not seen first hand the overcrowding issue, lack of security, maintenance issues and efficiency issues. Maybe then people would have more if an idea of what the problems are. I agree tat this campaign seemed to have been a little last minute and they could have been more proactive to get the community involved.

  2. It is so sad what is happening to our schools and communities lack of interest. Great post!

  3. people need to wake up already

  4. Sorry about the disappointing vote. Those stats are scary.

  5. Oh my goodness the list is horrendous and completely shocking, no wonder you are so worried. With everything you see on the news nowadays I agree with you whats $11 a month, people will only waste that amount on something they will probably not need. Keep up the fight !!

  6. Looking at the list we can see it has been going on for 100+ years. Tragic and frustrating, but in all honesty, I’m not sure how much school security would help. I often feel if someone is going to go bat sh*t crazy they will find a way regardless of the security plans in place.
    I’d be more concerned about overcrowding and the level of education my child is receiving. Getting the public to pass requests for more funding is always challenging. I’ve watched my own community turn down funding request time and time again.
    Good luck. I hope your community figures it out soon.

  7. It makes me sad when communities don’t support education improvements.

  8. For some reason public education in this country has lost its priority. We, the parents, must fight to change that. I am very active in those discussions here in NY where II am watching the rich people try to privatize the system which makes it a for profit system which will then really screw the kids. Stop giving the oil companies subsidies and give it to the children!

  9. Very sad. One of the reasons we are relocating next year is to be in a place with better and safer schools!

  10. Oh I agree! The overcrowding in the district is insane! I will be writing another post that will address the severe overcrowding later this week. People in the community think this is a joke and that the kids are spoiled. One gentleman told my five year old that if it passes he will be paying for their lollipops..are you kidding me?!

  11. WOW very sad! people really need to wake up for real, those stats are scary indeed. I so agree with Mitch his statement is so true. What about our children, wow wake up people. I hope your community gets it together.

  12. That list is really terrifying! I would have voted yes. Our schools in the country need more than just security…but securing them is certainly important!

  13. I think the whole school safety argument by the district was just thrown on as an afterthought —after the district already decided to go for the school vote…If the district is so concerned about security then why to this day has the DL district not shared there active shooter plans with the Becker Co. Sheriffs Office…granted they have with the DLPD but when Sheriff Shannon was sworn in last January (less then a month after Sandy Hook) —he left multiple messages for Super Int. Froke and never heard back…I have talked with Sheriff Shannon about it personally.
    Covering the school board over the last several years safety was never talked about until it came time to vote…it was always over crowding…the issue but it could be a temporary one which in 10 years wont be an issue any more or it could get worse…no one really knows…the county data doesn’t support the districts number provided by Ehlers and Associates.
    I also want to know what are they doing today. —One locked door up front? How is this any better or worse…the truth is you can’t stop killer who wants to kill…if they target out kids we can only minimize the damage…
    Any one who wanted until Sandy hook ignored the lesions of Columbine…
    I want our kids to be safe but if it was as important as they say why not use some of that $400,000 a year in capital improvements on it?
    That’s my take on the “Security angle” of the referendum…none the less I supported it because it’s just going to get more expensive.
    Jake Judd
    Host of 1340 KDLM Lakes Live in Detroit Lakes

  14. Jake I agree if there is someone that wants to hurt the kids they will, however, is not our responsibility as a society to take every precaution ahead of time to place as many deterrents and road blocks as possible, if not entirely at least slow them down? I agree that the security changes should be made regardless of this referendum by using other funds, this is a priority not something that should be left to a vote.
    I am shocked to hear of this issue with the Sheriff department and Doug Froeke! How has this gone unaddressed in the public? The entire area just did a mock emergency drill at the courthouse, how have they not utilized the various school buildings and arranged a similar situation? The emergency responders should be prepared the best of their ability God forbid something like this should happen. Drills should be done in ALL schools and should be with ALL departments. Hell, we do it every year for We-Fest but they can’t come together and do it for the schools? It is presumptuous to believe that every single first responder knows every nook and cranny of every school building in the community, something they ought to know in case of emergency! This alone infuriates me!
    As for the overcrowding, it is an issue and I assume will only get worse, eventually. I have witnessed this area myself, personally. Yes, we could add more students to every classroom, but larger class sizes are proven to lower the effectiveness of the learning and teaching process. Eight years ago when my daughter started school in this district class sizes were between 17-19 kids, now they are upwards of 20 – 24 students per room. There is little to no space for special services and special needs.
    What were your thoughts on the location of the proposed new school?

  15. So wrong

  16. It’s sad when the community doesn’t support the local education. It’s even worse when half the people in the surrounding areas send their kids to places! I just don’t get it

  17. I hear ya Miranda…there is no easy answer…but we need to think clear with our minds and not our hearts…if all had done that I think it would have passed but we will have another stab at it me

  18. I would have voted yes!! I can’t believe that for 11 dollars a day people didn’t think it was worth keeping the kids safe

  19. As for location I was fine with it…sure it would be great to have it in town some where but years of environmental laws and protection have made that almost impossible. I think the location was as close to town as it could be and still meet all the requirements (like minimum 40 acres for a 1000 student Elementary building)…I know some have said kids wont be able to walk to school —I’m friends with a few teachers through the Jaycees in town and have friends from school who are teachers in other parts of the state…kids don’t walk to school anymore…they get a ride — parents are to concerned there kids will be abducted (sexually assaulted) or hurt by the weather if they walk…so they are not walking now…as far a 1.5 miles out of town? I have never heard some one saw why did they build Wal-Mart way out there by the airport almost a mile away? I will never drive that far? That’s what I think about the location if you hate it— blame the politicians they have left school no choice…Rossman and the DLHS would never—-ever—-be built today because the water table is too high by the lake… (Dang near everyone who lives within three blocks of the north end of the lake are living in a drained swamp those schools included)—
    Where would it have been better? I would never support emanate domain (at Rossman taking 15 homes or taking land from the Oak Grove Cemetery and please don’t say the fairgrounds that was never an option for about 3 good reasons number one being the family who gave the land only did so for the fair and any changes they get the land back so you can’t put a school there)
    To me this an issue with cost and over crowding and to put anything else into it is really outside the scope as too why the conversation started in the 1st place…now the over crowding has been creeping ever since I moved here 8 years ago…that being said our school do a great job—not a good one but a great one with our kids…I’m from Anoka which as some may know is the biggest district in the state at around 65,000 kids today…my class was 930 something kids (in 2001) and my high school was one of 5 within 10 miles with 3 to 4,000 kids…we never had less then 30 in any class…it can be done…and if our school is suffering from over crowding how come our kids test scores are improving? — now I’m the son of two teachers as well and both my parents would say 30 in class is too many…and you end up being in crowd control more then teaching especially in middle school…I really think this failed because the district went go big or go home…and now there home…had this been 45 million for a new school and renovations without touching the high school or middle school with the “extra’s” we would have been like the other 50 out of 57 schools and passed it…I don’t know who was on that citizens committee but from day one I knew it would fail…it was too big…and school tax’s I can say no too…city and county I can’t…they are also going up…In ten years of news in MN and IA and in that time I have covered 5 or 6 buildings and 4 or 5 operating levy’s etc…This was one of worst thought through attempts I have ever seen and the lack of prep was evident when I waited 30 minutes to cast a vote and talked with a dozen other supporters who said well I got better things to do then wait 30 min to vote…I just hope the district learns from this because they should have…
    Jake Judd
    1340 KDLM Lakes Live Host in Detroit Lakes

  20. That’s really sad. People need to understand our children should be a priority.

  21. That’s just scary.

  22. That is so sad. I feel really blessed to live in a small community where the teacher to student ratio is so low.

  23. Unfortunately there are a lot of crazy people out there so it’s imperative that we protect our kids. It’s nice to see that your school system is taking some steps to make this happen.

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