Sherman Family Saving Baby Snapping Turtles

   Yesterday as we were driving around the lake MeMe and I noticed a baby turtle attempting to cross the road. I stopped and realized that the retaining wall on the other side would trap the little snapper and would mean certain death as the return trip to the other side is just too risky.     I […]

Magic Mike…Yes Please!

Grab a tissue, you’ll need it for the drool……………… I will be going to this movie for SURE, will you?    […]

The Noise Stuck In My Head….

Just a little listen inside my head for the past couple days Can’t take these songs off repeat! What songs have been stuck in your head lately? […]

25 Most Bizarre Phobias, What Are You Afraid Of?

Some of these are pretty crazy! Browse more Humor infographics. My Phobia is Astraphobia, before you Google it, do you have any guesses what my fear is? At 5 pm tonight I will reveal why I developed this phobia.   Do you have any phobias? If not so intense, do you have any fears? […]

How People Spend Their Time Online

Infographic by- Dubai Web Design Company […]

Meet Dan Savage, Educating Young America through Q & A

   I have fallen in love with another man. Shocking right? Before you go jumping down my throat and my husband’s phone starts ringing off the hook, hear me out!  My husband knows all about him. Over the past several weeks Sherman has watched my infatuation with my new guy grow. He has watched him […]

28 Odd Facts About the Human Body

Click to enlarge While visiting Moms Bookshelf & More stop by and enter a giveaway for one month of free AD space! […]

What New Parents Should Know About #Co-Sleeping With Baby

True Statement You all know exactly what I’m talking about!  […]

American Idol Madness and the Amazing Elise Testone

I have not done a TV based post in quite some time but with the the results from last nights episode of American Idol I had to say something.  First off I would like to admit while I like American Idol I am not a die hard fan, unless there happens to be someone I really like. This year I ave se […]

Teen Heart Throbs and Growing Up, A Flash Back in Time!

   So MeMe is growing up. I know it is supposed to happen but I am not prepared at all. MeMe turns 12 in July. 12 can you believe it?! She has recently shown interest in the teen magazines like Tiger Beat, M, Twist and J14.     I remember once upon a time when I would buy and tape up all the pict […]