American Idol Madness and the Amazing Elise Testone

American Idol Madness and the Amazing Elise Testone

I have not done a TV based post in quite some time but with the the results from last nights episode of American Idol I had to say something. 

First off I would like to admit while I like American Idol I am not a die hard fan, unless there happens to be someone I really like. This year I ave several that I like in addition to my favorite. Elise Testone. She is amazing and can sing ANYTHING! She has a very raspy, smooth voice that can belt out a ballad and scream out a rock song, very versatile. 
Last night Elise and two other top performers were in the bottom three. Yes, It’s true, the top three singers were in the bottom three last night and it was the announcement that shocked the world(kinda).
After Ryan Seacrest made the bottom 3 announcement that judges had their chance to voice their reaction. Steven Tyler promptly warned the judges would absolutely be using their one and only save card.
American Idol Madness and the Amazing Elise Testone

Elise was safe but another equally amazing singer was the one to go, but with the sudden rush of judge Jennifer Lopez who bombarded the stage and interrupted her song to proclaim she is safe and what a huge mistake America made.

What does this all mean? We because the judges used their save card this week next week TWO contestants will be sent home. Yes, I said it, the bottom 2 singers will be sent home next week. 
Te contestants will sing their hearts out Wednesday night on your local Fox channel. Voting begins at the end of the show and lasts for two hours. Votes can be called in via toll free number, text messaging and online. Please, Please take a little bit of time and tune in to listen to these singers and then vote for your favorite. 
My top three favorite are Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledit. Because Elise is my fav I thought I will share some of her past performances, just to show you how great she is! I am sure you will enjoy them!

And of course my absolute favorite!!


American Idol Madness and the Amazing Elise Testone

 After watching her sing what do you think? Would you vote for those performances? 
Will you next Wednesday?

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  1. I like Skly and Colton but I missed it last night. Who was the bottom ones?

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