The Slow Destruction of Lindsay Lohan’s Life in 60 Seconds

Wow! Maybe we should title this, The Slow Destruction of Lindsay Lohan Do you think she will see this and wonder “What The Hell?” Kids pay attention, do drugs and you will be nasty, and the world will make fun of you too!  […]

How Triberr Has Helped My Blog

How Triberr Has Helped My Blog Some of you may know I am a Triberr addict! I Love Triberr and the two awesome guys that started it, Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan. Triberr has helped my blog reach new audiences and readers that might not have found me or my material. I joined Triberr quite some time a […]

Great Song; Free by Haley Reinhart

Loving this song right now! Free by Haley Reinhart […]

Cheers to The Many Varieties of BEER

Cheers! Click to Enlarge Via: That’s NerdaliciousView Other Infographics […]

Too Close by Alex Clare ..Great #Music

Thank You to Internet Explorer 9 and their newest commercial we ave all been exposed to the musical brilliance of Alex Clare. His song Too Close is featured in IE9 new commercial and it had the world frantically searching for the beat that had us all bobbin our heads Tuesday night during American I […]

Uncommon Uses for Everyday Common Stuff, Making Your Life Easier!

Source: via Gloria on Pinterest […]

We Can All Use a Little Inspiration & Motivation

A little Inspiration to get you moving this morning.  You can accomplish anything …..if you just try! Feeling Motivated and unstoppable? Lets wrap up with a little more awesome fun! to view more awesome videos by Devin find him: His Blog Facebook Twitter […]

My Name is Miranda..And I’m an Addict…..#pinterest

To Whom It May Concern,    My name is Miranda and I am an addict. Two weeks ago I was introduced to the hardest drug ever. I catch myself sneaking off throughout the day to get just a little more. I waste time seeking more and more. I have even met other addicts who spend just as much time searchi […]

Excuse Me…What Did You Say?

To Whom It May Concern,    I may not be the most intelligent individual out there. I often say stupid things and occasionally even pronounce a word wrong. My writing is not professional and would probably drive an editor to drink. I am however annoyed when people change words. You’re not Snoop Dog […]

She Stares At The Door……………..Can Anybody Help, Are They Coming to Save Her Now?

From her spot in the corner she stares at the door That door seems a million miles away Though her spot on the floor is merely feet from that door How long can one stare at the door Silently begging, pleading for the knob to turn Thoughts running rampant Please, please…someone care D […]