Excuse Me…What Did You Say?

To Whom It May Concern,
   I may not be the most intelligent individual out there. I often say stupid things and occasionally even pronounce a word wrong. My writing is not professional and would probably drive an editor to drink. I am however annoyed when people change words. You’re not Snoop Dogg or any other random rapper out there..shut up!
I love my Grandma so much. She is funny and a whip at smart assery, but she drives me crazy when she adds and R to words. For example Grandma sometimes goes to “Bermidji” to shop. No Grandma, you went to Bemidji…not now nor has it ever been Bermidji. 
My Grandma is a repeat offender, she also loves to shop at “Permida”..they might even have one in this place she calls “Bermidji”. Sorry Grandma, the store is called Pamida. When we were little kids we were told it was named Pamida because the owners were named Pat, Mike and Dave. I have no idea if it’s true or not but it might be easier for Grandma to pronounce it correctly if she knew this.
Then there’s “For all intensive purposes” really? Do you know what intensive means?
1in·ten·sive   adj \in-ˈten(t)-siv\
Definition of INTENSIVE
:of, relating to, or marked by intensity or intensification: as a : highly concentrated b : tending to strengthen or increase; especially : tending to give force or emphasis c : constituting or relating to a method designed to increase productivity by the expenditure of more capital and labor rather than by increase in scope
The correct word you are looking for is “All intents and purposes. I hope this has helped you?
One I have heard a lot while growing up was irregardless…really? Sorry dear family of mine the correct usage of this word is regardless. I must admit I was a guilty offender of improper use of this word, my Husband pointed it out to me right after we met, and you have no idea how embarrassed I was. 

Excuse Me…What Did You Say?

Those are some of the things that drive me crazy. Are there words that are used are pronounced wrong in your family or circle of friends? I would LOVE to hear what they are! Maybe this post can help someone…..or maybe it will make some of us chuckle..or maybe some of us are the guilty offenders. Nevertheless, I would love to hear from you! 

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  1. Now that I’m working hard to understand my 5 year old who has autism, mispronunciation, misspelling and imperfect grammar are goals to work towards, so I’m way less bothered by it.
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  2. I can sooo relate to this post. I’m completely guilty of being a closeted grammar nazi, especially online. I’m glad I don’t act on it though, because when I go back and read some of my posts, I find errors that would drive me insane if someone else made them.
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  3. Hahaha, I hate it when words are mispronounced, too! My grandmother used to always say she had to warsh her clothes and rinsh them before she went to Warshington! hahaha!
    My husband drives me crazy because he asks if the kids are “being have” instead of behaving. I told him to look up the damned word in the dictionary and that there is no such thing is being have!.. but I know where he got it from: his mother.
    But then he called me out because I always used to say awnry instead of ornery. *sigh* Now I say it correctly.

  4. haha! Heather, I understand you there. Two of my four have speech difficulties. I was referring more to grown adults. It drives me crazy when my Grandma nearly 80 years old still can’t seem to understand r’s do not need to be added to words.

  5. I love that cartoon. I’ve had speech difficulties all my life and they crop up every now and then. It’s not that I purposely use wrong words but I have difficulties finding the correct words. My 3 year old has speech difficulties as well. I do hate it when people purposely say things wrong.

  6. Part of it is because of where you are raised and the accents we naturally acquire. I’m originally from Ohio and most of the state turns “o” into “ya” so it becomes O-hi-ya instead of Ohio. I have to watch myself for that one. The one that drives me really crazy is adding an “r” to the end of a word when it doesn’t belong. Paul Sr, on American Chopper, does it all the time. He’ll say stuff like “He has no idear” and I will cringe! I know it’s because he’s from New York, but that doesn’t help my inner grammar nazi!
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  7. Yes I have issues with mispronunciations…I have to practice the word over and over to get it right. Is it because I’m left handed?

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