How Triberr Has Helped My Blog

How Triberr Has Helped My Blog

Some of you may know I am a Triberr addict! I Love Triberr and the two awesome guys that started it, Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan. Triberr has helped my blog reach new audiences and readers that might not have found me or my material. I joined Triberr quite some time ago when it was brand new and membership was invite only.
Using Triberr my blog feed is imported and sent out in a que known as a Tribal Stream. Members of your Tribe and Tribes you have joined Tweet your post to their followers, who may or may not follow you. Thus expanding your reach. Currently I have 2,488 followers on Twitter (@MirandaSman). However using Triberr and the Tribes I am in, my potential reach is 391,517. WOW!
Triberr has gone through a lot of changes. When I first joined there were critics and haters throughout the blogging world and Twitter. Most people were upset about being spammed due to the automatic tweet setting. Auto Tweet has for the most part been done away with. You can set certain members of your tribe to auto tweet, but it will cost you “bones” each time you do it. I have a few members set to auto but I trust their content and they have been in my tribe for quite some time.
Posts are now laid out in a tribal stream where you approve or deny a post to be tweeted. If you approve a post it is sent to a que where it will be tweeted out in the time space you have chosen. In settings I chose for tweets to be spaced every 20 minutes. I am very particular of which posts I send out, keeping material that my Twitter followers are interested in.
I usually leave the giveaway and blog hop tweets to be tweeted later in the evening. Just an FYI
Triberr has also integrated other social media sharing options to further increase your reach and growing audience. Options include Facebook Like, StumbleUpon, and Google +1.
One of the most important things to remember about Triberr and content is making sure to join and build tribes with reputable bloggers and that you trust their content.  Jumping in and joining every tribe you can think of might hurt you in the end when people are deleting your posts out of their tribal stream because your content does not appeal to them or their followers, they have no idea who you are or your content may just suck and they have sniffed you out as greedy.
I am a member of 5 Tribes 2 of which or my own. The two that I have built are All About Books and Rockin’ Bloggers. All About Books is a new tribe I just started. Members in the tribe are fellow book bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers. There are plenty of openings for this tribe so if you are interested let me know {hint, hint}. Rockin’ Bloggers is my tribe I have had since the beginning. There are 35 members and the content varies. I wanted this tribe to have awesome content that varies in topics. There are humorous bloggers, craft bloggers, cooking bloggers, SEO bloggers, tech bloggers and so much more! They have top quality content and I share all of their posts!
Of course just as most of the internet, Triberr is constantly growing, changing and evolving into newer, better things. Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan just ran through another round of updates this past weekend. The look has changed a bit and some new features have been added.
So what is in Triberr’s future? Dan Cristo told me the next major move for Triberr is full Facebook integration. I’m not certain of the full details but I am sure it will be awesome and will only help members with their reach, Facebook following and more! It also sounds like they will be developing a Triberr html plugin. They currently have a WP plugin which combines comments from the blog to Triberr and vice versa, along with other features as well. I am very anxious for the code to be released so I can add it to my blog! I will be SO excited for its release! I also predict some work including Pinterest. Neither Dan nor Dino have mentioned anything yet, but with Dino being very active in the Pinterest community and networking scene I believe they will be developing some sort of sharing capability or integration in that market as well.
I found this cool Infographic on one of Dino’s Pinterest Board.
That being said if you are not currently a member of Triberr, and have questions feel free to ask here, or you can ask the two awesome guys behind @Triberr , @dino_dogan and @dancristo Send them a Tweet, they’ll answer. You can also stop by and peruse the site, see if you are interested. Give it a try.
I would love to know, are you using Triberr? If yes, how do you like it? How much has it helped you and your blog? If you are not using Triberr I would love to hear why. 

Some of you may know I am a Triberr addict! I Love Triberr and the two awesome guys that started it, Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan. Triberr has helped my blog reach new audiences and readers that might not have found me or my material. I joined Triberr quite some time ago when it was …


How Triberr Has Helped My Blog

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  1. Very cool! Will have to give it a try!

  2. Thanks for describing it so well–I hadn’t heard of it before.
    Following from the Monthly Mingle.

  3. Hi! Visiting from the Make My Morning Blog Hop! Love this post – I’m totally curious about Triberr now and will look into it. Thx for sharing.

  4. wow this is fabulous post
    do check my last post

  5. Thank You Huda! I absolutley LOVE triberr, Dino and Dan!

  6. I decided to check this out. Feeling a bit lost at the moment, but hopefully it will a click soon. Your All About Books tribe sounds interesting!

  7. Great enthusiasm!!
    I like Triberr. I belong to Best Book Blogs tribe & I love seeing what everyone’s posting & sharing it, too. I’m interested in your All About Books tribe, definitely. I don’t know that much about stuff, but it’s fun!!
    burgandyice at live dot com

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  9. I was recently asked what platform has made the biggest difference in your business? Without hesitation, it has been Triberr! For me, it’s about the relationships I have man and the knowledge that is shared between us. The RT’s are secondary for me.
    Great post!

  10. hmmm, will have to check it out. I’ve kinda shied away from Twitter as of late, due to it being mostly auto-tweets, and shifted to Facebook, which I used to rarely use….
    Happy Tuesday, thanks for sharing!
    I’m visiting from “Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop…or Bounce!”

  11. I use Triberr too and have had some success with it..

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