Early Bird or Night Owl #RockYourBlog

Early Bird or Night Owl #RockYourBlog
    Most of my readers and social media followers are well aware of my late night shenanigans, but it’s time to officially declare…My name is Miranda, and I am a night owl. I have been for as long as I can remember. I Love late nights and as a stay at home Mom of four, late nights are my only chance for peace and quiet, other than my husband’s snoring.
I enjoy the quiet, I enjoy the stress free environment, the selection of TV programs are much better and of course I find it far more entertaining to Tweet my little head off at night! If you follow me on Twitter you will notice my most active times is during my favorite shows that I live tweet such as Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, Twisted, The Foster’s, Deadliest Catch, Jersey Housewives and so much more and late nights. I LOVE Twitter and interacting with other fellow fans, but I find myself more active at night. 
   I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember, probably stemming from the late nights hanging out on the stairs landing watching late night TV wile my parents were oblivious to my secret tv viewing spot. They may have attempted to send us to bed at an early time, but if you were careful enough to avoid the creak spots in the stairs and mange to sneak down to a comfy spot on the landing you could stay up all night watching tv, that is, if you were perfectly still, one creak and the gig is up! 
   As a teenager full of  rebellion and major issues with authoritative figures only exacerbated the late night fun as I ignored curfews to stay out late with my friends who had no curfews. I just knew if I went home I would miss something fun happening. I was determined to be out the latest, close down the parties and watch the sun come up. There were many times I was sneaking home while the sun was rising and my grandma, who happened to live next door, would open the window and bust me and my walk of shame up the deck stairs to sneak in the house before my Dad woke up and realized I was still out and about.
   As an young adult, my love for the party kept me out at bars and parties until last call playing pool, a skill I never mastered and would consider a laughable opponent, dancing and hanging out with friends. It was all in fun and I was deteremined to have as much as possible! 
   Now as a stay at home mom of four who rarely gets out my late nights is all I have for sanity, peace and quiet and hope to stay young. My outings consist of errands, doctor appointments, grocery shopping and carpool. Gone are the days of dinner and drinks with friends, girls night out, last call and other get together’s I chased since I was a little girl. 
   Now, at 32, I am content to stay home with my hubby, four kids and two dogs patiently waiting for the kids bed time to take off the bra, break out a drink or two, some ice cream, tv or Netflix and talk about extensively via my website and social media..the later the night, the nastier my tweets get haha! So, if ever in the mood for some late night fun on Twitter, let me know by tweeting me @MirandaSman for some good laughs and fun times! 

Now that you know my stance, are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?
Early Bird or Night Owl #RockYourBlog
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  1. I am definitely a night owl, right along with you. My husband gets home around 3am from work and we generally stay up til around 4am or 5am. I write a lot {and do other blgo stuff} between about 8pm and midnight {or sometimes until he gets home}. I also sometimes watch my shows. I am currently working on the first season of Golden Girls!
    Wait til your kids pay you back.

  2. I am a late night blogger too, sometimes staying up till 1:00 AM!

  3. I am an early bird blogger, I used to be a late night owl blogger. I would sometimes stay up to 2am blogging it was what I considered to be my time since hubby and kids were off to sleep. Great post!

  4. I often find myself up late blogging too.

  5. Sometimes it takes me all day to get psyched up to write, and then I am up till 2 am! I get it!

  6. I am morning-kids in school and I get writing done! I do come back at times and again before bed!

  7. Late nights are the perfect time for my husband and I to have our time together to reflect on the day and relax together. I’d hate if I weren’t up at night.

  8. I think I am a combination of both: I wake up early to do all the promotion and social media and write mostly at night. But lately I am taking my time in bed…love being able to sleep in a bit (aka 6:20 am).
    – Sofia

  9. Night owl for sure. I often climb into bed between 4 and 5am… and am back up and going between 9 and 10am. Luckily my kids like to sleep in.

  10. I love the late nights, but my kids never sleep in. I have given up late nights in lieu of going to sleep by 10 so I am not so tired the following day!

  11. I love learning when bloggers’ most productive times are. Like the picture too!

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