Labor Day 2013 – Are You Working? #RockYourBlog

Labor Day 2013 – Are You Working? #RockYourBlog
     Happy Labor Day! Today is the day that we kiss summer goodbye! Tomorrow my kids return to school along with so many others around the U.S. That is, if thy haven’t already. Most of us love this day due to the extended weekend, a last hurrah for summer, and the weekend. Many of you are enjoying the day off by sleeping in, going to the lake, fishing, swimming, closing down the cabin or other tasks marking the end of the season in anticipation of what’s to come, fall and then the dreaded winter. 
     My Husband, he gets the day off from work. He will get the opportunity to sleep in, though I doubt h will take it as he is the early, early bird, the bird that chirps around before the normal early birds wake up to seek that worm. He works best with that strong morning coffee after a deep sleep and all is still in the house. I sit here and hope he sleeps in and that he takes this day, as my son Zane would say ” take time to smell out roses with me.”
I, on the other hand, will likely sleep in, longer than normal that is. However, how late I am able to sleep in will depend on my husband’s boredom. I usually sleep in every weekend until noon(ish) but that does not mean that’s when I woke up, that’s just when I am forced out of bed, either by my aching back, heart burn, the intense need to empty my bladder or the fact that my husband has pestered me 4 times, starting at 9am. 
    My husband, the sweet dear he is, lets me sleep in on the weekends and most holidays. Sleeping in to him would be seven am, sleeping in to me is noon or later. Every time I sleep in, my husband begins to bug and pester me around nine(ish). He will crawl into bed to tell me about the insane, cute, adorable, unbelievable, horrible or any other adjective one can  think of, that has happened to him up to that point. As I lay there barely opening my eyes I kick him out to continue my slumber. This routine continues about three more times until I finally wake up and join the family downstairs. 
    I am certain this will be the case in the morning, being it is almost three am and my husband has been sleeping since nine! So I look forward to sleeping in, again. But from there, as a stay at home mom, my day will be typical, only with back up from Dad! Work as usual! 
    It will be just another day, no big plans other than early bed times for the kids as bright and early Tuesday morning, three out of four of my little Sherman kids will be back in school full time. This will give me some special time with my little guy Broden, but at the same time, this will be the first year he will be home with mom, all day long, with no siblings. This scares me, but at the same time I am excited for this one on one bonding time! Each of my kids have ad this one on one time with me and it is always so special and they all refer to those times we had together. 
    So to sum it up, I will be working this Labor Day, just with a much later start than normal..and I will LOVE every minute of it!! 
What do you have planned this Labor Day?
Labor Day 2013 – Are You Working? #RockYourBlog
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  1. Monday is giveaway day so I am working for a few hours.
    But I am at Disney and hitting the parks after, so it is not too bad!

  2. Well, I too will be working. I just got out of the hospital so I am not allowed to go anywhere but I’m still going to enjoy some of this day with the kids…just in doors. Back To School they go….yay…lol

  3. I’m sick with allergies.

  4. We went to Pigeon Forge for the weekend. I am with you, though. The intense need to go to the restroom almost always wakes me up, lol! Ah, the joys of being a woman!

  5. YES, yes I AM working on my blog on my day off! It is sad to see the summer end, but I am glad the kids go back to school!

  6. It’s rainy out today so we are staying indoors and working on getting ready for our move by decluttering, etc!

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