Boiling With Rage – New Form of Online Bullying in Fargo, ND

Boiling With Rage – New Form of Online Bullying in Fargo, ND

Boiling With Rage – New Form of Online Bullying in Fargo, NDIt has been quite awhile since the last edition of Boiling With Rage News but today I stumbled upon an issue that has riled me up again. Valley News Live, a news station in Fargo, ND, a short 45 minutes from here, reported on their Facebook page this afternoon a story that would seem non-relevant to most. However, if readers click through the link, taking them to an account on Twitter, a popular social media site. The account called to attention is fargosouthconfession by @Brutalbruin1 who’s description “All tweets are anonymous confessions sent in and I just copy and paste them” has 192 followers and a total of 97 tweets thus far..and counting. So about now you are wondering, what’s the big deal?
The premise of this account is high school students messaging tweets to the “moderator” who then tweets them out using the hashtag  #bruinconfessions I have read through the tweets and I am DISGUSTED! Not only are there sexually suggestive tweets, but tweets that are downright bullying!
Here are a few examples of what I have found:

“the things id do to Chloe Horton….. Ohh wait” #bruinconfessions
— fargosouthconfession (@Brutalbruin1) March 20, 2013

“I buy heroin from hobo Sam in the fourth stall” #bruinconfessions
— fargosouthconfession (@Brutalbruin1) March 20, 2013

“Nykki and sheyenne are two of the biggest bitches ever!” #bruinconfessions
— fargosouthconfession (@Brutalbruin1) March 20, 2013

“Alex Dubord needs to go back to his tee pee, the pow wow is calling his name” #bruinconfessions
— fargosouthconfession (@Brutalbruin1) March 20, 2013

The so-called moderator is claiming that this is freedom of speech, which I agree, to an extent. As a blogger I strongly support the right to free speech but as a mother of four, I am adamantly against bullying and underage sexual commenting, etc. I feel this twitter account is against school policy, could be targeted as underage sexual acts with minors, in the way that these are high school aged children, and the tweets are often full of sexual crude content. There must be some sort of legal issue here. 
Teens tweeting in these messages must also keep in mind, while the initial tweets are anonymous, the retweets and favorites are not! Any user can click on the profile images retweeting (sharing) and favorite these tweets, that alone is certainly against school policy, you are furthering the message, you are participating in online bullying!
I can’t even imagine how parents of Fargo South High School are feeling. What are their thoughts? Are their kids participating and if they are will they be punishing them?
What are your thoughts on this hot topic issue?
**Update 10:54pm – Since the original publishing of this post, the twitter account @Brutalbruin1 has “locked” their twitter account for privacy, allowing only approved users to see their tweets.**

Now one must ask themselves how far will this behavior go since the account has become private and outsiders can not see what’s going on!

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

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  1. there are limits that should be kept in place!£.. i don’t like this

  2. wow! I had no idea that this was going on. This disgusts me more than I can say! If I found out that one of my kids were sending in tweets to this twitter account, they would never see another online site again! Why do people make these stupid, idiotic things online so others can talk s$#t about other kids or to scare other kids. Where are the parents of this boy who made this twitter account? Do they even know? I bet they don’t know and probably don’t care. I am so glad I found this page and read this. I will be watching my kids to make sure they don’t do something as stupid like this.

  3. i think kids are doing worse than this, using twitter and facebook to post nearly naked pics of themselves, bullying, faking identities to pull pranks, i think it is all alarming,

  4. Oh wow, cyberbulling to a different level. I definitely don’t think that this should be allowed. Sure, it’s freedom of speech to an extent, but bullies are using it to their advantage to post stuff like that.

  5. I agree that it is in very poor taste, but you have idiots in the world like that unfortunately…

  6. This behavior shouldn’t be allowed. Are parents aware of this? If my kid did that……it wouldn’t be good!!

  7. Unfortunately free speech allows for nastiness. Sad, really. They forget what their mamas taught them: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  8. This is a very difficult issue to police. Free speech does have a place, even if cruel or in poor taste. People are hurt by this though, and lives can be ruined or even lost through this kind of bullying.

  9. Unfortunately, I think this type of thing has always happened; it’s just becoming more visible thanks to the internet. It’s still sad, though.

  10. It doesn’t surprise me. I am disgusted what people do and say using the guise of free speech. No one cares about respect or hurting others feelings at all.

  11. I hate all forms of bullying

  12. This should not be allowed at all.

  13. Bullying isn’t okay in any form, but I have to say that this issue is kind of old hat already. It sucks, it really does, but I graduated years ago and my high school was having the same problem. It’s going to take more than one specific target and a whole bunch of arguing to get it taken down (which, it should be).

  14. Wow! That last comment is brutal! As parents we need to watch for signs as well as not tolerate disrespect from our kids of any kind.

  15. I have 3 teenagers so this kind of things really worries me, I wish twitter would ban this sort ofpage, their must be some rules , I understand how important free speech is but I dont think this is the type of thing we are trying to protect and it must be breaking some law, harassment or slander or something?

  16. Are you kidding me? Twitter allows this? So if it is private now, these so called “users only” people can post sexual content, bullying messages and etc. as long as the outside public cannot see them. It’s ok? Wrong answer.

  17. Thank you for sharing! This is definitely an important issue that needs a change!

  18. It is unfortunate that free speech makes us have to read and listen to this garbage.

  19. This is appalling and the twitter site should be removed immediately.

  20. Oh and those were the PG comments, there were A LOT of XXX rated comments that I didn’t dare post on my blog! All of them using actual names of kids, this is taking “call suzie for a good time” on a bathroom stall to the EXTREME!

  21. Agreed, poor taste. Some people have nothing better to do than be cruel and tasteless.

  22. This scares me for my granddaughters. I hate bullying.

  23. There’s freedom of speech and then there is this, this is disgusting and disturbing.

  24. Horrible. Definitely a form of bullying and harassment. I hadn’t heard about this; thanks for sharing.

  25. Bullies need to be dealt with in stricter manor

  26. Parents should definitely have a hand in this as much as they can and try to prevent this kind of communication. We need to try to stop bullying as a country and never say its okay. Thank you so much for sharing this meaningful topic.

  27. Wow this is horrible I have two sons one is 7 and one is going to be 13 and if they are on the computer I check everything I have any and all passwords and they have no twitter. I worry everyday about them being bullied because they have been raised to be nice and respect other people and those are the kids that get picked on now.

  28. I am shocked that the school has allowed this to continue. What is wrong with these kids that it makes them feel better about themselves by saying mean hurtful things about other kids. This twitter account should be shut down.

  29. Yes we have freedom of speech, but we also are required to be responsible. These are minors for criminy sake and in my opinion just wrong on so many levels.

  30. This is so scary. It just amazes me the role social media plays today in bullying and other behavior like what happened with that rape case where the high school kids where posting tweets about it. It’s so scary and makes me wonder if the parents of these kids are involved in their lives. I know I am already teaching my children about respecting everyone and about using social media wisely. So SCARY!

  31. I am not surprised. Things are getting worse and worse. Somethings gotta change.

  32. That is disgusting! I can’t believe this is going on!

  33. This is so very sad Thank you for sharing this post!

  34. freedom of speech crossed the line when are personal attacks!
    I hope bullying stop some day soon, kids are really suffering with this, and its ot only in USA ots all ober the world!

  35. I just found your blog through a blog hop and saw this posted jus looking around. That is disgusting and wrong. People do not know how the person these things are being said about feel or care. Its bullying and in a way slander. There are laws against both as well as discrimination and as I read a lot of that happened. Freedom of speech can only go so far!

  36. I just do not understand why people are so ignorant. It really is disappointing to think that these are who will be coming into power when we are much older. ***Shakes head**** I think the whole thing is ridiculous! Twitter is just another joke for me.

  37. Cyber-bullying is just terrible! People are ready to do/tweet/write a lot of bad stuff if they know they can be anonymous. Most of them would never have the courage to say those things to one`s face or take the responsibility for what they do or say. This is just wrong!

  38. Bullying is always lame, but this type of trolling is nothing new. Just a new way of doing the same old thing. Still, it’s always a little shocking seeing how cruel and disgusting people can be.

  39. It is just terrible how the kids just come up with more and more ways to bully!

  40. Cyber bullies are coward. They can’t go out and say what they think but they have stay safe behind a nickname and bully people… Too bad there isn’t actually a way to control people like that. The messages they sent just have to be seen once to do the damage and whatever happens after that, it’s already too late…

  41. There is freedom of speech then there is stupidity. Bullys don’t need another forum, and that’s is exactly what that account is.

  42. Whoa. Now that is so insane! Thank gosh I do not have kids.

  43. We have freedoms in this country, but those freedoms have limitations. When your comments harass, or harm someone, they have crossed that line and no longer fall under the freedom of speech category.

  44. Hopefully the adminstration, pta and other powers of be will not pass this off as “kids do stupid things” but actually take a stand and make sure this stops
    And we thought slam books were horrible in the 70’s

  45. Bullying is a very wrong thing to do..My Grandson who is only 8 is being bullied in his school right now and nothing is being done about it from the teachers..Not right at all..

  46. I can’t believe people can be this mean to each other. You shouldn’t say anything over the internet that you wouldn’t say in offline.

  47. Maybe if parents raised their kids better all this stuff wouldn’t be going on.

  48. This is so disgusting. No one teaches their children to respect anyone or anything. It all comes down to that one simple law (whether you are religious or not): Do unto others as you would have done to you. It’s the one absolute I try to instill in my kids. Feel very sorry for kids growing up now

  49. The increasing use of social media makes it so much easier for teens and others to bully at any time. It is disappointing so many people use the resources they have for negativity and hurtfulness.

  50. This needs to be blocked and stopped , but i cant see why anyone would do this and send these messages in the first place!!

  51. What an appalling idea. It never ceases to amaze me how creative kids can be when it comes to bullying. Can you imagine what a better place the world would be if they would direct that creativity towards being kind?

  52. This just horrible. As a teacher I just hate how much more bullying happens because of the Internet which I think can be such a good thing if it weren’t for this.

  53. This is so sad, it shouldn’t be allowed.

  54. Bullying is so wrong. How can another kid tell someone else that they are not good enough or whatever. They have no right at all. As a parent of a bullied child I am so outraged at this. I can only imagine how the parents feel. Thanks for sharing this post. Something has to be done.

  55. This is just horrible.

  56. It simply amazes me the length some people will go to to be mean to other people. If they would simply harness that energy toward something positive, the world could be a much better place.

  57. This is just wrong, it should be brought to the school board’s attention and action should be taken. This is how cyber bully starts and it should be stopped now not later.

  58. Cyber bullying is so bad. My daughter won’t be allowed to have social media accounts for a long time and THIS is why!

  59. It’s so sad to see that people take such delight in bullying. This has always happened, but with social media it has gotten out of control. Check out the page “Putting a Face on Suicide” on Facebook and you will see the faces of children who couldn’t handle the bullying anymore and ended their lives. Look at those faces, some as young as 9, and tell me that this type of cyber bullying is freedom of speech. What about their rights to be protected by adults who should know better.

  60. What’s wrong with people today? Don’t they have better things to do than to ruin other people’s lives??? JEEESH!

  61. This is so sad in more ways than one.

  62. That’s just sad. What’s wrong with parents these days not showing their children manners and how respect.

  63. I believe in freedom of speech, but this is too disturbing to tolerate, thanks!!
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  64. that is crazy!?!?

  65. This shouldn’t be allowed.

  66. Online bullying is never okay.

  67. The youth have completely lost it these days, and it seems one can say anything they like on these social networks. On Twitter, it is very hard to control, or I should say, impossible to control what people say. I doubt it will change any time soon.

  68. It’s awful that this could ever be allowed

  69. This is so shocking. I agree that there’s fredom of speech but what has happened to the golden rule and respect towards others? Wow!

  70. sad day

  71. Oh this is just stupid. I’m not sure if it’s technically illegal but that still doesn’t make it right.

  72. Someone needs to deal with these bullies, it is just sad that people want to treat others this way.

  73. Its horrible, the whole bullying thing is just bad for all.

  74. I have to say, in my opinion, it all goes back to the lack of discipline in homes.

  75. The freedom of speech crossed the line when the personal attack began.
    What happened to quiet enjoyment?
    Our laws really need to catch up with modern technology and the ones already in place need to be enforced.

  76. It’s unfortunate that bullies are everywhere! It’s even worse in cyberspace. So sad.

  77. I think this could become real dangerous real fast. Who knows what’s going on in that account now and what if there are some legitimate threats made? Will anyone stop them? And freedom of speech is no excuse for bullying. A threat is a threat and no one should be “free” to make one.

  78. I’m speechless…and disturbed.

  79. Does anyone know where the previously public tweets can be viewed? Is it archived somewhere?

  80. When I was in high school, a girl created a blog to trash talk me. It was just awful. I hate that bullying is becoming more widespread and I really hope that there’s a way to stop (or at least minimize) it in the near future.

  81. I dont understand how people can be so cruel! This is just awful!

  82. I believe clicking on the hashtag link above will bring you to all the content with tat hashtag prior to the privacy change.

  83. It’s wrong, but it’s so hard to get Twitter to intervene:/

  84. Disgusting. Definitely should not be allowed

  85. thats really disturbing, if I was a parent in that school I would definitely complain, those comments can be downright hurtful and quiet damaging especially being out on the open in the internet like that. I cannot believe that the twitter account even exists.

  86. This is sad. A place where one can be bullied by un-named others who are hiding in anonymity. There are no repercussions to the ones posting. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the bullying that occurs these days. Does society hate themselves so much that we have to direct it towards the young who have had no chance to develope coping skills. We have adults trying to teach these skills who have never dealt with the issues at hand. I know my thoughts are jumbled here but, hopefully someone understands what I am trying to say.

  87. That’s really disturbing. The world we live in, it should be safe for kids & not ruin their innocence. Unfortunately, that is not possible anymore as people can invisibly hurt our kids now, and it feels helpless.

  88. That is just so wrong, twitter should do something against it!

  89. This is wrong! I mean really can people stop making it okay to do something like this! We need to stop making excuses for kids who bully saying they’re just kids being kids! Because as a kid I never had the urge to tell some kid that he was fat or ugly or stupid! This may not have started out that way but it is going to end being a site for hate and mean comments.

  90. I am scared for my kids to get older and deal with these issues. I will monitor their online use when the time comes and hope that other parents are doing the same.

  91. It shouldn’t be allowed, but we couldn’t control anything on social media network.

  92. Bulling is something I don’t recall ever dealing with as a child. But this kind of bullying should be stopped. Is there any way that twitter can shut that account down at all?

  93. High school was scary enough when I was there…I can’t imagine how much more complicated the Internet and social media make it now. This is really worrisome.

  94. Its horrible and wrong!!

  95. This is sick and disturbing. Teenagers should have much better and constructive things to do with their time rather than spending it on these social perversions. This is an abuse of rights of free speech and should be deemed a criminal act.

  96. It’s quite sad. I don’t think that this behavior should be allowed.

  97. That’s why I don’t have a Twitter account, so that I wouldn’t have to read such ‘confessions’.

  98. should be ashamed of themselves

  99. This is so horrible! I think twitter should close out the account of the moderator!

  100. Wow! Free speech is one thing but it shouldn’t mean a free pass to saying offensive and cruel things! I’m glad you are raising awareness about this tweeter!

  101. This is not about freedom of speech – this is about lack of limits. They are still kids, in highschool. They should not be allowed to do whatever they want. It’s not just absurd, but scary too.

  102. This makes me sad and it’s unacceptable!

  103. I hate all forms of bullying. This is really sad when I read about something like this.

  104. This is terrible and shouldn’t be allowed

  105. This behavior shouldn’t be allowed.

  106. Wow never heard of this before, that is insane.

  107. I am for freedom of speech, but all freedom has limitations and responsibilities. There’s nothing good in bullying.

  108. This is freaking disgusting, and if there were a way to get this person to shut this down I would sign up to make it happen. This is absolutely horrifying, honestly. Ugh….

  109. Freedom of speech is fine but they should think before they tweet.Verbal abuse scars last longer & bullying leads next to nothing.

  110. This is mean. It’s already bad being bullied face-2-face, now on cyber space, it’s there for everyone to see over and over again.

  111. I wish people could/would learn to ignore online content that is mean and anonymous. If someone isn’t willing to put their name to something, it makes you wonder. It is also interesting that this person said they were trying to post anonymous confessions, but a lot of the tweets are attacks.

  112. I keep telling people and it’s my firm belief that teens and young child are not being taught how to deal with others not like them, kindness, and anger management. Kids without these skills are acting with rage and anger first. *stepping off my soap box now*

  113. Not cool at all. I’m all for freedom of speech, too, but not when it insults, demeans, abuses, or degrades anyone in any way.

  114. That’s downright disgusting!!! This needs to be stopped.

  115. This is not right, something should be done.

  116. I am so saddened by people these days…I just find that there’s no respect for other people’s feelings, they get carried away with these “rights”, just no common courtesy . Free speech is great when it’s not abused, and this to me is classic abuse of such a wonderful freedom that so many people take for granted. It seems that the people in North America have forgotten that not every human being in this world has access to what they do, full bellies, proper clothing, proper shelter. I don’t think you ever have the right to hurt someone on purpose, or to be unkind. I still always go by what my mom said to me…if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. That doesn’t mean that I dont speak my mind, but you can do it in a tactful way that doesn’t intend to hurt. ..I could keep going…that is why i tend not to pay attention to stuff like this. It drives me bonkers!!

  117. I agree with the comment above that schools should have absolutely no right to intervene on a student’s Twitter or Facebook account. That is an invasion of privacy. However, hate speech should not be tolerated and something should be done by Twitter to stop this account from going any further.

  118. Wow that is not right… my boys would be in big trouble if they ever did that.

  119. I feel others peoples rights go only as far as they stop interferring with others rights This is not right! Period!

  120. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Sadly, though, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  121. They think they’re cool with bullying. Why does this bullying ever stop?

  122. Had not idea this was going on, but am not surprised. Life was simpler before social media, but bullying and badmouthing has always been around unfortunately.

  123. I saw a couple girls’ names put up by guys claiming to have had sex with them. That is appalling. I just talked to the principal and when I said that about guys putting girls’ names up and to just be aware of any sexual harassment that could be going on as a result, he said “well, girls are saying stuff about guys that just aren’t true, too”. Really? My city is run by misogynists. They do not give a crap about the girls who have to go to school one day only to find out that they are being called “sluts” because Jimmy and Johnny Doe decided to make a “confession” over Twitter the night before. Call the principal at South Fargo High and see what he has to say about it to you and ask his to stand up against any sexual harassment that can happen as a result of this atrocious blog.

  124. This is just like seeing graffiti in a public restroom! It’s tasteless and very inappropriate!

  125. On one hand: yeah, they have the freedom of tweet, so to speak. On the other: doesn’t Twitter have restrictions and rules? Some things should not be allowed… Maybe that’s something to wonder-does Twitter restrict ANYTHING? If so, what is it?

  126. This is terrible. It’s amazing how people use the internet to be horrible in an anonymous way

  127. This makes me sad. So many people use the anonymity of the internet to give voice to their alternate personalities.

  128. Wow…one more thing to worry about now. Amazing how mean kids can be to others.

  129. This is really unfortunate.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. Bullying is unacceptable. Hopefully, the teachers and parents can be more proactive regarding the issues that have been brought to light through the initial public tweets.

  132. Kids do as much a) their parents do; b) or as much as their parents let them get away with it. There’s a reason my net time was supervised until I was 16.

  133. Parents need to monitor their child’s social media accounts.

  134. Wow… I can’t even fathom this. Kids these days.

  135. Wow! Just wow!

  136. Very disturbing and becoming more common place.

  137. This is so sad! It makes me sick to think that there are kids that mean in this world.

  138. My kids have been bullied. My daughter got beat up and she was suspended for defending herself. I had to take my son out of middle school and start homeschooling him because he was teased for being one of the only kids to not have been called down to the principal’s office. I think it is outrageous and more needs to be done in the schools.

  139. That’s really disturbing.

  140. absolutely sickening, but can you do? we live in the digital age now where most kids will have some sort of unrestricted/unmonitored net access. All we can do is try to teach our kids good morals and hope for the best

  141. It is a different world with social media. Parents have a hard time keeping up with the reach and longer term repercussions of virtual bullying. legislation has not caught up yet either.

  142. It’s sad, scary and unacceptable… I don’t know what I would do if it was my kid (but it won’t be because I’d rather kill him myself…).

  143. Thanks for this great giveaway

  144. Freedom of speech does not include hurting others. It was meant to for the people to speak freely about the government with out fear of punishment. I’m SICK of people trashing others and claiming “Freedom of Speech”! NO NO NO!!

  145. Freedom of speech is fine, but that doesn’t include the freedom to bully from the shadows. If you’re gonna say things like that, the victims at least deserve to know your name! Anonymous bull.

  146. Definitely sounds like bullying.

  147. Cyber bullying is cowardice. And should not be allowed at all. Social media outlets should just close down all such account as they only hurt people.

  148. This is not necessary.

  149. this should definitely not be allowed. Really disturbing. But It doesn’t surprise me.

  150. The world is so much more complicated for today’s children. I was bullied in elementary and middle school, and I can’t even imagine how much worse it would have been had there been social media. I really don’t know what the solution to this issue is. Social media isn’t going anywhere. I guess doing your best as parents to teach children right from wrong, and how to treat others with respect and kindness is the biggest thing.
    Kerri, kerbear560 at yahoo dot com

  151. So sick and tired of hearing about kids 1st grade through highschool just downright being horrible human beings to each other and I think the constant media – tv, computers, ipods, ipads, cellphones are to blame for the brush fire that is bullying. Every generation has had bullying of some degree. But the kind of bullying you hear in todays news makes a lot of these “kids” sound like sociopaths with no empathy to their peers and little fear of any consequences for their actions which is very disturbing to me.

  152. It definitely should be stopped. Seems like a problem that is growing even worse.

  153. I think it’s disgusting and this is why I fear for the day my children start middle/high school.

  154. Wow, this should definitely not be allowed. I can see how this can get out of hand rather quickly and it is already well on its way.

  155. stop builleying

  156. Oh, UGH!!! I despise hearing about things like this. Those tweets, and the person running that account, are definitely in violation of a school policy. There have been plenty of kids who have gotten in trouble with their schools because of what they have said on social media sites.
    I do hope it is stopped soon and those students learn from this.

  157. Wow, that just goes too far and school officials need to deal with this as the parents of the teen who mans the twitter account. We didn’t have this kind of technology when I was in highschool, but things like this were still out there. We had kids who put out school newsletters and passed them out in mass amounts and bashing other students in the newsletters. It’s always there, just the avenues are getting bigger and reaching a bigger audience. As the parent of three kids, I have taught them about right and wrong and how to treat others and I hope they would never do anything like this or be on the attacked end as well

  158. this is horrible!!! things need to change!

  159. This comment has been removed by the author.

  160. As someone who was bullied for most of school, I hate the thought of this. However, I don’t agree at all with the school board getting involved to shut it down. Not only do I not think they have the authority to shut down this twitter account or any other website/blog, but for them to try to find out who is running it or posting would be a complete overstep of their authority. I think their best recourse is to notify parents that it exists and the need to them to take action to discuss bullying with their children. This is not a school board issue, its a parental issue. The parents of these kids need to take responsibility.

  161. Those secret tweeters may feel like it’s a joke, but it’s certainly not to the people they target. It’s completely wrong but I feel powerless to stop the cyberbullying. I hope some good tweeps have reported the twitter account.

  162. Ew. People are terrible, especially when anonymous

  163. Have you seen the documentary ‘Bully’? If not, I highly recommend it and your library probably has it.

  164. Bullying in any form is horrible. I really think it needs to be banned.
    Michelle Tucker

  165. People are idiots. I can’t believe stuff like this is happening

  166. It’s really appalling behavior

  167. It makes me sad that while the kids don’t recognize this as bullying. I think a lot of the TV reality shows portray this type of crap as “normal” and we are raising our kids on this.

  168. This is outrageous. It’s the 21st century. Bullying shouldn’t still exist.

  169. I don’t think this should be allowed. It should be stopped!

  170. This is a tough one. I definitely see how the account is supporting bullying, but at the same time I don’t think school policy should dictate student Twitter accounts. That seems like quite an overreach. Students need to be able to express themselves on their own personal accounts without being censored by their school, unless they are directly threatening or harassing other students. Which is what is happening here, so it should stop. But I don’t think schools should be able to shut down student accounts just for naughty words and content they don’t like. But for threats and harassment? Yes.

  171. so sad and unbelieveable

  172. This shouldn’t be allowed.

  173. sadly a lot of people hide behind their computers and say things they wouldn’t have enough nerve to say to a person’s face. A lot of parents don’t monitor their children and let them do whatever.

  174. This behavior is sick.

  175. I wouldn’t let my children use social media accounts untill they’d have the right age+I’d frequently keep an eye on it and even befriend them!

  176. Not a fan.
    mestith at gmail dot com

  177. This is disgusting and should not be tolerated.

  178. With advance technology- bullying is getting worse. In the name of the first amendment, everyone thinks they are right. When in reality, their rights end as soon as another begins.

  179. Discusting!

  180. Wow that is really sad and messed up : (

  181. Bullying is too common. We need to bring more attention to it. Thank you!

  182. Great post.

  183. Freedom of speech is good, but people bullying others in the name of “freedom of speech” are cruel. Surely those bullies don’t have to do this on the Internet? This is the worst kind of bullying.

  184. I understand freedom of speech but this is crazy. Bullying is a huge problem and not only does this account allow this content they publish it! As for the sexual content posting what you want to do to someone is just disgusting. It just shows how much parents need to monitor what their kids are doing on the internet. My kids are fast approaching the age of social networking and I’m not looking forward to it.

  185. This is sooo sad!

  186. Wow, awful!

  187. When I read it I think maybe it’s made up or someone with the time on their hands to gather ammunition against stupid people.

  188. This is no freedom of speech, but bullying. No question here. I am DISGUSTED too!

  189. Kids can be so terrible. Somehow we need to stop the bullying as well as teach our children to stand up for themselves, online and offline.

  190. This is all very sad and messed up…bullying is NEVER okay!
    Ashley A

  191. oh yikes! this makes me feel sick! i know kids are gonna do some crazy stuff no matter what but where are the parents?

  192. Not cool…freedom of speech has a spot but not to belittle other people!

  193. Perfect title.

  194. I find it totally appalling!

  195. I use twitter for book contests only, I think people should keep their thoughts to their self.

  196. I am not sure how we go about controlling media in this day and age along with not violating free speech. Bullying should not be tolerated, but I am not sure how we need to go about putting an end to it.

  197. It’s so easy to bullying someone online now and I have the feeling some teenagers think it’s not a big deal. This is all just sad.

  198. my kids are not old enough yet, but damn…i will be monitoring.

  199. Ugh, that makes me sick. Kids are exposed to enough without having to have this type of thing going on.

  200. I totally agree with you. I don’t think bullying is right and I think freedom of speech goes only so far. People shouldn’t abuse freedom!

  201. I am not surprised. Things are getting worse and worse. Somethings gotta change.

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