News that Makes Me Rant! ..Bumbo Broke Baby Colby because of Toys R Us and Lowe’s Hates Muslims…

News that Makes Me Rant! ..Bumbo Broke Baby Colby because of Toys R Us and Lowe’s Hates Muslims…As you all know I am not a news blogger. The scope of my blog ranges from humor, mom, parenting, books…that type of thing. 
But…occasionally I come across a headline or a topic that inspires me to put my two cents in. This week I have managed to have two topics fall into my target of ranting.
Today I am pissed! Ticked Off! Time to vent..Here’s the plan…I will give you a quick recap of the news…link to the full article if you want to check it out and then it is my time to voice my opinion…..and of course rant and bitch! 

Kevin and Lucy Ferrell bought a Bumbo seat from Toys R Us. Their 9 month old son Colby fell out of the seat by arching his back and flipping out. Colby suffered a fractured skull from the fall. 
The Ferrell family filed suit against the South African company Bumbo and Toys R Us. Toys R Us is accused of knowingly stocking a dangerous product that has caused injuries. 
Are you kidding me? This is bullshit! While I feel horrible that a baby has suffered major injuries and was badly hurt I place blame directly on the parents.  
“He arched his back up and he kind of flipped out of it sideways and backwards and rolled right off (the table),” Kevin Ferrell says. “It just happened in a split second.” – By Mitch Lipka | Reuters 

News that Makes Me Rant! ..Bumbo Broke Baby Colby because of Toys R Us and Lowe’s Hates Muslims…There is a warning right on the box and the seat stating it is only to be used on the floor.  Why was their baby up on a table? What were you doing that you couldn’t reach right over and grab poor Colby?
News that Makes Me Rant! ..Bumbo Broke Baby Colby because of Toys R Us and Lowe’s Hates Muslims…We had a Bumbo for Brody. We loved it. Brody also did the arch maneuver. He rolled out once, onto to the carpet, looking over laughing at us…because the seat was on the floor…..he was not injured. It was at that point we realized our little guy had grown out of the Bumbo. It was the last time he used it, we later passed it on.
Here’s my point. Drop the fucking lawsuit. There are warnings all over this damn seat and they still had the 9 month old child up on a damn table. This is human error, not product malfunction. Take some fucking responsibility. I am so sick of people taking a shitty situation and trying to pass the blame onto someone or something else! 
Why the fuck are you involving Toys R Us? They have no damn part in this! They stock the product so you blame them? That makes about as much sense as the fucking Pikeys on the movie Snatch! How is it their fault that a product was purchased at their store as a gift to you and you sue them for your inability to read a fucking warning label? 
You’re acting like Kris Jenner right now, STOP! I hope a court throws this out and the company counter sues your ass for flat out slander and stupidity! 
 Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse pulled their advertising segment this week after a conservative Christian group criticized and threatened to boycott the retail giant. A conservative group known as the Florida Family Association said the program was “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values”.
 Lowe’s you piece of shit! What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you even watched the fucking show? How dare you pull this shit? You have royally fucked yourself and your future sales! People are ticked off and ashamed! 
TLC’s “All American Muslim” shows the life of Muslims in America from Dearborn, Michigan. I have watched the show from the beginning and have learned quite a bit. I find the show fascinating and intriguing.
First off let me start with the religion aspect. Muslims are very peaceful. Religion and their faith are very present in their life and culture. 
The terrorists you read and hear about are different. They are extremists and should not represent the religion as a whole! They are rogue and do not share the same beliefs as the majority of Muslims across the world. How dare society group the two and refer to them as the same. That’s not only unfair but it’s ignorant. When you do such a thing, you come off as very closed minded and uneducated.
Every faith has this issue. Keep that in mind! 
There are extremists in every religion. For example, Warren Jeffs. He is a low life piece of shit that raped and molested hundreds, maybe thousands of women, girls and young boys. He preached extreme beliefs and laws. We can’t hardly look at him and his fucked up cronies as the definition of Latter Day Saints, Mormons or even normal practicing polygamy such as the Brown family. Warren Jeffs is the outcast, the extreme. He and his definition of Mormonism and the religion is not the norm and is shunned and despised by the Mormon Church and The Latter Day Saints but also by practicing Polygamists. 
There is also the psycho America hating Westboro Baptist Church and their piece if shit leader Fred Phelps. It would be despicable to refer to them as the standard in the Baptist Church belief. My Father in law would have a conniption fit if I were associate the two and assume they were the same. They are not, not even close! Fred Phelps and his asshole following are an outcast in their own town for their outrageous and deplorable beliefs and convictions. They are extremists! 
Those examples alone should prove a point! 
Moral of this story – Lowe’s you are a douche bag and I am disgusted that you would succumb to such outward public racism and bigotry. What the fuck was going through your mind, did you really think that people would not be upset? Why the fuck would you bow down like that? You are a bitch and you just fucked up your companies name and reputation. You better sit down with your CFO and adjust next years budget because your profits are going to be falling fucker!
On a side note……
Cheers for the amazing California State Senator Ted Lieu. He too is calling for a boycott………
Against Lowe’s calling the company “un-American” and “naked religious bigotry”.
He told the Associated Press that he is considering legislative action if Lowe’s does not apologize to Muslims and reinstate its ads. He also plans on looking into California state law to see if Lowe’s violated any of them, and possibly drafting a senate resolution condemning the company’s actions. 
Cheers also need to be given to Russell Simmons for trying to purchase the advertising slot during the show! You fucking rock! Russell you are an inspiration and Man of action! 
Sign the petition here to tell companies to fight back against bigotry, racism and fear.
To meet the families and check out the show stop by TLC’s site All American Muslim
That being said, what are your views? Do you feel the Ferrell family have a case? Why or Why not? What are your feelings and opinions of Lowe’s and TLC’s All American Muslim show? Have you watched it?
I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  2. I couldn’t agree more on the whole Bumbo issue. Seriously, I think parents are looking for some magic device that raises their kids for them. Who sits there kid on on a table in anything? I’m pretty sure this is nothing more than using their kid as a get rich quick pawn. Poor kid.

  3. Steve Finnell….no thanks

  4. Plum…
    I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is one of the most awesome posts I have read all year. THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts on both of these issues. I could have written these myself. Our views are that similar.
    I want to share a post I wrote about the subject of Muslims and what I have learned from working with some personally. I hope you enjoy it:

  6. I can honestly say I agree wholeheartedly on both cases. I too had a bumbo for both of my kids, and they sat on the floor.
    As for the ignorant and bigoted act by Lowes, I am ashamed. Having lived the last 8 years of my life in Muslim countries – I can tell you its not a terrorist religion anymore than any other religion. People should do their homework, and open their eyes. The world is better place when you do.
    heart you!
    New follower from the hop!

  7. i agree completly on the bumbo issue! its not bumbos or toysRus’ fault that the prents cant read!obviously its unsafe to put any type of baby chair on top of a table! hello!! use your brain!!

  8. I don’t feel like I know enough to know about the Ferrells. Yeah, there are warning stickers all over the thing and they still had the baby on the table. But there are a large number of reported injuries, even from kids on the floor. It sounds like a simple restraint might limit the problem. The warning stickers seem like they are a ‘cover your butt’ kind of thing designed to dodge a possibly real responsibility.
    I hate overlitigation, though, and I do agree: there WAS a sticker; the kid WAS on the table.
    But I think this one is more complex than it seems on the surface.
    Lowe’s? Cut and dried, I’m on your side. Those assholes are completely in need of some boycottery.

  9. We had a Bumbo and they were brilliant. If you chose to ignore warnings and put your child on a table then you cant blame a company that stocks them. I would say this was a terrible accident, the parents were to blame and it had nothing to do with the comapny!

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  11. Wow I hate sue happy people. Stupid freaking ….*deep breath*. I am right with you on hoping it gets thrown out of court. but in this day and age I have little faith for courts making smart logical decisions.
    And the lowe’s thing just makes me sick at my stomach.

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