Boiling With Rage News – Cheerios Backlash Edition

Boiling With Rage News – Cheerios Backlash Edition
     This week I watched one of the best commercials from Cheerios yet! The little girl strolls up to her Mom in the kitchen asking whether Cheerios was heart healthy or not. The little girl is absolutely beautiful and I must admit just the cutest little girl ever! Once the mom answers her question she strolls off into the living room and pours her box of Cheerios on her fathers chest while he naps on the couch. When awakened the cheerios fall to the floor and confusion sets in. Adorable right?
     Days later imagine my surprise when I read an article slamming Cheerios for this commercial. I was shocked and couldn’t imagine what problem people had with the commercial, it was heart felt, hit home and was adorable, how could people have a problem with this commercial, did I miss something? Then I realized what people were pitching fits over….a biracial family. WHAT?! 

Boiling With Rage News – Cheerios Backlash Edition

    Are you serious people? Let me check my calendar quickly because I was sure I woke up in 2013 not 1950! Is this still such a big deal that we are ripping apart a family friendly company for using actors to portray a biracial family? Why is this still a big deal. Who cares? I am ashamed that this is still an issue today, so much so that Cheerios had to contact YouTube to have comments disabled on this one video due to the horrendous natures of user comments. 

    I for one loved the commercial and I am proud of it! I can honestly say I watched the commercial and never even noticed it should be! As a society today there are so many more pressing issues that we should be addressing, attacking and enraged with. For instance, our government and the over abundance of misbehavior, overspending, corruption (on both sides), financial stability of the country, a lack of urgency regarding green energy resources, feeding the hungry…here in America, our school system and the inadequacies in funding, testing programs and qualified, non complacent teaching staff, our super structure as a nation, outsourcing, fuel options and pricing, WAR and fighting terrorism etc. The list could go on for miles depending on your beliefs and values. Biracial family in a Cheerios commercial should not consume your time and energy. If you have a problem, change the channel, but do not take your grievance, no matter how closed minded and racist it is to the Internet to showcase your inability to grow up and act like an adult! 
Boiling With Rage News – Cheerios Backlash Edition
  So with that I would love to know what your stand point is on the new commercial. What is your stance? What do you think of the backlash Cheerios has received?
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  1. I think it’s about damn time! Pardon my language, but it’s ridiculous that people will feature the most adorable biracial children in commercials and then proceed to make their “parents” in the commercial Black. Did I miss something? They’re obviously mixed, but advertisement proceeds to blank the other side out and pretend like the children are just Black. What bothers me more than this is the fact that people are unable to handle difference and are still so close-minded!
    I love multiculturalism and think these children are a wonderful product of interracial relationships; it is ridiculous that their other heritage is discounted, the lighter side, simply because they’re too dark to fit the puritan depiction of White.
    It’s 2013 and people are still so close-minded, this is incredibly troubling and sad, but I really do commend Cheerios for their credibility in taking this step. Interracial relationships happen all around us, and if anything they are becoming more prominent. Enough of these ridiculous outbursts and racism, as if our opinions really matter to these people; we don’t even know them! They should be free to live their lives as they choose and society needs a reality check.
    People need to worry about the issues that matter. Then again, humanity is incredibly idle…why not pester the molehill when we’re literally surrounded by mountains? It beats utilizing our time appropriately and actually doing something worthwhile.

  2. Craziness. There is too much else to worry about in the world and families come in all types. The most important thing is that the children or well cared for and loved. I personally thought this was a very sweet commercial.

  3. I’m with you; I thought it was a cute commercial and didn’t really notice the biracial aspect of it. BUT, boy, oh, boy, do the trolls come out of their closets and talk a lot of smack when it comes to anything to do with mixing races, or negative/positive ANYthing when it comes to black folk!

  4. I have been hearing other bloggers talk about this- I have not seen it yet but hope they play the heck out of it as much as those Geiko and progressive commercials! I think there will always be dumb people who just don’t understand civility and common sense- God bless ’em!

  5. It is sad that people are as ignorant as they are. It was a great commercial and I loved it.

  6. I saw this on the news and couldn’t believe it! I admit I was surprised when I first saw the commercial, only because I had never seen a mixed race family in one before! But I loved it and thought it was a beautiful commercial. And the little girl is so cute! And kudos to General Mills for not pulling the commercial!

  7. I am stunned that people are bothered by this commercial. I think it is ADORABLE (and the little girl is priceless). I honestly don’t get it.

  8. That little girl is too cute! I haven’t seen the commercial but the fact it was a bi racial family wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. Some ppl! ughh

  9. Good for Cheerios for featuring a modern day family. There are so many blended biracial families that it absolutely should not even be an issue! Two thumbs up for Cheerios, shame on those who don’t agree…

  10. What the HECK!! Are you freaking serious? I can’t believe people were mad about the biracial family! It is absolutely adorable and about time it is showed!!!
    I applaud Cheerios for finally taking the step forward that has been needed to be taken for far too long!!!
    We have a lot of biracial marriages in my family. And it has only brought us blessings. I have three nieces just like this little girl in the commercial.
    I have a sister-in-law from Ecuador, a cousin from Mexico, and no one bats an eye at this. But my African-American brother-in-law marrying my White as snow sister? Why is that a problem?
    You said it perfectly Miranda! Well said and Fantastic stand against racial bigotry!

  11. Good for you for writing this! We have so many crazy things that go on in life already that people focus on the most ridiculous things ever.

  12. I saw the image of the little girl (My parents don’t match) on Pinterest and couldn’t figure out the significance. Now I realize that I’ve seen that commercial. Never even noticed it was a biracial family and seriously, WHO CARES?! Good for Cheerios. I might buy it now BECAUSE of that commercial.

  13. I saw a post about this on FB last week and couldn’t believe it. Only after that did I see the actual commercial – which is quite cute, by the way.
    It just blows my mind that there are people boycotting General Mills over this. It also makes me wonder how people see my biracial kids (white & asian).
    Kudos to Cherrios and GM for not pulling the ad and caving to pressure. Kudos to them for showing what represents real families out there.

  14. Some people really have nothing else do do in their lives that they have to complain about something as ridiculous as this! Please, what’s the big deal? It is just a mixed family on a Cheerios commercial, OMG! SO WHAT!!!??
    My daughter looooooves Cheerios, and we will continue to buy them and eat them!

  15. I think you summed up everything that needs to be said to address this ridiculous outcry. The people who had a problem with the ad must really be living in some alternative universe or their heads are stuck in the sand.

  16. Ya know, it’s different strokes for different folks and everyone’s entitled to an opinion. With that said, I’m so tired of people getting their panties in a bunch and causing an uproar over something like this. There’s so many bigger issues and problems in this world than whether a commercial features a bi-racial family or whether a big chain store sells a tea kettle that somewhat resembles Hitler. If those people put their thoughts and ideas into actual good, maybe this world could see a lot more positive change.

  17. I think it’s a darn shame, in this day & age, that people care about this. Give me a break. Wake up…it’s 2013, not 1813. If I remember right, isn’t it up to Heavenly Father to judge, not the everyday person.
    People need to pull their head out of their tushies & wake up.
    BTW, she is just adorable that kid! I want to pinch those cheeks!

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