Boiling with Rage News 3/5/12 – Radical Baby Yoga

Boiling with Rage News 3/5/12 – Radical Baby Yoga
 Welcome to another edition of Boiling with Rage News. As always this post is accompanied with a disclaimer..This post is filled with swear words, strong convictions, vulgarity and possible sexual references.

This weekend while playing on the internet I noticed a status update on Facebook and it was filled with “What the fuck” and “This bitch is crazy” so I clicked the link to read the article and watch the video.

Lena Fokina is a Yoga guru that is out of her fucking mind! She has begun practicing and teaching a new baby yoga technique that is shocking and traumatizing everyone in the United States and others across the world. 
Fokina is shown tossing, spinning, swinging and juggling small babies, mere infants in the air, around her waist often transferring from hand to hand in moves that make me sick to my stomach. This is not therapy; this could be compared to shaken baby syndrome. Some of the moves she performs with these crying babies must injure the baby.
This video could anger you, beware! 

When she swings baby around the back of her and her head how is she not hyper extending or dislocating babies shoulder and arms? Limbs are not meant to rotate the way she maneuvers these infants. 
She is convinced this technique is improving the health and strength of babies. She has even begun to teach this horrific baby swinging practice. In the video there is a blip where a mother nearly drops her baby to the ground. I gasped, flinched and nearly lost my dinner.
How can anyone think this is ok? Who the fuck says “hey can you throw my baby around?” During an interview in the video she blows off critics and ignores claims of outrage. 
Now for my thoughts. This fucking bitch is crazy. I don’t give a shit what anyone says, she is hurting babies. Though not as violent as most shaken baby syndrome cases this is so similar it fills me with anger! No the baby is not being violently shaken back and forth causing whiplash and brain damage, but the babies ARE crying, the fast, jarring movements are similar to movements KNOWN to cause brain trauma, dislocated limbs, joints etc. How can anyone look at this video and not see how fucked up this is? 
Second issue, how many babies has she dropped or her students dropped? What type of injuries do they have? 
What country is she from? What are their child endangerment and abuse laws? Could she be forced to stop and why hasn’t she?
Now I would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts and opinions? Have you ever heard or witnessed this type of “therapy”? 
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  1. OMG! That is shocking! How can she be allowed to do that? And, there are moms that think this is healthy for their babies!

  2. I saw a video of this same thing only in a different setting. In someone’s front yard.. it was so disturbing and sickening. It infuriated me

  3. After I had my daughter, I developed keen ear for the cry of a baby in distress. Any baby. Not just mine. Any. I can tune in to that cry from across a crowded store, down the street… or through the background music of a shocking video posted online. That baby she’s swinging around is in serious distress, and my Momstinct knew it. What this woman is promoting/teaching/doing/blah is abusive. I agree with you: it’s scarily similar to shaken baby.

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I have to agree that this is not at all healthy for the baby. The things some people do.

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