Oh My Gosh, A Snowman Puked in my Living Room…I Call Bullshit!

     As you all know by now I scroll through my Yahoo! headlines several times a day.
Yahoo! might not have the best written articles or in depth news but they have helped me with some great blogging material.
    Brody woke up early this morning for a change and a bottle.  Afterwards I sat down to check email when “oh my gosh” there was a video that Yahoo! was calling controversial and the still shot showed children.
   Ok, I’m interested. I clicked on it and read through the information. Sounds interesting..click play.
   The video begins by a stroll down a short hallway to the living room where two young boys are playing in what appears to be flour.
Mom calmly asks “what are you doing?”
Now, I know what you are thinking. Two boys and a bag of flour, her house must be a mess.
That would be correct………………………………………….
But then if you knew me, you would think “what are you doing” would be a cleaned up version of what the Mother actually said.
In most cases, you would be correct………………but No, not this time, that really was her response to this supposed tornado.
Viewers of the video think this was a sad attempt at a “going viral” video so Mom could make money.
I say Hell yeah it is!

There is NO way I would be calm if I walked into a mess like that!
Just ask my kids!
Once while staying at my Moms I walked into the room only to find Butch had squirted an entire bottle of lotion into the fish tank.
My reaction was not “what are you doing?” and “oh my gosh”
It was more along the lines of “WHAT THE FUCK!” and “What the hell is going on!”
The only person who could ever keep their calm if they walked into that would be Michelle Duggar, she’s just calm to the core.
The Mom in this video is just a tool!
Either she did it herself or she is fucked up out of her mind.
Maybe that’s why she was gone from the room and the boys “floured” it. She was off getting high?
Let’s look at another example of why this is complete bullshit……………….
When Mom asks “what are you doing and oh my gosh” they have no guilt, no sense of oh, we are in trouble.
When Butch fucked up the tank, he knew he was in trouble.
When kids know they have done wrong their actions show it, almost like a dog who drops their head and tucks their tail…………..
Children do to
These kids did not, in fact they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Thos two reasons alone make me call BULLSHIT
This lady is a fucking moron!
Some viewers say the kids could never get the flour that high and I must disagree there, my kids could do it, no problem. Fling the bag in the air, throw it around, kids could do it no problem.
These kids did not………………Just saying!
Other viewers said the kids could not lift a bag like that……………..that person must not have had children.
My kids could lift a 5 pound bag of flour no problem, and it wouldn’t be that hard anyways. Think about it, a 5 pound bag of flour that was obviously opened in the kitchen because the video starts in the hallway and eventually makes its way into the living room. ……………..
Hell by the time it got to the living room the bag should only be about a pound and a half, right?
The part that solidifies my decision of fucking fake is the fact this house had a gate!
Bit just any gate, a decent one.
One mounted to the wall that swings open.
As a Mom I can tell you, and I assume you would all agree, if there are gates in the house, there’s a reason.
Furthermore, if there are gates, we use them!
If the mom left the boys unattended to “use the bathroom” she would shut the gate, correct?
Would we all not do that?
What a fake! This is complete tom foolery!
No fucking way!
Now that we know it’s fake and the moms a total poser, lets look at how she could have pulled it off.
She should have not shown me the gate mounted to the wall
She should have actually freaked out!
Throw in some F bombs “What the FUCK!”
Start screaming, as any Woman’s normal reaction would be, well with the exception of Michelle Duggar.
Make sure your kids understand they are to act guilty; tell them you are acting, making a movie something.
So there, that’s my piece. You phony shit, your sad attempt of “going viral” and making a ton of money was lame and laughable!
Yes, my take on things cracks you up far more than that piece of shit video, I know. Haha!
Now that you have read my piece and watched the video, what are your thoughts?

This version is way better. Kudos to this guy! I need to learn how to voice over a video!

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  1. I stick with NPR news … less exciting more factual

  2. First of all, kudos to you for putting “fuck” and “tomfoolery” in the same blog post. You are now one of my favourite bloggers.
    I am sure you are right, that video is a fake. I mean, there was a distinct lack of chugging alcohol and clinking bottles for that to be real. At the same time, the calmness that some parents display in the face of their delinquent kids behaving badly drives me insane. A kid was tearing up and down the aisle of a grocery store with his mom’s cart the other day. That little fucker rammed right into my cart and laughed. I know it was on purpose. The mom shrugged as if to say, “Kids? What are you gonnah do?” That shrug pissed me off more than the kid ramming into my cart. I answered her silent question, “Don’t worry about it. My Johnny used to do the same thing. So I took him to play bumper cars…and left him there.” My boyfriend piped in, “We’re just shopping for two now.” Yeah, she was not impressed. But neither was I so I guess we’re were even.

  3. My step mom was talking about this video last night. I hadn’t seen it yet but I think you’re right. I would be screaming at everyone with lots of f words lol.

  4. Oh my… ooooh my.

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  6. hahahahaha

  7. OK, I’m glad someone admitted that they would not be that calm. I would have been yelling or crying [at least after the children were out of sight]. I would NOT have been walking around with a camera. There’s something fishy about this video.

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