My 1st Edition of “Boiling with Rage News” …yep..Time to talk News!

My 1st Edition of
   Boiling With Rage News
                   edition 1  January 17th 2012
The past couple days I have read quite a few things that have stirred my brewing pot of “ticked off soup” in no particular order, we begin…..

My 1st Edition of
Francesco Schettino, Captain of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia. This guy is a narcissistic asshole! Come on we’re all thinking it! This douche bag made an unapproved, unauthorized change in the ship’s programmed course so he could wave at a friend on shore and crashed the damn thing into some rocks and shit? This guy is so full of himself, talk about an ego! Then the panicked prick waits over an hour from the time of impact to contact the coast guard. What the hell you dimwit, did you think the problem was just going to go away, slap a band-aid on it and keep chugging along? Maybe this moron lived under a big Tuscan rock and missed that whole Titanic thing.  Then there’s something about him abandoning ship and port authority demanding he return to ship and coordinate rescue efforts. What the fuck? Did he just miss that day of training..or maybe he wanted to talk a little closer to that friend he was waving at! This guy is just a piece of work! With the behavior he has exhibited and the findings of the black box on the ship and compiling evidence I am certain this knucklehead will be serving out the rest of his life in a prison somewhere.
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My 1st Edition of Yesterday I read a blog post about this dear little girl Amelia. Amelia is in need of a new kidney within the next year or her kidneys will fail and she will die. Amelia is three years old. Her family has come together and they are offering up their kidney..whichever one will match, no need for Amelia to be placed on a donor waiting list, she has more than enough people offering theirs.  All they need now is a surgical team and an operating room right? Well here is where the story burns my brain with intense anger and rage. The surgical and nephrology team deemed Amelia unsuitable for surgey condemning her to certain death, within the year. WHAT? WHY? According to the Dr. and the social worker and Philiadelphia Children’s Hospital the reasoning behind their decision…”Mental Retardation”  then he says this
“Noooo. She—is—not—eligible –because—of—her—quality– of –life—Because—of—her—mental—delays” He says each word very slowly as if I am hard of hearing.  – Quoted from Amelia’s website.
Here is a snippet of the post written by Amelia’ s Mother..if you have high blood pressure I recommend you walk away now is this sure to boil your blood with rage!

The social worker decides to join the conversation. “Well, you know a transplant is not forever. She will need another one in twelve years. And then what? And do you have any idea of the medications she will need to take to keep her healthy?”
I speak through gritted together. “YES, I HAVE DONE ALL MY RESEARCH.”
She smirks a little. “Well, what happens when she is thirty and neither of you are around to take care of her. What happens to her then? Who will make sure she takes her medications then?”
In a voice that mimics hers, I snort, “Well, what happens if you die tomorrow? Who will take care of your children? Your responsibilities at work?” She breathes in and her eyes widens. “Right!” I throw at her. “Neither of us can predict the future and we shouldn’t try. But if Amelia does not have this transplant she has no future!”
The doctor interrupts. He puts his hands up and tries to take a stern voice with me. “These medications she has to take after the transplant, they are very dangerous. They can cause seizures. We have to get the dose exact. They may cause brain damage.”
“Yes, but it is different for her. She is already brain damaged and mentally retarded.”
He pauses as if he is choosing his words carefully. “I have been warned about you. About how involved you and your family are with Amelia.”
The devil himself could not have produced a more evil laugh. “Ha! Warned! That is funny! You have no idea…”
I am beginning to realize I want this over with so I can move onto the next person who will help me with the transplant. So I say the words and ask the questions I have been avoiding.
“So you mean to tell me that as a doctor, you are not recommending the transplant, and when her kidneys fail in six months to a year, you want me to let her die because she is mentally retarded? There is no other medical reason for her not to have this transplant other than she is MENTALLY RETARDED!”
“Yes. This is hard for me, you know.”
My eyes burn through his soul as if I could set him on fire right there. “Ok, so now what? This is not acceptable to me. Who do I talk to next?”
“I will take this back to the team. We meet once a month. I will tell them I do not recommend Amelia for a transplant because she is mentally retarded and we will vote.”
“And then who do I see?”
“Well, you can then take it the ethics committee but as a team we have the final say. Feel free to go somewhere else. But it won’t be done here.”
They both get up and leave the room.

How dare them! They did not deny because of the usual reasons Hepatitis, Alcoholic, Drug use, Steroids or any of the other factors that usually deny people for kidney transplant surgery. They denied her because she has mental delays. That means that there are boards out there that will decide whether or not YOU or your loved one is important or special enough to receive the treatment you need to SURVIVE..they can deny you. That is bullshit! This family needs all the support and help they can get. Please stop by and sign their petition, while it may not coerce the hospital to do the surgery, it will show your support of the family and Amelia. Feel free to stop by the Hospitals Facebook wall and leave your thoughts, I am not encouraging it, but must admit I have left them my piece of mind yesterday. I hope and pray with all my might that I will be able to update this story soon with some positive news! 
My next issue is youth hockey, in particular Minnesota youth hockey. This season we have had two devastating accidents in the state that have left two players in the hospital with severe injuries. Both players face potential full and half body paralysis due to checking.
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One of the players Jenna Privette was illegally checked as there is no checking in girls hockey. Hockey officials denied that she was checked and said the injury occurred due to a fall on the ice. They said she fell on the ice, near the boards untouched. There is video that contradicts that statement. I watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes instantly as my teenage sister is a hockey player and this scares the hell out of me.  SHE WAS CHECKED, you could hear her scream. It breaks my heart that there are officials stating otherwise.
It is reported that Jenna has regained feeling in the top half of her body but remains numb in her lower half. Her doctors and family are holding on to hope. Jenna had a similar accident in 2008 that resulted in a similar injury where she regained all feeling. I hope and pray for the same outcome this time around.
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Then there is Minnesota student Jack Jablonski who was checked from behind suffered from a severed spinal cord. Doctors have stated he will never walk or skate again. Jack and his family pray they will prove medicine wrong and Jack will someday gain the ability to walk. Jack has had surgery to fuse vertebrae in his neck together and place him in a halo for stability.
Minnesota State High School League has announced new changes over the weekend.
Now, players who get called for a check from behind, boarding or head contact will get at least a five-minute major penalty, as opposed to the two minute penalties that have been handed out. 
What that means, with a two minute minor the team is down a player as the player is in penalty box, either for the full two minutes or until the opposing team scores. A five minute major means five minutes without a player period. The opposing team can score repeatedly during those five minutes and the player penalized must stay in the box until the time is up.
While it may not be the change we were all hoping for, this is definitely a start in the right direction. I am very pleased Minnesota is taking steps in the right direction to keep these players safe. 
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Lastly today is my issue with Congress and the SOPA bill. For those of you that do not know SOPA is a bill that the Congress will vote on tomorrow. 
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Here is an excerpt of an article posted on by the Start Tribune;

“If passed, this legislation will harm the free and open Internet and bring about new tools for censorship of international websites inside the United States,” the Wikimedia foundation said.
The Stop Online Piracy Act in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Protect Intellectual Property Act under consideration in the Senate are designed to crack down on sales of pirated U.S. products overseas.

Supporters include the film and music industry, which often sees its products sold illegally. They say the legislation is needed to protect intellectual property and jobs.

Critics say the legislation could hurt the technology industry and infringe on free-speech rights. Among their concerns are provisions that would weaken cyber-security for companies and hinder domain access rights.

The most controversial provision is in the House bill, which would have enabled federal authorities to “blacklist” sites that are alleged to distribute pirated content. That would essentially cut off portions of the Internet to all U.S. users. 

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia who first announced the move on his Twitter account Monday, said the bills are a threat to the free, open, and secure web.

Wikipedia is also requesting that readers contact members of Congress about the bill during the blackout.

“I am personally asking everyone who cares about freedom and openness on the Internet to contact their Senators and Representative,” Wales said. “One of the things we have learned recently during the Arab spring events is that the Internet is a powerfully effective tool for the public to organize and have their voices heard.”

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So that is what has been on my mind lately. I know it was a lot. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I agree with your rages… it always strikes me how many smart people make bad choices and how many idiots pass themselves off as smart people…
    I also wanted to let you know that this week&#8217

  2. Most humans piss me off, so these stories don’t surprise me one bit! Most people have no common sense nor do they give a crap about anyone but themselves!

  3. Visiting from Stumble Tumble and I stumbled you!
    These are some of the things that have been ticking me off lately also — seems there are so many negative things floating around lately — sigh.
    My post is here:

  4. Thanks for sharing these issues with us.

  5. I am thoroughly appalled at the behavior of the doctor and social worker in the post about Amelia. It sounds to me as though they are trying to play roles in Darwinism. How is it even possible for people to get away with that? I would say that if I were her parents, I’d be getting lawyers and a lawsuit together, but I’m sure right now, the first priority for them is getting Amelia the help that she needs. It is obvious discrimination and I don’t see how these two aren’t in legal trouble for saying what they did. Any life is worth saving, whether it is that of a ‘mentally challenged’ person, a normal person, an animal, etc. To think that they believe they have the right to choose who gets to get help and who doesn’t is sickening. That doctor obviously got into medicine for the money and not actually help people.
    Thanks for linking up with the Thirsty for Comments Thursday hop

  6. Well, damnit, now I’m mad too!!

  7. I want to throttle that doctor and social worker…the poor mother…how can they just condemn a child to death because of mental retardation?? I have known so many mentally challenged people and children and they lead wonderful lives..they do not have a diminished life quality because of their mental difficulties! It is not right! I am praying for the family…

  8. First of all, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Moms Who Curse. I believe we need more on the Internet.
    What seriously pisses me off about lack of treatment for sports injuries is that there is a SERIOUS lack of it for CHEERLEADERS. Apparently cheerleading is NOT a sport, even though they do cartwheels, somersaults, pyramids and are thrown into the air. yet if they are injured, it’s not a “sports injury” and they don’t face the same liability issues that football players with protective gear well. It sucks.
    Finally, SOPA. URGH. I already covered that in my last comment but in case anyone didn’t see it, my rant is at and that piece of legislation could seriously screw things up for bloggers all over the dang place. Ptooey.”

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