Emerald Sun Glass Pendant Necklace – Holiday Gift Guide

….GIVEAWAY BELOW….       Looking for that perfect gift this holiday season? The Gifting Store has a huge variety of wonderful gifts including handmade artisan jewelry. The Gifting Store is an online gift store full of one of a kind unique gifts. They have unique eco friendly gifts for Her, Him, K […]

PlayMG Gaming Device – Holiday Gift Guide

     As a Mom of four I am in a constant battle with my children and my phone. Every time I reach for my phone it has magically disappeared as one of my little Sherman crew has run off with it hiding in a corner somewhere playing and having fun. This leaves me in a predicament as I miss calls, mis […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

     With fall in full swing and kids back in school, stores have started stocking their shelves with Christmas Holiday decor. The holidays are right around the corner. This year to make your shopping process easier I will feature a Holiday Gift Guide loaded with possible gift ideas covering eve […]

My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love – Product Review

  My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love    Do you have a little one that struggles with boredom and restlessness during car rides, shopping trips or walks in the stroller? Tiny Love has the perfect toy for you! New this year, My Nature Pals Stroll is a clip on mobile entertainment toy perfect for k […]

Vanilla Spice Tree Hut Shea Product Line – Holiday Gift Guide

Living in Minnesota the cold, dry winters can do a number on your skin and hands. Itchy, dry, and cracked hands area a common problem in the frigid winters of the Midwest. As a woman I am on a never ending search for the miracle cure product at a reasonable price. Tree Hut Shea has miraculously […]

My Pretty Playhouse by Cascades Boutique – Holiday Gift Guide

  Every Christmas I search high and low for the perfect present for my kids. A gift that will be able to be played with several ways, that will be fun for all ages and at a reasonable price. This year I have found the perfect Holiday Gift! Cascades Boutique has a line of Children’s Playhouses tha […]

Northwoods Food Factory Fudge & Banana Bread – Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a sweet gift for a loved one this holiday season? Do you have someone on your gift list with a sweet tooth? Northwoods Food Factory has just the gift for you! Their homemade delicious fudges and fudge filled banana breads are amazing! Northwoods Food Factory has a large variety of fla […]

15 Tasty Temptations by The Swiss Colony – Holiday Gift Guide

  Every year during the Holiday’s there are always one or two people on my shopping list that I struggle to shop for. For whatever reason I have a difficult time finding the perfect gift for them, after shopping and shopping I usually give in and buy a gift card. This year walk away from the gift […]

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Reliever Cream

Do you or someone you know have joint or muscular pain? I have arthritis in both of my knees and I am always searching for pain relief cream or medicine to help.  Noxicare™ is a new natural pain relieving topical cream. Noxicare™ is made from natural ingredients and is safe for everyday use.  […]

Tasting Room Emeril’s Holiday Party Sampler – Holiday Gift Guide

Have you ever walked into the wine section of your liquor store only to be lost between racks and racks of bottles that all look similar and found yourself wishing you could have just a little taste before buying an entire bottle? Tasting Room has answered your question! Tasting Room has a large […]