Northwoods Food Factory Fudge & Banana Bread – Holiday Gift Guide

Northwoods Food Factory Fudge & Banana Bread – Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a sweet gift for a loved one this holiday season? Do you have someone on your gift list with a sweet tooth? Northwoods Food Factory has just the gift for you! Their homemade delicious fudges and fudge filled banana breads are amazing! 

Northwoods Food Factory has a large variety of flavors of fudge from your everyday tasty chocolate fudge to peppermint, pumpkin and egg nog fudges. Some varieties come with nuts for those that love their fudge bars topped with nuts. 

Northwoods Food Factory LLC Frazee Minnesota021
Northwoods Food Factory also have a one of a kind treat that is drool worthy and a sweets loving favorite! Fudge Filled Banana Bread! Just the sound has my tummy growling. The breads are filled with the perfect amount of fudge to hit the sweet spot but not overpower the taste of the banana bread. The banana bread it moist and sweet and creates the perfect way to eat your fudge without the sticky fingers!  

Northwoods Food Factory LLC Banana BreadsNorthwoods Food Factory Fudge Filled Banana Bread
Northwoods Food Factory has expanded their banana bread line and included other tasty flavors like Apple Cinnamon Banana Bread, Blueberry Banana Bread and a few other flavors all with the option of being fudge filled!

Northwoods Food Factory LLC Gift Box 

All treats come in gift boxes available in a variety of sizes. 

  • 1/2 Pound Gift box
  • 3 Pound Gift box
  • Wine Sampler
  • No Nut Sampler
  • Nut Lover Sampler
  • Something For Everyone Sampler
  • Banana Bread 2lb. Box (4 loaves)
  • Banana Bread 4lb. Box (8 loaves)
The 1/2, 3, 2 and 4 pound Gift Boxes are customizable, you choose which fudges and breads you would like in the order!  There is also an option for a hand-made gift basket vs. the gift box. 
All of Northwoods Food Factory boxes are very reasonable priced. 

Northwoods Food Factory Fudge & Banana Bread – Holiday Gift Guide

I highly recommend adding Northwoods Food Factory Fudges and Banana Breads to your Holiday Shopping List for someone special this year. Their products are delectable, sweet and perfect for the loved one on your list this holiday season!

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