My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love – Product Review

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My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love 
  Do you have a little one that struggles with boredom and restlessness during car rides, shopping trips or walks in the stroller? Tiny Love has the perfect toy for you! New this year, My Nature Pals Stroll is a clip on mobile entertainment toy perfect for keeping your little one busy. 

  My Nature Pals Stroll is fully assembled in a large package. With a quick and easy clip on both sides you are ready to go in two simple steps. The gripper clip easy clips on both sides of the baby seat, car seat or stroller. The entire play area can tilt forward or backwards depending on the size of the child or comfort location for optimal play. This was a feature I really enjoyed from a parents standpoint. The adjustable tilt of the toy enables the baby to either watch in awe, physically play and touch the toys. The also helps the toy last longer as the child can use it more comfortably as they grow with a simple tilt adjustment. 

  My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love had five functional toys. Xaliia’s favorite was the pull string fan. A dangling pull handle hangs down off to the side. When the handle is pulled the fan winds up and begins to move. Once Xaliia saw this she lit up with joy and wonderment as she kicked excitedly for more! There is also a hanging, fabric bumblebee, and a frog with hanging mirror like toy. 
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   My Nature Pals Stroll is very bright and colorful, full of fun and toys and a blast for your little one on the go! With two stages of developmental activities like batting and pulling this adorable toy will teach your child cause and effect, problem solving and textures. 

  This toy was a hit! Xaliia’s older sisters liked the toy too! Odessa could not get enough of the pull fan, getting so excited and pulling it over and over to see how fast she could get it moving! The fan is a soft plastic like material that if touched during movement will not hurt your little one. 


My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love – Product Review

I highly recommend My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love! You can purchase one of your own on the Tiny Love website for $22.99

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**Thank You to Xaliia and her wonderful parents Kjerstin and Robbie for all your help and a beautiful little model**

My Nature Pals Stroll by Tiny Love @tinylove_usa – Product Review – Toy for Strollers & Car Seats —->
— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) March 5, 2013

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